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Jil Sander Sets the Stage for Unreal Men

The Jil Sander show was the event most likely to set the tone for much that will follow in menswear during the coming weeks and, at a mass market level, next year.


Elle, Not Camera Shy, Embraces Reality TV

Despite some criticism of programs, the magazine’s editor is having no second thoughts as its overall audience grows.


The Avenger: Gloria Allred

Gloria Allred is the go-to lawyer for women caught up in a scandal. Why? She apparently gets results.


Air-Kisses and Sniping on the Real Housewives of D.C.

A reality show reveals a none-too-flattering side of life in a city where connections are the local currency.


Fashion Diary: The Men’s Fashion Circuit Parties in Florence

Florence has become a hot stop on the men’s fashion calendar.


Retailers Revive the Market in Women’s Plus Sizes

With nearly two-thirds of American women now overweight or obese, the fashion industry sees an opportunity to reinvigorate the market.


Cultural Studies: Facebook Bios: Truth or Fiction?

How you describe yourself on Facebook may reveal more than you intend.


Noticed: Celebrity Kissing: What Does It Mean?

The onstage kiss has become the newest stunt to cope with a controversy or exhibit a certain level of gender-bending cultural cool.


Catching Up With Pat Benatar: Pat Benatar’s Memoir Takes a Shot at the Bullies

Pat Benatar calls herself “a sweet little dog who will bite you in the knee if necessary.”


Modern Love: Across the Threshold of Fatherhood

Nick Flynn always imagined that one day he would be a father, but mostly it was off his radar.


Social Q’s: Your Father’s Keeper

This week, answers to readers’ questions about balancing work and breaks at the office, dating and other issues.


Long Live the King

Michael Jackson's museum-worthy trove of collectibles can now be seen in a new book.


Inconvenient Truths | Jenny Holzer Takes On South Africa

This month her provocative pronouncements are competing for real estate on T-shirts in World Cup-obsessed South Africa.


World Cup Chic | Kehinde Wiley's Fancy Footwork

The New York City artist's sneakers and sports apparel for Puma are creating their own brand of hysteria.


English Accents | Burberry Beauty

The quintessential English brand is coming to a makeup counter near you.


Vain Glorious | Grooming Rx

An old-style apothecary in SoHo that is more a cabinet of curiosities than a drugstore.


The End of the Best Friend

School officials intent on discouraging anything that hints of exclusivity seek to sever traditional best-friend bonds.


Fashion Review: A Winter Break Is Now the Longest Season

Resort’s name is from another era but its clothes cater to now.


The Gimlet Eye: Haircuts From the 1980s Are Back

Spider webs, stars, arrows: a skilled barber can turn these into tonsorial sculpture.


Crib Sheet: Ten Discussion Points for the Weekend

A presidential first, a sequel to “Less Than Zero,” themed merchandise for “Eat, Pray, Love” is in stores and other discussion points.


British Men and American Women Meet Over Soccer

A dating Web site promotes relationships between British men and American women.


Up Close: James L. Dolan Says He Lets His Music Speak for Him

The media scion James L. Dolan writes and sings songs that mock his critics.


Skin Deep: Reducing a Man’s Body Hair Is a Growing Business

As hairless torsos have become the norm for male models and actors, below-the-neck hair removal has gone mainstream.


Critical Shopper | Nordstrom Rack: Thrift Shopping at Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan

The writer finds out that excitement is limited at Nordstrom Rack.


Front Row: Kleinfeld Bridal Salon Now Has Tuxedos

For the first time since it began in 1941, Kleinfeld Bridal Salon has clothes for men.


Special Report: Bottega's Fashion Fusion

Tomas Maier's spring 2011 collection was anything but a typical outing of fine Italian tailoring.


Special Report: A Birthday for Dolce and Gabbana

Twenty years in menswear and it's a watershed moment for Dolce & Gabbana.


Special Report: The Forecast? Variable and Partly Stylish

Menswear seems to be in a state of fashion flux as each designer makes his own pitch for the future.


Jil Sander: Detox

Though it was dusk and apparently damp when the Jil Sander men's show started in Florence - I watched the Web stream - the colors cleared the head.


Fashion Spawn for Sale

IN the late 1990s, Cecilia Pagkalinawan had a business advising fashion labels about selling their stuff online.


Can You Tell Which Skinny Cargo Pants Are $154 Less Than The Other?

Keep guessing with more of our taste tests. Don’t forget to take a look at our guides to the best harem pants, the best trouser pants, and the best slimming pants. Want the best fashion tips right in your e-mail? Subscribe to our newsletter.

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  3. All Saints Lindy cardigan again, and hopefully this time you can get an idea of its weight, particularly in the back view where you can see the outline of the tank top through the cardigan. I just love tissue-thin fabrics; though the cardigan is semi-sheer it is still remarkably warm, and the featherweight feel of it is great for summer.This outfit is my attempt at a Sheila-inspired graphic tee ensemble, though I'm not sure I did as good a job as she does. Part of it is our different builds; Sheila is busty and can thus make t-shirts look shapely and feminine, whereas on me they just look boxy most of the time. But the asymmetry of the cardigan gave this outfit the shaping I was after, while leaving it unbuttoned at the bottom revealed at least part of the pattern on the t-shirt. I love the sweep of the back seam on the cardigan and how it accentuates my curves.The denim skirt is one I keep trying to get rid of, but end up hanging onto because I haven't found a good replacement yet; in fact, I pulled the skirt from the donation bin the day I wore it. It's a pretty cute skirt, but I'm not quite happy with it because I don't really like how the front slit looks. Also, it feels like the slit is exposing much more than I want it to. And then, something about the way the skirt is cut makes it ride up a lot when I walk, so I'm constantly tugging at it. And the waistband pokes out in a weird way. Oh, and I don't like the length either. Good god, I HATE this fucking skirt! Back in the bin it goes.Cardigan, ta...

Reader E-Mail: “Where Can I Find A Maxi Dress That I Won’t Trip Over?”

Maxi dresses are comfortable and make a statement, but they can pose problems for petites. The wrong maxi dress will make you look like you’re drowning in fabric, and if it’s the wrong length you will trip. A petite reader wanted to know where she could find maxi dresses for her small frame. We did some digging and here’s what we found:

Some prints, especially on a maxi dress, can overwhelm a petite frame. For a solid option, buy this Banana Republic petite racerback patio dress ($150). It’s 100% silk, cut for petites, and it hits right at the ankle–meaning you won’t fall over every time you walk.
The olive color on this J. Jill Pleated Maxi Dress ($129) is the perfect canvas for all of your bright summer accessories. Because it’s made of pima cotton and modal, you will feel like you’re wearing your favori...

Which Gold Skinny Belt Is $145 More Than The Other?

Try your luck with more of our Taste Test challenges, and stay in style with our guides to the best belts, the best summer dresses, and flat sandals. See all of today’s sales and deals, too. Sign up for our newsletter and receive fashion tips in your inbox.

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  3. really be bothered to sit up straight and tuck her feet in, and in fact I thought she was going to slump on down to the floor.The new top is the Bolly top; when I first took it out of the box I had a hell of a time figuring out which way it was supposed to go, so finally I went on the All Saints website to look at how it was configured in the photos. I'm about 80% certain I got it right. It looks gray here but it actually has tinges of acid-washed pink, which blended nicely with the soft shades of the 2 skirts. To give the outfit more of a colorful punch, I added a bright fuschia tank underneath the shirt.With all these drapey, flowing layers I felt a little Stevie Nicks, which I guess isn't really a bad thing. If I grew my hair out and invested in a really large fan, I could do some fantastic photoshoots...Top: All SaintsNecklace: Manu LizarraldeBelt: Oscar de la RentaPink skirt: AnthroTulle skirt: Noa NoaShoes: Born

Taste Test: Can You Spot Which Sequined Turquoise Tank Is $385 Less Than The Other?

Keep guessing with more of our Taste Tests. Shop our guides to the best tank tops, the best evening tops for jeans and the best flare jeans. Sign up for our newsletter and get fashion tips right in your e-mail.

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Have I mentioned recently how awesome you readers are? Seriously. Going back through all the comments on yesterday's post/rant, it struck me what an amazing group of people contributes here. Yesterday there were comments from all across the spectrum: people like me who have never wanted kids, people who are or were undecided, and parents with all sorts of great stories and perspectives. We're all over the board in terms of our experiences, and yet we're all together in agreeing that we should be supportive and accepting of each others' choices. It sucks that the rest of the world isn't like that, but man am I grateful for you. It's really nice to be able to throw in random topics and have everyone just jump on in with their thoughts; being able to discuss more than just fashion really keeps the blog interesting and fresh for me.On to the outfit! This dress is one of my new items from All Saints (it's the Amil Dress), and is one I'd been eying for quite awhile. Unless I was just completely not paying attention, it seems like it was only available in gray when I first saw it, so I resisted buying it because I already have other gray dresses. But when I saw it in this dusty purple, I was sold.I ran with the color theme and added my purple cardigan and fabulous purple and black boots. Originally I also had it paired with the soft ruffled skirt that my mom gave me, but for this ...

Blog Roundup: Heard On The Web This Week

SHEfinds rounded up the top 5 little black swimsuits that slim every figure. You will not be disappointed.
Stiletto Jungle has fallen hard for funky-yet-dignified Camilla Skovgaard boots.
Kristen Stewart, crazy cat lady? Allie is Wired has the scoop.
If you are forever a rocker chick at heart, then Bag Snob has the clutch worthy of consideration.
Beauty Snob has the secret to summer comfort!
Coquette is in a bohemian state of mind thanks to Snoozer Loser’s ethereal spring/summer collection.
Fashion Pulse Daily does an exclusive interview with the incredibly stylish Ce Ce Chin of 80%20 shoes and Ce Ce Chin Collection.
The Jet Set Girls celebrate the opening of Madewell.com’s online store with their top picks for summer.

Rantings of a Flakey Blogger

I've been a flakey blogger, reader, and commenter lately. First there was the big move, and before I could even get fully recovered from that, all sorts of other stuff started happening. Once the dust settles I'll fill you in on all the details, but for now just imagine several of the major life events happening simultaneously; that's my life at the moment. For the record though, I am NOT pregnant. And NEVER will be. Yesterday's reader question was most definitely made on behalf of someone other than myself!Since I'm on that subject, allow me to share something that really gets under my skin*. I'll start by saying that I am child-free by choice, and in fact I've known pretty much since I was a child myself that kids just weren't my thing. For years I've put up with random people, some of whom barely know me, lecturing me on how I'll change my mind. I've put up with new parents insinuating about all the wonderousness I'm missing out on and how a woman really isn't a woman until she's a mother. I've even put up with doctors who flat out refused to consider giving me a tubal ligation, and one who even told me he would require my then-husband's PERMISSION to get one. I wish I were kidding.What I will NOT put up with, however, is the parents who say things like this: "Oh, it must be nice to be able to go out to dinner" or, "Gee, it must be nice to treat yourself to new clothes and a pedicure." Yes, in fact it IS nice. But it's not like this was some big secret that the rest of the world hid from prospective parents, and frankly it's not my fault that other people made choices in life that required certain sacrifices which perhaps they weren't prepared for.The implication in statements like these is that I chose my path simply for selfish, frivolous indulgences such as pedicures or a new pair of shoes, and that because ...

Week In Review: Stalking Kate Hudson’s Style, Calorie-Burning Shapewear, And More

Aldo shoes has teamed up with Kohl’s for even more affordable shoes. Pair them with this MICHAEL Michael Kors jacket that all of the commenters love.
Does “calorie burning” shapewear work? We gave it a chance. 
Readers emailed about how to look good at an outdoor sporting event and how to look stylish while camping. Send us your questions!
Forgot about father’s day? Order an e-gift card for his favorite steaks or even wine–you can email them to him, so no need to rush to the store.  Meanwhile, Support your World Cup team (and impress the guys) with cool World Cup gear.
Sales and Deals:
Get up to 70% at

Etsy Find: Under-$40 Necklaces That Look Just Like Jennifer Aniston’s

Recently, we told you about the signature gold pendant celebrity trend which counts Jennifer Aniston, Leighton Meester and Lauren Conrad as fans.  But if you’re not on a Jennifer Aniston jewelry budget, these handmade gold necklaces by Etsy seller Beau & Stella we found nail the look for less.

This Luck Necklace ($38) looks just like Jennifer Aniston’s Jennifer Meyer Wishbone necklace ($700), but it’s a lot cheaper.

Be a chic surfer girl like Hayden Panettiere with this


It finally got warm enough to wear this little minidress without something over it... well, at least it did in San Francisco. By the time I arrived at work in South San Francisco however, I discovered this was really the wrong outfit for the windy, foggy day. What I wouldn't give to work in the same city I live in; it would make getting dressed so much simpler.Today I'm calling on you to help me answer a fashion question, because frankly I'm a bit stumped. The question comes from a reader who quit her corporate job and donated all her summer office clothes to charity, only to later find herself back in an office environment, 2 months pregnant, with summer rapidly approaching. She now needs advice on building a new summer wardrobe for someone who: - works in a fairly relaxed office environment - has a budget of about $500 - $800 - needs a little extra room to growThis question stumps me for several reasons, the foremost being that I've never been pregnant and therefore haven't a clue when it comes to what one might wear over a growing baby bump. But also, the mild climate in San Francisco means that my summer wardrobe doesn't need to vary that drastically from my winter one (as evidenced by the failure of this overly-summery outfit). What I've come up with so far is:- Check out E.'s pregnancy posts on Academichic; that lady had amazing style throughout her entire term, and she employed a lot of great basics that shouldn't break anyone's budget.- Look for stretchy jersey items that are not specifically maternity clothes; that way they can be worn during the pregnancy but also afterwards as well.- Definitely try shopping in thrift stores, since most maternity clothes ...

It’s National Splurge Day–What Will You Splurge On?

A good excuse to drop some dough is National Splurge Day (today) — how convenient that it’s also pay day. Get your credit card out and let ‘er rip–the shopaholic’s holiday only happens once a year. Here’s what our staff wants to splurge on:

My great-grandmother collected Emilio Pucci pieces in the ’60s (she even had Pucci stationery). Though I never knew her, (thus never inherited the stuff) I’ve always admired her style, so I’m starting my own collection, with this Emilio Pucci bikini ($490).

Jeanine, editor of MomFinds: “I’m really getting into maxi dresses, like this Corey Lynn Calter ($240) dress. Not flowy empire waist ones that make me look pregnant again. I like that this one has a belt to define the waist.”
Sometimes splurges on timeless pieces, like this tank watch, are the way to go. Intern Aly...

Dreary Day

I apologize for the lighting here; this was a VERY dreary day and I neglected to adjust the aperture setting to compensate. I'm still getting used to the height of our ceilings in the new place; they're high enough that the bounced flash is much less intense, so I need to change the camera settings much more than I needed to in my old place.I recently placed quite a large order with All Saints, so you'll see lots of new things cropping up. The first of the batch is this Lindy Cardigan, and it has the complete laundry list of qualities I love: asymmetry, interesting details, great quality, and it's lightweight but warm, which means that I can wear it most of the year in SF. It is actually quite thin and semi-sheer, though it's tough to tell in these dark photos. Next time I'll do a better job at making its transparency show.Speaking of All Saints, the US online store has made some improvements since I first posted about it last October. They've finally added a Vintage section, and it seems like the prices are starting to be more comparable with the UK ones, although when I placed this order the UK site was having a 25% off sale. You do have to keep in mind that if you live in the US, you will be charged customs fees on UK orders; however, the VAT that's added into the c...

Sneak Peek: Ann Taylor’s Sparkly Holiday 2010 Collection

It might be sunny today, but we like to plan ahead (our “shopping off season” sale posts are proof).  Here, you’ll get an idea of what you’ll be wishing for come winter, from the Ann Taylor holiday 2010 preview:

Bring on the luxury with the softest cashmere ever–for a good price. Between glitter and lighter shades of pink, blue, and purple, you’re mind that the mistletoe seems to follow you. In the meantime, this Cashmere V-Neck Cardigan from J.Crew ($69.99, down from $158) will be one of your favorite basics.

Ann Taylor’s new jewelry references the “gilded age...

Embracing the Wine Penguin

I thought today I'd bring you a travel-related post, since I haven't done so in quite awhile. It's not really about travel per se, but rather about a particular type of souvenir I sometimes bring back from my travels, and the meaning this kind of thing holds for me.What you see here is what I affectionately call the Wine Penguin. I got it from a cheap housewares store in Buenos Aires, sort of a dollar store kind of affair but a step up in quality. The Wine Penguin cost me about $3, but its monetary value was ridiculously disproportionate to how much effort it took me to carefully pack and transport it through 2 flights and 18 hours' worth of airports, planes, security, and customs. Why all the fuss for a cheap ceramic pitcher, you ask? Well, because the Wine Penguin falls into a very special category of souvenir for me, the Quirky Local Thing category.This type of pitcher is seen in almost every wine-dispensing restaurant in Argentina; sometime the pitchers are left plain white or brown, sometimes they are intricately hand painted, and often they bear the logo of the restaurant that uses them. It makes sense, too -- Argentina does have plenty of penguins, particularly down in the Patagonia region. And who could fail to be charmed by the sight of a plucky little penguin barfing wine into your glass? Jess and I certainly were, and soon we were noticing these pitchers pretty much everywhere we went.Bringing a Wine Penguin home wasn't necessarily on the agenda the way my Republica Argentina buttons were, but when I saw one in the store I knew it was the perfect souvenir; something I could use all the time, that would remind me of my trip, and that was obscure enough that it made for a good story. The penguin was a Quirky Local Thing that I became famili...

Celebrate Tory Burch’s Birthday With A 50% Off Sale

Tory Burch’s birthday was yesterday, so let’s celebrate by pillaging her 50% off sale. If you love looking at her pretty shoes, dresses and cardigans, but don’t have the funds to spend full price, this sale is for you–unlike birthday cake, there’s no guilt involved:

The Auden cardigan is a signature Tory Burch classic, part cashmere, part cotton–snag one for $125 (down from $250),  The Carmela dress in tribal print is one you’ll definitely wear more than one summer season ($197, down from $395). No one has to know they were on sale.

Body Art

Have you ever wondered what those tattoos on my arms are all about? Well, click on over to this annotated bibliography at Fashionable Academics to find out. While you're at it, you can read all the other contributors' stories about the inspiration behind their tattoos and the kind of reactions their ink elicits. It just goes to show that people with tattoos are much harder to categorize than many people think. Body art is a highly personal experience and has a different significance for everyone who wears it.I put together this outfit with the intention of mixing masculine and feminine elements. The last several times I've worn these cropped pants I've put together more purely menswear-inspired looks, going so far as to add a tie to a couple of them (click here and here and here for the posts). Here I added the ruffle-trimmed cami and cropped cardigan to bring in some girly touches and give the pants a completely different vibe.Cardigan, pants: Noa NoaCami: AnthroNecklace: Betsey JohnsonShoes: John Fluevog


Freebie Friday: 3 Chances To Win A Summer’s Worth Of Smoothness From eos

What: 3 of you will win five shave creams and five lip balms from eos – enough to keep you smooth for the entire summer.
Why: You can get eos’s awesome wet-or-dry shave creams and 95% organic, paraben-free lip balms at Target, Walmart, or evolutionofsmooth.com…but we’re giving 3 lucky readers a 10-piece collection for free.
The lip balms come in substantial, easy-to-find-in-your-bag tubes and cool egg-shaped spheres – way more sanitary than pots. Eos’s super-emollient shave cream has aloe, oat and shea butter so your legs will wind up totally silky – you won’t even need to moisturize.

How: To enter, sign up for the SHEfinds newsletter, then comment below about your favorite summer beauty tip.
1. Sign up for the SheFinds newsletter, then comment below about your favorite summer beauty tip.
2. The contest starts now and entries must be date stamped by our server no later than...

Public Service Announcement

This was last Friday's outfit; at that point it was still rainy and cold, which gave way to beautiful Memorial Day weekend weather and has now been replaced with the most bizarre of meteorological conditions. It doesn't feel like any season at all; it's cool but not cold and simultaneously warm but not hot, with a random gusty breeze that isn't quite a wind. The air is oddly sticky, and the blue sky is punctuated with giant, low-hanging, flattened white clouds. If it were warmer I'd say it was earthquake weather.Speaking of earthquakes, I've been on an earthquake-preparedness mission ever since we moved into the new place, securing larger furniture to the walls with heavy duty straps, reinforcing pictures with anchoring tape, and putting museum putty underneath vases and potted plants. It's one of those things I've thought about from time to time and have always put off until later, and I think many Californians have the same attitude. After all, it's not like we have an earthquake season every year, the way other parts of the country do with storms. The problem of course, is that if you put if off too long you won't be ready when the next one strikes.So this is my public service announcement for the day: if you live in an earthquake-prone area, do not put off preparing yourself! Secure your stuff, make a disaster kit with food/water/medical supplies (don't forget one for your pets, too!), and put together a communication plan. These a...

Dress for the Weather

Thanks for all your well wishes, everyone. I'm feeling close to 100% today but am still a little worn out from being sick. I'm really glad it's almost the end of the week.I just loved the old fashioned equestrian feel of this outfit, and I thought the proportions worked really well with my figure. As you can tell, it was still really cold last week, so multiple layers and non-summery fabrics were in order.I have to admit that I sort of loved rebelling against the standard summer wear with this wool skirt, tights, and neutral colors. When it's freezing cold (ok, in the low 60's, but still) and blowing great gusts of rain, I find it hard to get behind wearing bright florals and lightweight fabrics. I dress for the weather, not so much for the season.Capelet: F21Shirt: H&MBelt: LazaroSkirt: All SaintsTights: Noa NoaShoes: Tsubo


Get New Items From Nicole Richie’s Winter Kate Line Before They Sell Out

We track down new pieces from Nicole Richie’s Winter Kate line like it’s our job (well, it kind of is), so when new Winter Kate items arrived at Shopbop, we immediately added them to our “to buy” list. Why? They’re the best silky separates for summer that you can actually breathe in and wear everywhere.  Check out some pieces that you should snap up, and hurry, because Winter Kate clothes sell out fast:

The Winter Kate Ginger Cardigan ($132) will layer perfectly over every basic tee or cami in your wardrobe. You can wear it to work with a pencil skirt, or on the weekends with a pair of


This is going to be a quick post because I'm not feeling very inspired today. I've been sick for the last couple of days and have spent most of the time flat on my back.This outfit was from last week, and I love how it turned out, with the combination of soft and hard elements. The floaty skirt that I got at Anthro a couple weeks ago paired well with my new leggings from Black Market Baby, as I expected. The military jacket and studded belt and boots gave it some edge.OK, time to get back to lying on the couch...Jacket: thriftedShirt: random shop in KrakowNecklace: Manu LizarraldeBelt: thriftedSkirt: AnthropologieLeggings: Black Market BabyBoots: All Black


Friday’s Sample Sale Scoop: Fendi, C&C California, Rafe, And More

Editors’ pick: Fendi at Ivory Trunk
OohILove: Bid on Carrie’s Adriana Castro Python clutch from Sex and the City 2
Rue La La: C&C California, Rafe, Le Creuset, Timbuk2
Beyond The Rack: J Brand, Nicole Lee Belts and Handbags, House of Spy, Soho Hearts Jewelry, Medici Sandals, Savy Chocolate Bar T-Shirts, Dream Body Jeans
Billion Dollar Babes: Sophia Carlo, Suzanna Dai, Heartloom, Valentina Jewelry
Editors’ Closet: Invicta Watches

Get Kate Hudson’s Envy-Inducing All-White Beachy Look

This isn’t the first time that Kate Hudson’s made us green with fashion envy while shooting Something Borrowed in the Hamptons. Hudson’s head to toe white outfit makes us jump for joy that it is summer. You have our official blessing to wear as much white as possible–after all, it flatters all skin tones. (See our guide to white dresses for every body, too.)

Start with a linen, pocket-tee oxford like this relaxed fit

Payday Promo: Enjoy 40% Off At Piperlime’s Lime Tag Sale Event

We know you love Piperlime as much as we do, so feast your eyes on the serious deals from their Lime Tag sale event, where tons of cute stuff is 40% off. The sale only happens twice a year and because the deals are so great, you won’t feel guilty about spending your paycheck on these items:
You should buy this MM Couture Printed Chiffon Top ($52.99, down from $75) because it has a gorgeous print and a forgiving silhouette. The empire waist will make you look smaller and the flowy fabric will conceal your tummy. It’s the perfect combination.
You won’t have to worry about exposing too much cleavage with this Free People Cross My Heart Shift Dress ($68.99, down from $98). This dress empha...

Last Minute E-Gift Cards That Let Dad Pick His Own Father’s Day Gift

Okay, so Father’s Day (this Sunday, folks) came before you could get a gift. No worries – we found some sweet gift card you can email to Dad with the click of the mouse. Don’t forget to at least personalize the note, though. Here are our top picks:

Whether dad is a white or red kind of guy, get him the gift of free booze with a MyWinesDirect.com eGift Card.

In college, dad was the one treating you to steaks – pay him back with an Omaha Steaks E-Gift Card. Then invite yourself over for dinner.

How To Look Cute While Camping. (Yes, It’s Possible.)

Whether you actually enjoy camping, or your family forces you to go, we have five pieces that will make you look good while doing it:

It gets cold at night, so instead of throwing on that oversize hoodie, try out this Kimichi Blue Femme Nylon Parka ($39.99) that has a fun, feminine shape with a nylon fabric that’s ideal for camping.

A comfy cotton tee is essential, and this Gap Cuff-sleeve T ($19.50) has a roomy fit, but it drapes nicely over the body so it doesn’t look sloppy.

Cargo pants ...

Freebie Friday Reminder: Only One More Day Left To Win Two Tommy Bahama Swimsuits From Bare Necessities

There’s no better way to celebrate summer than by swimming in a brand new Tommy Bahama slimming tankini or patterned bikini–especially when it’s free. Enter to win our giveway and choose from any style sold from BareNecessities.com from one pieces to teeny weeny bikinis. Let Tommy Bahama cover you and your man in style this season. So what are you waiting for? Enter this week’s Freebie Friday drawing for a chance to win two free swimsuits from Tommy Bahama and Bare Necessities.

Check out more of our Freebie Fridays and see what we’ve given away. Shop our buying guides to the best cheap swimwear, the best Spanx swimwear, and the best swimwear trends. Sign up for our newsletter and receives updates right in your inbox.

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Going Going Gone: Get These DKNY Wedges For Just $54

I can barely contain my excitement when I find a pair of shoes like these DKNY wedges (which used to be $130) for $54. The best part is the color: the pink-coral hue is something I would never spend a ton of money on, so it works out perfectly. Hurry, though: there are only two sizes left. Willing to pay full price for these sandals in another color? The same wedges in grey and putty are available in more sizes.
See more on our guide to the best flat sandals, rompers for your shape, summer dresses, plus the best nude shoes to wear with them. Scan all of the best finds of the day we’ve scoured the web for and then check out our guides to the best celebrity sunglasses,

Daily Links: Miley Cyrus’s Ear Tattoo, Lauren Conrad’s Eyeliner Advice, More

1. Lauren Conrad and Emmanuelle Chriqui show us how to wear black eyeliner without looking like a raccoon. Check out our favorite eyeliners and mascaras to complete your look. [Slaves to Fashion]
2. If you’re still addicted to the ultra low rise jeans, you might want to get yourself a Hip-T, a tube of fabric that sits around your hips to hide butt cleavage and muffin tops. Or just see our favorite jeans for your shape. [Refinery 29]
3. The malnourished, waiflike look is out and full-figure is in. Take some tips on how to look cool when it’s hot out thanks to the new book by Stella Ellis. [Betty Confidential]
4. Obviously Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed. The singer recently acquired a new tattoo…on her ear. She must have gotten bored with the cartilage piercing. Ouch or awesome? [

5 Birkin Lookalike Bags–Without The 5 Digit Price Tag

Just because the Hermes Birkin Bag wait list never existed doesn’t mean everyone ran and bought one. Everywhere I turn I see another Hermes Birkin bag lookalike. Are people really dishing out thousands on these not-so-exclusive handbags? Nope–they just know where to shop. Here are our favorite similar satchels to keep you in style without spending your entire savings.

The metal hardware on the Murval Paris Faux Lizard satchel ($60) and the B. Makowsky Classics Rockefeller large satchel ($278) gives them a ...

Collaboration Alert: Kohl’s And Aldo Team Up On An Exclusive Line Of Shoes

Kohl’s already carries designers like Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad, but their next collaboration is really exciting. Aldo, our go-to for affordable shoes that look high-end, will design a line of shoes available exclusively at Kohl’s, meaning they’ll be even more inexpensive. In the meantime, see some surprisingly cool shoes that are available at Kohls now:

Nude shoes are a must-have for spring, and these ELLE  Sienna Peep-Toe Platform high heels ($59.99) are an affordable way to try out the trend.

If you’re looking for a platforms that are also work-appropriate, buy these Candie’s Caden Dress shoes ($54.99).

The gold color on these Simply Vera Vera Wang Thyme wedges ($69.99) will go well with your summer tan and a great floral dress.
See our guide to the best clogs, the best flat sandals, the best rompers, and the best summer dresses.

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Take 50% Off Chic Bracelets At Nordstrom

We love the whole bangle obsession and we know know you do too, and part of the key is mixing them with other pieces, so this was too good not to share. The powers-that-be at Nordstrom have slashed prices 50% on these totally adorable bracelets that make a great pairing with the bangles and cuffs you’re already sporting.


Thursday’s Sample Sale Scoop: J Brand, Emilio Pucci, Siwy Denim, More

Editors’ pick: J Brand at Rue La La
Beyond The Rack: Emilio Pucci, Jill Sander, Single, Premium Watch Event, Ani, Baby Phat, Biotherm, Blush, Tova, 43.46 by Darryl Jagga
Billion Dollar Babes: Siwy Denim, Kenneth Jay Lane, Treesje Handbags, Heys USA Luggage
Editor’s Closet: Gucci Sunglasses
Gilt Groupe: Accessorize Your Summer: Carlos Falchi, L.A.M.B., and more; BOSS Black, Alice & Trixie, Havaianas, Jewelry by Cara Couture, Marco Bisego, Paul & Joe Sister
Guiltless Purse: Take up to 70% off Tylie Malibu, Lauren Merkin, Marcio Furla, Kooba, Hayden Harnett, Isabella Fiore, Cole Haan, More

Camilla Krishnaswamy : Prop Stylist

I love Swedish stylist Camilla Krishnaswamy’s eye for composition. Her still life’s are always extremely well balanced and combined to depict a kind of photographic narrative or mood. You can see quite a range of styles in her portfolio including works with a light-hearted humor, a rustic warmth, or a sterile contemporariness.
(...) Read More about Camilla Krishnaswamy : Prop Stylist (6 words)
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Fashion Star Wars by John Woo

After the great Star Wars Lego or The Star wars series by Cedric Delsaux, we would like to share with you the work of Hong Kong based illustrator John Woo who painted Star Wars characters wearing Band of Outsiders, Thom Browne, Comme des Garcons or Martin Margiela. A nice fashionable result, which could be a great idea for a lookbook!
(...) Read More about Fashion Star Wars by John Woo (3 words)
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Sunshowers by Elisha Smith-Leverock

Commissioned by Diane Pernet and Vogue Italy, Sunshowers by Elisha Smith-Leverock is part of a project called Light Series: a collection of one minute fashion films. I really like the direction fashion videos are going!

(...) Read More about Sunshowers by Elisha Smith-Leverock (40 words)
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New YSL Fragrance Packaging Design by Axel Peemoeller

I am loving the fresh new packaging design for YSL’s fragrance created by German graphic designer Axel Peemoeller. The perfume feels extremely contemporary and edgy, nice contrast to the uber simple and sleek bottle.
(...) Read More about New YSL Fragrance Packaging Design by Axel Peemoeller (0 words)
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Peter Jensen Resort 2011 Collection

A very colorful and graphic 2011 resort collection for UK designer Peter Jensen. Peter Jensen feels he appeals to “a younger customer,” the kind of girl-woman who gets his pretty-but-perverse take on fashion…(“Chloë Sevigny in Kids,” said Jensen).(...) Read More about Peter Jensen Resort 2011 Collection (15 words)
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Pedro Vidotto Minimalist Film Posters

So after the successful Exergian Minimalist Series TV Posters, its time to show Pedro Vidotto illustrates his favorites movie posters again in a simple and really minimalist way…
(...) Read More about Pedro Vidotto Minimalist Film Posters (3 words)
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The Diary of Carl Kleiner

I thought these pictures needed to be in a separate post, since they are a totally different aesthetic from his still life photographs. Here you can have a look at the diary of Carl Kleiner, an inspiring range of photographic moments.
(...) Read More about The Diary of Carl Kleiner (3 words)
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Carl Kleiner Still life Photography

Carl Kleiner still life photography are superbly creative, even if its fashion, food or advertising, Carl has an impressive imagination. Be sure to check also his Diary photographs, those are pretty amazing as well!
(...) Read More about Carl Kleiner Still life Photography (3 words)
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Alexander McQueen S/S10 Eyewear Advertising

Alexander McQueen’s eyewear ads are for his spring/summer 2010 are visually strong, incorporating McQueenesque patterns and skulls. Hopefully they will retain his same aesthetics for the collection as well…
(...) Read More about Alexander McQueen S/S10 Eyewear Advertising (6 words)
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Fashion Gone Rogue

Sedene, Jeneil, Shena, Reina & Aminata for Vogue Russia July 2010 by Terry Tsiolis

Vogue Russia July 2010 by Terry Tsiolis" alt="voguet Sedene, Jeneil, Shena, Reina & Aminata for Vogue Russia July 2010 by Terry Tsiolis" />
As always, fashion editor Simon Robins brings a sense of liveliness to Vogue Russia with this energetic spread from the publication’s July edition shot by Terry Tsiolis. Using bold pieces from the likes of Max Mara, Bernhard Wllhelm and Phillip Lim, Robins makes the all star cast of Reina Montero, Jeneil Williams, Sedene Blake, Shena Moulton and Aminata Niaria shine even more with these eye-catching ensembles.
(...)Read the rest of Sedene, Jeneil, Shena, Reina & Aminata for Vogue Russia July 2010 by Terry Tsiolis (0 words)

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Vogue Russia July 2010 by Terry Tsiolis">del.icio.us


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 Campaign Preview | Madonna by Steven Klein

Dolce & Gabbana tap pop musician Madonna once again for the Italian label’s fall 2010 campaign. Lensed by Steven Klein, this preview shot shows Madonna on the arm of a young helper.

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Jessica Lewis by Henry Moshizi for Costume July 2010

Costume July 2010" alt="henry moshizi0 Jessica Lewis by Henry Moshizi for Costume July 2010" />
Photographer Henry Moshizi goes from a summer picnic to a view of the ocean with his most recent work for July’s Costume. Styled by Maiken Wintherin an array of easy breezy looks perfect for any summer outing, model Jessica Lewis poses in the seaside setting filled with rocks and wind.
(...)Read the rest of Jessica Lewis by Henry Moshizi for Costume July 2010 (0 words)

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Costume July 2010">del.icio.us


Trussardi 1911 Fall 2010 Campaign Preview | Iris Strubegger by Milan Vukmirovic

With emphasis on tailored and elegant wear, the Trussardi 1911 campaign for the fall stars Iris Strubegger as an androgynous dame. Playing the dual role of stylist and photographer, the label’s creative director Milan Vukmirovic gives an alternative view of the collection with street smart ensembles on the left and dinner ready ensembles on the right.
(...)Read the rest of Trussardi 1911 Fall 2010 Campaign Preview | Iris Strubegger by Milan Vukmirovic (0 words)

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Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2010 Catalogue | Iselin Steiro by Miguel Reveriego

Bergdorf Goodman Pre Fall 2010 Catalogue | Iselin Steiro by Miguel Reveriego" alt="iselin steiro01 Bergdorf Goodman Pre Fall 2010 Catalogue | Iselin Steiro by Miguel Reveriego" />
A smoldering Iselin Steiro covers the pre-fall 2010 edition of the Bergdorf Goodman catalogue. Photographed by Miguel Reveriego, Iselin proves why she is one of the most demanded models as she dons sleek and sexy looks from the likes of Moschino, Valentino and Gianfranco Ferré in Idolize.
(...)Read the rest of Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2010 Catalogue | Iselin Steiro by Miguel Reveriego (5 words)
(...)Read the rest of Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2010 Catalogue | Iselin Steiro by Miguel Reveriego (5 words)
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Karlie Kloss for Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2010 Catalogue by Yelena Yemchuk

Bergdorf Goodman Pre Fall 2010 Catalogue by Yelena Yemchuk" alt="karlie kloss01 Karlie Kloss for Bergdorf Goodman Pre Fall 2010 Catalogue by Yelena Yemchuk" />
The pre-fall Bergdorf Goodman catalogue is out, and who better to start it off than American top model Karlie Kloss? Wearing a mature wardrobe of fur, plaids and tweeds, Karlie manages to bring a sophistication beyond her years to Yelena Yemchuk’s dynamic Preen.
(...)Read the rest of Karlie Kloss for Bergdorf Goodman Pre-Fall 2010 Catalogue by Yelena Yemchuk (5 words)

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Photo of the Day | Desnudar

Maryna Linchuk by Alex Cayley

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Prada Fall 2010 Campaign Preview | Angela Lindvall by Steven Meisel

Finally, after a week full of campaign previews we get to see a look at one of the most highly anticipated campaigns–Prada by Steven Meisel. Starring the always charming Angela Lindvall beside Mathias Bergh, the image takes us inside a swanky club where model couples featuring Daria Strokous, Valerija Keleva and others cozy up on the dance floor.

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Vlada Roslyakova by Marcin Tyszka for Vogue Portugal July 2010

Vogue Portugal July 2010" alt="vlada Vlada Roslyakova by Marcin Tyszka for Vogue Portugal July 2010" />
Vlada Roslyakova literally shines in the July edition of Vogue Portugal as she dons sequined pieces from Miu Miu, Gucci, Elie Saab and others styled by fashion editor Paulo Marcelo. Lensed by Marcin Tyszka, Vlada exudes allure and grace in Special Effect.
(...)Read the rest of Vlada Roslyakova by Marcin Tyszka for Vogue Portugal July 2010 (5 words)

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Photo of the Day | Flower Power

Shannan Click by Miles Aldridge

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Jeanne Bouchard by Saad Al-Hakkak for Dress to Kill Magazine

Dress to Kill Magazine" alt="saad Jeanne Bouchard by Saad Al Hakkak for Dress to Kill Magazine" />
Photographer Saad Al-Hakkak captures the dual sides of IMG’s Jeanne Bouchard for the latest issue of Dress to Kill Magazine. With each image, Jeanne transforms from innocent virgin to a devious bad girl with the aide of fashion editor Fritz, who creates a wardrobe of lightweight and sheer ensembles from the likes Phillip Lim, Chantal Thomass and others in Ange ou Demon.
(...)Read the rest of Jeanne Bouchard by Saad Al-Hakkak for Dress to Kill Magazine (0 words)

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Dress to Kill Magazine">del.icio.us



Megan Fox For Armani Underwear Fall Winter 2010

We now have the Armani Underwear Fall Winter 2010 teaser. With, again, Megan Fox. I wouldn’t have had this one up if it we hadn’t had the earlier Debenhams photoshop game.
Now I keep on looking at Megan and ask myself just how many “wrongs” they made right with her body. And, honestly, I’d rather stare at the Debenhams girl. She’s so much cuter and, hopefully, surgery-less than Megan! Oh and that Marilyn tattoo? Please, guys, photoshop that away next time! (photo via)

Megan Fox For Armani Underwear Fall Winter 2010


Hello Kitty Takes Care Of Your Car. With Agip.

For now we’re all safe. It’s only going on in Japan. Because, biensur, the Hello Kitty generation is all grown up and already driving. So why not give them what they love so much?
No, not a Hello Kitty car. Though I’m sure it’ll be coming soon. No-oh! It’s a co-branded motor oil can: Agip for Hello Kitty motor oil! Isn’t that adorable? I’m sure every car would appreciate the Hello Kitty greasy touch! Wouldn’t you pick that motor oil for your car? Be honest, now! (via)

Hello Kitty Takes Care Of Your Car. With Agip.


Madonna Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2010 Campaign

I trust you’ll remember we talked about this upcoming campaign a while back. I don’t expect you to recognize the celebs within, I had a really really hard time believing it was Madonna in those pictures. The ones that were just released by the D & G people as a teaser of their Fall Winter 2010 ad campaign.
The campaign is supposedly a family story or something similar. I just wish I could have recognized Madonna. That’s all. I mean take a look (after the jump) at the Dolce & Gabbana “officially released” Madonna and the one from the shooting set of this very campaign, a while back. Before the retouching team ripped everything Madonna off that shopped clone we’re staring at right now. Who are you, stranger? (via)

Madonna Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2010 Campaign

Louis Vuitton LV Monogram Gimp Mask

We’ve been through so many Louis Vuitton things together, I couldn’t have kept this from you, no way! However, looking at this, I can’t even bring the Pulp Fiction liaison to mind, to make it all easier to digest. It’s just.. what it is.
A picture signed by Christopher Katke featuring a man wearing a gimp mask. Which wouldn’t shock anyone (or their dog) given the current direction fashion photography is taking. However, it’s a Louis Vuitton monogram Gimp Mask. How long till we see this in the pages of Vogue? (Christopher Katke via Mandi)

Louis Vuitton LV Monogram Gimp Mask

I’m sure there’s a solid reason for this. I actually think it’s a reminiscent of that yellow nails polish hot wave we all felt at one point or another. Sure, I don’t get the rat thing, but that seems to be so a la mode these days. (Melissa, anyone?)
I could even understand the yellow tips with no other complication. Now cheese tips? I don’t know, ladies… It looks odd, it feels odd and I surely don’t want to know how it tastes like! Anyone ready for the cheese nails? (via)

Cheese Nails For A Tasty Manicure


Photoshop Before And After By Debenhams

We finally had the chance to see (and by “we” I’m talking about us, the non-professionals of the holy airbrushing, the god of all beauty nowadays) a photo before and after the airbrushing. Chez Debenhams.
However, if you’ll take a good look at the images below and then you hit the jump and see the “changes” and the “non-retouched” image that can be seen in the store’s window, you’ll notice something’s wrong. It’s like that childhood (and more) game: spot the difference! Let’s count’em down and teach them how the Photoshop truth campaign should be played… (photos via 1, 2)

Photoshop Before And After By Debenhams


Calvin Klein Sunglasses With Integrated USB Key

What you see here is no ordinary shades design, no sireeee! They’re worthy of a spy’s gadgets case and I really mean it! The new Calvin Klein sunglasses collection innovates further than its shape, color or virtues.
The new Calvin Klein sunglasses collection actually brings something revolutionary: the USB key integrated in one of the sunglasses’ arms! It looks pretty to, you can’t see the difference but you’ll surely feel the utility. Would you go for the new gadget CK sunglasses? (via)

Calvin Klein Sunglasses With Integrated USB Key


Melissa’s Numa Lovefoxxx Rat Sandals

No further than last week, I was completely in awe about a certain Melissa collaboration. You might remember the strange ankle boots turning into sandals made in collaboration with the Italian architect Gaetano Pesce we talked about just before the weekend.
Well this one it’s again about Melissa. Only it’s not the same overwhelming aesthetic pleasure, it’s more like an eyebrow raising situation. A new sandals design is available from Melissa, made in collaboration with Lovefoxxx (a Brazilian singer from the band CSS Lovefoxxx who’s currently concentrating on her singing career but is a fashion designer by formation). Now where’s the trouble? The sandals, as magnificent as they may look, have a rat attached to them. Yep, a black tiny rat at your feet. All the time! Isn’t that something? (via)

Melissa’s Numa Lovefoxxx Rat Sandals

Christopher Kane Is All About Flowers For 2010

If last year’s gorilla prints are still high in your praise and you feel that it’s still a must wear, you should read the following. Christopher Kane’s gorilla prints are sooooo last season!
This year, Christopher Kane is still going strong in prints, only this time, he’s gone all floral. Which really contrasts with the wilderness and the power of a once it-print screaming gorilla. Which you can wear anyway, if you care less about the trends and more about the statements. I guess we won’t be seeing Rihanna wearing orchid dresses any time soon, eh? (Christopher Kane dresses are available here for $860)

Christopher Kane Is All About Flowers For 2010


The New Melissa Ankle Boots By Gaetano Pesce Turn Into Sandals

Melissa and I got acquainted a while back. And I must say (as you may have noticed), it was far from being a warm encounter. At first. As time went by, I began to warm up at Melissa’s charms and slowly, but surely gave into their plastic dreams.
With big names of fashion and architecture on their side, Melissa works on a dangerous combination of style and daring design, combination they’ve never took as far as this time. Working with Italian architect Gaetano Pesce, Melissa has released a very special plastic shoe. Made of interconnected plastic circles, the ankle boots can be highly customized. For it’s at the customer’s discretion that the interconnected circles can be cut off, releasing the sleeping seven different shapes in which the new Melissa shoes can be tamed into. Can you honestly close your eyes and refuse such a challenge? (via)

The New Melissa Ankle Boots By Gaetano Pesce Turn Into Sandals

Fashion and Style

CELEBRITY STYLE: MMVA's Red Carpet Fashion

Last night in Toronto the stars walked the red carpet for the MMVA's. The fashion was short and sexy for the ladies and trendy casual for the guys.

Katy Perry is never one to disappoint on the red carpet and the MMVA's were no different. Last night Katy Perry wore a sparkling blue one-shoulder mini dress which was tied up the side leaving lots of cut outs, at least this time around there was no electronics involved.

Gossip Girl's Jessica Szohr wore a tangerine Jenny Packham mini dress accessorized with a bright yellow clutch. Whitney Port was colourful in a printed strapless mini.

MMVA host Miley Cyrus had numerous outfits and dresses, but it is this cut-out halter top and short shorts from her performance that everyone is talking about today. As we said before, Miley Cyrus has grown up fast.

The MMVA's were all about one thing... Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber showed off his own celebrity style on the red carpet. In a grey blazer and aqua jeans, Justin Bieber had all of the girls screaming his name, but really he could have worn absolutely anything and would get the same reactions from the screaming pre-teens.

Find out who took home MMVA awards on the Real Style Network celebrity blog here.

[photos via Teen Celeb Buzz, It's Mario Trick and


You might have noticed that we have been focusing on Summer Fashion in our trend reports. Boho has been a big trend with free flowing dresses, embellished tunics, beaded sandals. Let's not forget what summer is really all about, the BATHING SUIT. Swimwear becomes ever so important for the ladies in the summer because, it's just so damn hard to choose. Ever notice how long it takes to pick out the right bathing suit? We have put together some looks you might like, but will do more coverage on individual styles and which bathing suit style best suits various body shapes and sizes. We will be asking an expert for their opinion . Here are Real Style Network’s bathing suit picks:

Summer Fashion Trends - Summer Swimwear Shopping Guide:
1. Bold beach bunnies can get this Armani Exchange Crocheted One-Piece Swimsuit ($98.00). This hot bathing suit is featured in the current Armani Exchange campaign on Irina Shayk and on Kim Kardashian.
2. This Victoria's Secret Twist Bandeau Top and String Bikini Bottom ($49.00 together) is a hot summer bikini...

CELEBRITY STYLE: Miley Cyrus Fashion Then And Now


Wow, Miley Cyrus has come a long way from her start as a sweet Disney kid. In the last 4 years Miley went from a lovable pre-teen on Hannah Montana to 15 going on 25.

She is hosting the MMVA's tonight in Toronto with a whole group of teen age celebs. We thought we would do a "Miley Cyrus through the ages" to show just how much her fashion looks have changed. Some have called it way too much, some think this is normal teenage self determination. Your thoughts?

[Miley Cyrus photos via Nora Cyrus and Cyrus Glamourous twitpic]


FASHION NEWS: Coco Rocha for Esprit, Dolce & Gabbana Martini and Christopher Lamaire

Fashion retailer Esprit has hired one of the world's hottest supermodels for their fall/winter 2010-2011 campaign. Coco Rocha, along with Anne Vyalitsyna and Missy Rayder, are the faces of the new Esprit campaigns. The theme of the images is 'friends travelling together' so they are meant to look pure and natural. See the behind the scenes photos of Coco Rocha's Esprit campaign here and below.

Dolce & Gabbana have teamed up with Bacardi for an interesting collaboration. The new Bacardi Dolce & Gabbana Martini will be debuting this week at Milan menswear fashion week. To celebrate the new drink, Dolce & Gabbana have opened bars in their Milan and Shanghai stores. Bacardi will be exclusively selling the new Martini.

Fashion designer Christopher Lemaire has a big year ahead of him. It was previously announced that the fashion designer would be moving from Lacoste to replacing Jean-Paul Gaultier at Hermes. Now Christopher Lemaire has booked his first haute couture show. The fashion designer will be showing in Paris during Haute Couture week. He will be showing on July 6th before Giorgio Armani Prive.


FASHION FIND: Vintage Dresses


For our next fashion find, we wanted to bring you some vintage looks from one of our favourite vintage boutiques, Shrimpton Couture. Vintage dresses are a hot ticket item right now. In the most recent issue of Harper's Bazaar Katherine Heigl is wearing a very vintage or 1950's inspired fashions and Kristin Davis wore vintage dresses on all of the Sex And The City 2 red carpets.

Our first pic is the nude coloured 1960's Brocade Dress And Jacket. This dress could be a look from one of the new 2010 designer collection. The lines are clean, the nude colour is huge. This 1960's brocade dress and jacket are made of soft silk and matte satin for a luxurious finish. The simple and fitted construction of the dress will ensure it suits many body types. This Brocade dress can take you from the office to a cocktail party with very little effort. It can also be dressed up for a more formal occasion. For $325, this 1960's Brocade Dress from Shrimpton Couture is an investment piece you will wear again and again.

The second look is another dress we found while at Shrimpton Couture that we loved. This 1950's Silk Suzy Perette Cocktail Dress is simple yet elegant with a designer feel. The bubble skirt says vintage and modern. The silk and velvet materials are soft a nd luxurious. For just $375, this black cocktail dress is a steal.


CELEBRITY STYLE: Kristin Stewart & Taylor Launter At Twilight Eclipse Premiere

Twlight fever is spreading quickly. The latest movie in the Twilight Saga has started to premiere around the world much to the delight of young girls. Twilight stars Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner showed their celebrity style at the Eclipse premiere in Rome, Italy this week.

Kristin Stewart sparkled on the Eclipse red carpet in this black Marchesa dress. The black lace and oversized ruffles on Kristin Stewart's dress are exactly the type of drama she needs. Kristin Stewart paired her dress with a simple pair of black strappy sandals. She said she is having more fun with the red carpet fashion this time around and it shows.

Taylor Lautner looked equally dapper in a charcoal grey suit, which had eager Twilight fans screaming.

Stay tuned for more Twilight Eclipse fashion as we get closer to the June 30th release.

[Photo via Marchesa Facebook]


SARAH JESSICA PARKER: Celebrity Style – Get The Look For Less

When we were featuring our Sex And The City 2 fashion, we at Real Style Network fell in love with this look from Sarah Jessica Parker. At the New York premiere of Sex And The City 2, Sarah Jessica Parker wore this yellow haute couture wrap dress from the Valentino Haute Couture line. Sarah Jessica Parker accessorized her look with a few simple sparkling summer jewelry pieces and a pair of grey pumps. We found our own yellow wrap dress that would be a great summer dress for any event. Here is how to get Sarah Jessica Parker’s celebrity style for less:

Sarah Jessica Parker Celebrity Style Shopping Guide:
1. Mimick Sarah Jessica Parker’s Versace dress in this One-Shoulder Chiffon Flower Dress ($177.00). This yellow one-shoulder dress has the same wrap style as Sarah Jessica Parker’s haute couture, but is more functional for real style.
2. Add some sparkle with these Carloee Austrian Crystal Chandelier Earrings ($65.00).
3. This stunning Eliot Danori Crystal Accent Floral Cuff Bracelet ($100.00) gives the illusion of high price for an affordable jewelry look.
4. Complete your look with these BCBG Million Pumps ($66.49) that look very similar to Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoes.

[photo via

FASHION NEWS: Megan Fox Armani Prive Dress, Gucci and Burberry Acoustic

Here is what is making headlines in fashion news:

Megan Fox is turning heads for her fashion choices today. Last night Megan Fox wore a red Armani Prive dress at the premiere of her new movie Jonah Hex. Megan Fox's red dress was very low-cut showing off a lot of skin. The Giorgio Armani Prive mini cocktail dress had bold shoulders and a front rose applique. While she has a great figure, some are saying it was too much skin for the newly engaged actress.

Gucci is considering suing Cadbury over the new commercial for their Cadbury Flake. Gucci claims that the new Cabury Flake commercial is eerily similar to the images used in the 2006 Alexander McQueen runway show. The creator of the Cadbury commercial is actually the same person who worked with Alexander McQueen on the hologram back in 2006. No official lawsuit has been announced yet.

This weekend during the Burberry menswear fashion show, the fashion brand will launch a new section of their label. Burberry Acoustic is a new branch of Burberry that will work with new, upcoming artists chosen by Burberry's designer Christopher Bailey. They are hoping to put together acoustic sessions with UK acts for their website to be streamed for the world.

[photo via AX Brasil Twitpic]


SUMMER FASHION TRENDS: Summer Beach Coverups

If you are going to be spending a lot of time at the beach this summer, be sure to buy a summer beach coverups that suits your style. From tunics to dresses and rompers, there is lots of variety to choose from. Fashion trends for beach coverups follow the fashion trends of the season, such as embellished fashion, draping and ruffles. Get a multi-tasking beach cover up such as the #4 halter dress and it can easily take you from beach to daywear. The embellished tunics also look great with a tank top underneath during the day and into evening. Here are Real Style Network’s picks for summer beach cover-ups:

Summer Fashion Trends - Summer Beach Cover-ups Shopping Guide:
1. For a fashionable summer cover-up get this Tory Burch Embellished Tunic ($346.50). The Tory Burch tunic is a fashion must have. This great cover-up can also be worn as a top when you aren't at the beach.
2. Wear a feminine beach look with this Ruffle Mania Gauze Cover-up ($40.50). The ruffles along the neckline, armholes and front give a romantic feel to this white dress.
3. This Rasurel Romper ($155.00) is a fun way to cover up on the beach. The comfortable jersey one-piece will leave you free to play in the sand.
4. This Solid Texture Halter Long Dress ($200.00) is a great dress to slip on for dinner after a day in the sun. This long dress has great gold detailing at th...

FASHION NEWS: Roots, Rodarte & Kenneth Cole

Here are some of the stories making fashion news this week:

Well-known Canadian author Douglas Coupland landed in the fashion news pages this week after announcing a collaboration with Roots. Douglas Coupland and Roots are creating a limited edition fashion and accessories line. The line is named ROOTS X DOUGLAS COUPLAND. The theme for the design is 'Canada Goes Electric.' Only the one image shown here has been released, but a website for the line has been created where you will be able to see the clothing before it goes on sale.

Rodarte have won the 2010 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Fashion Design. The awards honour the best in American design. Not just fashion designers, but all sorts of design from architects to print designers. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte were a shoe in as Cooper Hewitt did an exhibit on their fashion this year. Rodarte will received their fashion design award in October.

Kenneth Cole is launching an online store to help raise money for the Gulf oil spill. Via the Kenneth Cole facebook page, you will be able to buy a customizable Kenneth Cole t-shirt. The shirts are available with 12 different sayings, 3 graphics and tons of colour choices to make your own shirt. It's easy to design your own shirt right from your facebook page and the money goes to a good cause. The shirts will be on sale until at least the end of July.


Alexander Wang Crepe Draped Jacket

大家都發覺,自從夏天來了之後,Popbee已經離開了黑色的懷抱,投向淺色系的世界了。可是像女人這種善變又勇於接受挑戰的動物,總是有一點點反叛的基因存在著。我想說的是,最近我很想在夏天穿黑色的衣服。是有點困難,利用黑色穿出夏天的感覺。而且穿黑色走在銅鑼灣的街道上,真的是一個酷刑。可是我很想挑戰自己啊!Are you with me?

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Kardashians Launch New Skincare Line

有沒有覺得這個廣告有點眼熟,看起來有點proactive的感覺? 對於這三姐妹的skincare,老實說我真的沒甚麼興趣。雖然說她們三個的皮膚看起來都蠻好,可是那都是化妝之後的樣子呀!你們應該沒有一個人看過她們沒化妝那樣子吧!相比起她們所推出的skincare系列,我還是對”keeping up with the kardashian”這真人show比較有興趣哈哈!

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Pencey Dress for Summer Downtown Lookbook


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C’N’C Costume National Fall 2010 Ad Campaign

我很少覺得中長/長頭髮的男生好看。可能我的性格比較傳統吧,(有嗎?)還是喜歡短頭髮,感覺清爽一點的男生。可是在這個C’N’C Costume National Fall 2010 Ad Campaign的男模特兒。。我真的沒有辦法不agree他的髮型很有魅力!我覺得他短髮可能也沒有這個中長髮好看耶!

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Wren Fall 2010 Lookbook

我很喜歡Wren這個Fall Lookbook的Mix & Match呢~!個人很喜歡潑墨的感覺,很Artistic~哈哈!Oversized cardigan配潑墨的深藍denim,再配上白色的oxford shoes加畫家帽不就是一個畫家的裝扮嗎?!好好看呀~~!!!我會好好參考一下! Earth colour & denim應該還會流行一段時間吧!當然還有長青的豹紋啦!現在大部分品牌都已經開始大減價了,是時間找尋一下秋冬的單品了~!秋天你可以快點來嗎?我很掛念你啊!!!

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Wine Candle

常煩惱如何處理空酒瓶嗎?這個wine candle絕對是你的好選擇!這系列有白、紅、黑三種顏色,三種顏色又分別有著各自的香味,白-巧克力;黑-Amber Apple;紅-Rose。品嚐完酒,酒瓶還能再利用,當作家中的一處擺設不是很棒嗎?!感覺別有一番風味呢~

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Balenciaga Resort 2011 Collection

雖然我家裡面已經有一個Balenciaga包包了,而我也曾經跟自己說過不會再買第二個了,可是看到上圖這個淺綠色Balenciaga Resort 2011系列之後,我真的有衝動想要多買一個耶!太有summer feel了!而且看起來很大啊!可以在handle那個位置綁上一條特別的絲巾,效果應該很不錯耶!

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Ashley Olsen at YSL Belle D’Opium Fragrance Launch


© PopBee for POPBEE. Fashion Blog. Hong Kong. H&...

Lifestyle and Women

Fashion Week 2009

2009 fashion week at different places especially on the fashion capitals was exciting.Though traditional belief says that fashion is youth-obsessed,the fashion weeks this year wronged the age old myth.
Let us take a look at the grand fashion weeks of London,Paris and New York.
London Fashion Week
The fashion elite were left mouth-opened at the London Fashion Week this year.Running from a week this fashion industry event offered a huge scope to the fashion designers and fashion houses to showcase their new collections.The buyers got a good idea about the latest trend in the runaway show.
London Fashion Week indicated what’s “in” and what”s “out” this season.The event once again proved why it has been so popular in London for twenty five years.The event gave a glimpse of the fashion wears the designers are going to produce for the coming months.It also allowed the retailers to take their time to incorporate the design wears into their retail marketing.
Peter Pilotto awed the audience with his fantastic collection. Paul Smith, Aquascutum and Vivienne Westwood add new dimension to the event.Christopher Kane’s Autumn/Winter collection was a must see.Ossie Clark took the crowd to a nostalgic world with the outstanding designer wears.
Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week showcases the silhouette that is going to define the 21st century fashion trends.Paris has always gained the first position whenever a comparison took place among New York,Paris,London and Milan and the style adapted by the French designers perfectly justifies the position of City of Lights.
The designers once again successfully merged pageantry and artistry.In spite of drawing inspiration from every field they remained precise in the move they make.The perfect cut and tailoring of the designer wears were real treat to eyes leaving the audience spel...

Diet and Lifestyle Changes – your Key to Success for Getting Pregnant and to Cure Infertility

Pregnancy planning prepares the parents for childbirth. You have to make adequate financial arrangements and get ready to support your body by healthy nutritious food. Diet and lifestyle changes go a long way in helping to deliver a healthy baby. Diet plays the most important role in healthy pregnancies. This means that the mother, and the baby who grows from the fetus stage, remain healthy during the entire term of pregnancy. A balanced diet should consist of vitamins and minerals, starch, fiber and cereals.

What To Eat

Mothers should take fiber in the form of green leafy vegetables, fruits and fruit juices. Foods rich in starch are breads, rice and its various forms, lentils, noodles etc. Carbohydrates and vitamins are available in potatoes, cereals, spinach, and fortified cereals. A very important ingredient required during pregnancy is iron. Iron helps in blood circulation and making blood tissues and veins strong. Iron is usually taken as a supplement as a capsule along with meals. It is available in broccoli, dry fruits and nuts. Another important ingredient, calcium, is available in milk and milk products. One of the most important minerals required is folic acid. Physicians recommend that mothers and future mothers should take good quantity of folic acid to reduce and eliminate birth defects in the newborn baby. Take folic acid as a supplement along with meals. The importance of diet and lifestyle changes cannot be undermined.

What Not To Eat

Just like there is food that is must during pregnancy, there is food that should be avoided. Usually, mothers should avoid grilled meat and undercooked food, as it is not easily digestible. Fish should be avoided altogether, especially shark and swordfish. Again, do not eat raw or uncooked fish. Do not take too much coffee as it contains caffeine, which is harmful for the fetus.

How To Enhance Mal...

Beliefs and Practices in Women Health

Beliefs and Practices in Women Health

• Ramaiah Bheenaveni *

Rural women’s health is an infinitely broad topic. Many Indian women have come from circumstances in which women have limited access to healthcare. Traditionally, there has been discrimination towards women in decision-making; access to resources such as food, education and health care; job opportunities; and in child-rearing and parenting. However, women’s health in rural areas affects everything in their environment from their families to their economies and vice versa. A woman’s health, especially among the poor and illiterate, is often neglected not just by her family but by the woman herself. She is taught not to complain and if she does then she is directed either to use condiments in the kitchen or try faith healing.

Man is unique in that he has a distinct cultural environment of his own. This includes all the conditions in which men are born, brought up, live, work, procreate and perish. Culture as an environment is deeply related to the health of humans. It includes patterns of social organizations designed to regulate a particular society; one can understand the behaviour of people belonging to various sections and predict how an individual of a particular section will react in a given situation. With our knowledge of health, the treatment of diseases among ignorant peoples appears to be strange since they frequently follow practices of praying, wearing of amulets or consulting an exorcist who recites certain verbal formula. Hence, we can say that beliefs and cultural practices are predominately playing significant roles in the human health more peculiarly in the health of women.

Many rural people did not know about the services set up for them at sub-centres and PHC by the government because they did not see any evidence of these services being provided for them. As a pa...

Fashion and Women

Fashion is a term so popular today that I found no reason to explain it to you. So let’s come to the point. Whenever we talk about fashion, the first image that flashes in our mind is the image of a woman. Indeed, they are women alone who are most closely associated with fashion. However, in today’s world, men are also not in isolation from fashion. But, studies reveal that the craving for fashion is much intense in women than anyone else.
Fashion shows are being organized from time to time by various organizations in different parts of the world. In these fashion shows, models used to wear various types of fashionable cloths and walk through the ramp, to demonstrate these cloths to the fashion lovers over there. By and large, the changing fashion trends demonstrated through these events are also peculiar to women. Almost 90% of the fashion events and fashion shows are aimed at introducing new types of women clothing, designed by various fashion designers. The fashion events for men are almost none in relation to women.
The most well known fashion events organized in various parts of the world time and again include London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week, Singapore Fashion Festival and so on. In all these and many other such events, women play a vital role. Besides fashion events, there are a lot of magazines, television channels, websites and other media for promoting fashion. Whatever, the presence of women is indispensable for the existence of fashion industry and fashion events.
Besides women fashion clothing, other women fashion accessories include costume jewelry, women’s footwear, fashion bags, lad...

Life After Divorce – Live Your Lifestyle! The Ish-Style Factor!

Many people find that taking on a new, lighter perspective to looking at a painful circumstance such as divorce helps to go through the transition from being married to being single, such as like visiting the salon for seeking a styling or coloring session. This is more typical for women going through divorce as they’d like to shed all vestiges of their former life and approach the forthcoming major change with an obvious change in them, such as a visible hair styling session can do.
Some women turn to visiting the beauty parlor post-divorce as a way of comforting themselves or wanting to renew their sense of self-worth by the little pampering that salon treatments offer. However, those who have been through the roller-coaster ride that a broken marriage can be advise first getting to lighten the load of the emotional upheaval of divorce i.e. speaking to friends and getting a support group of sorts in hand before moving forth with any radical changes, such as hair coloring or completely volte-face hair styling. This is because the comfort and strength that comes from knowing there are still some people who value you is invaluable to a person going through a divorce and is beneficial to helping you take the baby steps you need to in order to ring in change.
While some friends may offer casual comments about everything turning out all right in the end, it is only the women going through divorce who can feel the pain and confusion of a marriage breaking up; sometimes, even strangers can offer more sympathy than erstwhile close friends, so women need to be ready for receiving support and empathy from the most unlikely sources, such as a salon therapist also!
Many women may be encouraged to change their hair color and not be associated with the one in their pre-divorce life; others may be motivated to get themselves a new line of dresses or even a particular habit-change that can be a sign of having moved on from...

Finding Careers in the Fashion Industry

The vibrant, ever-changing fashion industry is always looking for brilliant minds with an idea of what comes next in design and merchandising. Could you be that visionary voice? What does the future hold for jobs in the fashion industry?
Check out some of the top fashion industry jobs, and learn what you can do to work your way into one of these exciting careers.
Fashion & Retail ManagementIf you love fashion and you’ve always wanted to own your own business, a degree in retail management could be right up your alley. You already know what shoes to pair with that little black dress for the perfect night out, but you need to learn the details of management as it relates to fashion. Courses in fashion sales, retail history, and more can give you the experience you need to enter the field with confidence.
Management Salary Points. In 2007, retail sales managers and supervisors saw mean annual earnings of $39,210, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Management positions at high-end boutiques and specialty stores might earn more, depending on location and experience.
Fashion Merchandising CareersIf you stand behind your brand, you have to be able to sell it. Fashion merchandising is an umbrella term that covers a range of careers, including:•    Merchandise managers•    Fashion buyers•    Fashion marketers•    Fashion sales
Even those who specialize in creating window dressings for department stores fall under the category of fashion merchandising.
Fashion merchandise managers see a lot of use in today’s fashion economy. “Today it’s the merchandise manager who carries the weight,” Marvin Traub, a retail consultant, told the New York Times. “...

Online Lesbian Dating Site for Lesbian Relationship and Lifestyle

If you are new to this subject, then pay careful attention in reading this article. You can have some common world wide terminology for types of lesbians.

Now you will be fully informed about lesbians in perfect way.

The world of lesbians is a woman to woman for love or sex. However, lesbians have different physical features and sexual orientations that shows their personality and predilections. This becomes clear if we see lesbians, Lesbian love and romance is as stronger and possessive as that between straight singles or couples.

The following word list of lesbian terms should make their lifestyle much obvious to people who does not know about lesbian sex or about amature Lesbian

Take a glance about lesbians. After knowing versatilities about lesbians you will be surprised. You will come to know about the types of lesbians. I do not think so that any article might have written as much as I have written about lesbians. I think this is one and only unique article about lesbian world. Some of the lesbians on website are very good-looking. They look like glamorous model.

Amazon: is a name for a physically strong lesbian woman.

Baby Dyke: A younger lesbian or someone who is just coming out of the closet.

Lesbian Beard: A “beard” is a person of the opposite sex who marries or dates a closeted lesbian to cover up their homosexuality. In the past, often lesbians married gay men so that both could “pass” as straight, either for work or for their families.

Boi: is a w...

Men’s Secret When it Comes to Fashion

When it comes to fashion, Men are quiet involved but not as showy like women. They hide their personal fashion desire. Really? Yes, its quite like that but not intends for all men… Some men are showy too but it deals on different fashion which they’ve possess. There are few men who have their fashion consciousness which they are showy enough like women in being possessive when it comes to fashion styles, fashion designs, fashion lifestyle, and fashion trends. I’m not talking to the models, of course men models are showy for their fashion lifestyle because its their profession. Let’s make an exception to those fashion models. Let’s talk about the fashion of the masses, fashion of common people that gives an identity of how does a certain fashion trends are called “IN”. Men’s fashion consciousness are common to teens or boys. They are conscious on what they wear and what style do they depict. In this point of view, the fashion desires of men are dwells on what does the in demand fashion lifestyle are covered on the world of fashion. Fashionista is common only for women fashioner. Fashionista are those women and some fashion designers in the personality of the homos who really engage on the development and depicting styles of fashion trends. If we talk on men’s fashion, we deals not only on the fashion as clothing line is concern. Men’s fashion depicts variety of things that dwells on the lifestyle of every men. Though women fashion pertains in different things also but not as focus into the fashion lifestyle like in men do.
Men’s Fashion are dealing with different aspects which govern their lifestyle. An aspects of depicting their fashion through love, morality, life, activity, and material. In these possession of men’s fashion, their desire to uplift their lifestyle in these aspects are deals on their ability to compromise on what lifestyle do they possess...

Who Wants to be More Healthy? Six Simple Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know how to keep yourself healthy? It can be confusing with headlines coming at you.? They said Hormone Replacement Therapy is bad for your heart, now maybe it isn’t. They say eat soy, but now they say not too much. Should you take an aspirin everyday? What new test is right for you? What about vitamin E or Fish Oil or the latest diet pill?

How do you know what to do to keep yourself healthy? Go back to the basics!
Pay Attention: If you don’t pay attention to your health, don’t worry – it will go away.

Prevent disease by seeing your doctor and controlling your risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

In addition, be brave and schedule the screening tests. A recent study by the National Cancer Institute and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a steady decline in the number of women getting regular mammograms. Finding cancer early through screenings like mammogram and colonoscopy is essential to survival. In this case what you don’t know CAN hurt you.
Be Active: A study reported in the American Journal of Epidemiology is just a recent example of something we all know: people who are active are more healthy than those who sit around.

An active lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to spend your life in the gym. You simply need to move your body thirty to sixty minutes per day (more if you are trying to lose weight.)

Doing chores, walking the dog and using a pedometer are all great ways to be more active. Being active will help control your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar an...

How Fashion Marketing School Can Get You a Career in Fashion

There are many Fashion Marketing Schools throughout the world, of varying standards and reputations.

Fashion designers create the latest styles which appear on the catwalks and in shops and finally are available for purchase. All this is done with fashion marketing.

Fashion marketing students can learn from professionals about the hows and whys of the fashion industry and various fashion cycles. They can participate in field trips, undertake projects and learn everything about trends and fashions in internships.

There are many things to learn if you are interested in working in the fashion industry. It is not simply a case of what is in fashion and what is not. You will need to learn about business management, advertising strategies, marketing techniques, merchandising and display, retail management and fashion coordination – basically, everything to do with the industry.

Fashion marketing school is not an easy option but if you live and breathe fashion, it could well be perfect for you. Not everyone would do well at a fashion marketing school. Are you fascinated by fashion? Do you have good fashion sense and a sense of style? Do you know what is in style right now? Do you want to use your fashion sense to follow a rewarding career in the fashion industry?

If you have a degree in Fashion Marketing, you can choose which career you want. Some of the choices are a fashion coordinator, fashion buyer, store or boutique manager or owner, a visual merchandiser or a retail merchandiser.

There is always the possibility of becoming a top designer one day too but you must never think that working in the fashion industry is easy. It requires a lot of natural creative skill, business aptitude and plenty of hard work.

Fashion marketing is about combining advertising, design, business administration and an understan...

Mens Fashion Clothing

Guidelines For Summer Dressing In Mens Fashion Clothing

When it comes to mens fashion clothing, it is all about looking trendy and stylish in every season. When we think about the hot summer season we always filled with the feelings of hot sunny days and wanted to wear something that give us trendy looks with comfort and cool in the hot days of summer. The simplest way to select dresses for your wardrobe in summer is to remember the three Cs that are color, comfort and cut. By taking care of these factors you can maintain trendy looks even in hot and sweating summer.Colors To Wear in SummerAlways choose light colors in summer as light colors reflect the hot rays. Dark colors like black, dark grey, navy blue and dark brown absorb the hot rays and are not the best choice for summer clothing. Pistachio green color gives you a bright look and is gaining the popularity in mens fashion clothing. Pastels colors are also getting popularity in outgoing and casual dressing for men.  Fabric Selection For Comfort in SummerFabric is the most important element in summer clothing if you want to be comfortable and also look trendy as well in mens fashion clothing. Always go for fabric which is lightweight and thinner. Linen shirts are the best choice in summer for men due to the comfort it gives you. Due to properties like lightweight, flexibility and ease to breathe in makes linen the most preferable fabric for summer season in mens fashion clothing. Avoid polyester in summer because of its inability to breath easily. Selection Of CutCut is another important a...

Sweaters For Mens Fashion Clothing

Mens Fashion Clothing is all about trying different thing to give you a trendy look and to look different from others. Sweaters are widely used in winters to keep you warm in chilly winter season. Sweaters are used to give you a formal and trendy look. In past, mens sweater were used as a protection garment but in this era, it is being used to give a trendy look. There are different styles available in sweaters now some of which are given as follows.Polo Necked SweatersPolo necked sweater is a garment which is used as a sweater and it has tight fitting with rounded high neck. This type of sweater is quite famous in those region where cold is more during winters because people wear them under their shirts as they provide more protection from cold. Such sweaters provide protection to the throat as they cover throat quite easily so one can get protection from cold wind during winters.ZippersZippers are used as casual sweaters. They are not proper sort of closed sweaters. They have zipped installed on front which is perfect casual wearing. Zippers are also available in half sleeve which can be used in such season when there is not much cold. Personally, I love to use zipper in winters while going to do physical exercise like jogging etc because zippers provide good protection and they are light weighted.Pullover SweatersPull over sweaters are half zipped sweaters. Again, this type of sweaters provide trendy look to everyone and these sorts of sweaters are quite in fashion now a days during winters. Some people don’t like sweaters as its not easy to wear and then take off them but pullover sweaters provide them ease of wearing and taking off.

Mens Winter Fashion Clothing Guidelines

Winter is the most favorite season for mens who love follow fashion clothing trends and unique designs. When you see fog surrounding you, dark clouds, cool breeze, its time for you to wear a warn jacket, sweater or hood. This will not only keep you safe from all pre-described climates, but also enable you look fashionable and feel good. Mens fashion clothing designers and manufacturer have created a vast variety of cloths for winter. These attractive designs and mens winter clothing enforce them in spending a long time to shop. Before doing this, mens fashion clothing lovers must expand the capacity of their wardrobes, as these cloths are large in size. Here are some valuable suggestions mens should consider before shopping or wearing trendy and attractive winter clothes according to mens fashion. Leather jacket is the most famous and traditional cloth for wearing in winter, irrespective of their ages and working class. Leather jacket always protects you from cold especially you are riding bike. Mens should prefer to wear a jacket made with woolen, which keep mens warm and pleasant. Two important things that make your jacket different are its collar style and buttons.Mens suit is the essential element of fashion clothing in winter, which is mostly worn at formal occasions like parties, ceremonies and meetings. Mens should also prefer a suit with woolen jacket and latest three-button cut design. These suits look very attractive and traditional in winter and work a lot in black, navy...

Casual Leather Jacket For Mens Fashion Clothing

The broad concept of mens fashion clothing covers a category of casual leather jackets, which always make mens to go weak in their knees. Leather jacket are very stylish, comfortable in wearing and durable apparel in mens fashion clothing. One of the biggest benefits of leather jackets is to keep mens warmth in winter, especially at the time ride a bike. Mens leather jackets are designed in numerous colors, fits and styles. An important consideration regarding the mens jacket is its length, which can hip length jacket, 3/4th length and full length jackets. One prominent type of leather jacket is known as trench coat style.  Mens leather jackets are further categorized in respect of their variation of size and accessories they can hold. Some famous categories are Military Jackets, Bomber Jackets and Motorcycle Jackets. A full length leather jacket is much lengthier than a normal jacket, and its bottom edge falls in between hip and thigh. A trench coat shapes like an overcoat that covers the entire body, where its hem touches the ankle. In the end, 3/4th length leather jacket falls little above the knee. The core purpose of wearing leather jackets is to protect our self from weather climates like rain, cold wind and sleet. Besides, these all types of mens leather jackets are very famous among fashion clothing lover. Mens who are inclined toward riding, music, movies and gang fighting love to wear leather jackets...


The Best Lotions to Help You Stay Smooth, This Summer – From Elizabeth Grant and Completely Bare

Summer sun demands our skin to be in tip top shape from head to toe, to help us pull off shorter hemlines and brighter hues.  These summer lotions, from Elizabeth Grant & Completely Bare, are perfect to add to any gal’s hydration routine.

Elizabeth Grant: Vitamin C Hand and Nail Cream [$25]  Celeb fans include Jessica Szohr, Blake Lively & Kristin Bell.
Use to keep cuticles & hands supple to showcase this season’s hottest neon nail trends. This non-greasy and quick absorbing formula delivers and intense dose of Vitamin C to lighten hyperpigmentation & increase collagen production to help skin stay smooth. Contains Elizabeth Grant’s exclusive moisturizing compound, Torricelumn, shea butter, and aloe to boost hydration in hands and cuticles, naturally!

Completely Bare: Completely Smooth Face & Body Lotion – with Hair Inhibitor Capislow™ [$28 - $42]   Celeb fans include Olivia Palermo, Fergie & Paris Hilton.
Infused with hair inhibitor Capislow™, this lotion moisturizes with all natural ingredients, like shea butter & aloe juice, while scents like magnolia, jasmine, bergamont, and vanilla will keep you touchably soft, and smelling sweet, while you’ll have to wax and shave less! Being smooth has never smelled so good. Completely Smooth is clinically proven to visibly diminish hair texture by up to 55%, density by up to 50% and length by up to 30%. Apply the formula, twice a day, over the areas where you would like to reduce the growth of hair and watch as hair comes in finer and smoother. 

Steal of the Week: Bow Shorts

Real: See by Chloe Bloomer Shorts, $119.00 at ShopBop.com
Or get the same look for $81 at my-wardrobe.com.
Don’t pay more than you have to for designer duds!
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Hot or Not: Celebrity Tattoos

Tattoos seem to be all the rage this week with the celebs. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox get tattoos in the honor of someone.

Picture Source: NY Daily News
Miley Cyrus got the word “love” tattooed on the inside of her ear. Katy Perry got Sanskrit tattoo that’s identical to her boyfriend’s. (Womanizer and comedian, Russell Brand.) On the other hand, Megan Fox got a tattoo in honor of actor Mickey Rourke. Yes, seriously.
My Verdict: NOT (Megan Fox, on the other hand, is hot with tattoos or not.)

I don’t have a problem with tattoos, but having matching tattoos or tattooing yourself spells trouble. Having your significant other’s name tattooed on your body is an omen to the relationship.
So tell me what you think of these celebrity tattoos.

View This Pollcustomer surveys

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$20 Yoga Package at the Luxury Spot

The latest deal from TLS Deals is a hot one, to get in to rock-hard summer shape like our fav celeb yoga fans, including the likes of Cameron Diaz & Jennifer Aniston.

5 60-minute Yoga Classes for $20 at Sankalpah Yoga
Sale Ends Monday June 21
If you love yoga or have been yearning to try it, this 5-class package for just $20 from Sankalpah Yoga is a dream come true.  That works out to $4 per class, 75% off the normal $16 class rate.  This 5 class package is good for any Quick Fix class- an Open level class condensed into a 60 minute format. Sankalpah’s unique method of sequencing enables them to take a varied group of students to their own personal edge in their practice without holding anyone back. Everyone gets the yoga workout that’s right for him or her.  Classes are always limited to 25 students or less for an intimate feeling (we’ve been to these classes and love them).  Quick Fix classes are offered during lunch hours & after work, so you’ll always be able to find time to fit a class in!
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Spotted: Kristin Cavallari in Foley + Corinna


Kristin Cavallari gets playful with a pooch while visiting a friend in Los Angeles. The Hills Hottie looks like she strolled in off the beaches of Malibu in her casual getup of jeans and a tank with flip flops. Kristin accessorizes her beachy look by carrying the Disco City Tote in Blonde. The Disco City Tote has leather construction featuring a magnetic snap closure. The rolled leather rope handles and removable shoulder strap make this handbag easily transition from day to night. The Disco City Tote retails for $198 and is available at www.foleyandcorinna.com. Check out the Foley + Corinna Collection of handbags and apparel at their Los Angeles store located at 8117 Melrose Avenue.

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If you are having problems with the video player, you may watch the show at http://live.burberry.com.

See you there!


Jil Sander Spring 2011 Menswear Show Finale

Jil Sander Spring 2011 Menswear Show FinaleHere's are two quick videos I took of Raf Simons' spring/summer 2011 collection for Jil Sander. I apologize for the poor quality due to the lighting. The show was held outdoors in this breathtaking villa on the outskirts of Florence. I guess they were aiming for a sunset show but the weather didn't cooperate with us.

... and here's the final walkthrough.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting Raf before the show started. He's tall and he's lovely. It was somewhat eerie to shake his hand. It's like touching Jesus.

More pics and text to follow. It's late and I have to pack... I'm going to Milan tomorrow!

I think I don't have that many shows on my checklist this time around. As you know, I've been traveling so much the past few months and I haven't had the chance to sort out my requests. So far I've got a few blue-chip shows confirmed: Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci, Burberry Prorsum, Calvin Klein and then I also have D&G, Cavalli, Etro, Ferragamo and I think two or three more. I'm gonna make a conscious effort to go to presentations and showrooms of smaller labels.


Jamie Bochert at Haider Ackermann SS2011 Show Finale

Jamie Bochert at Haider Ackermann SS2011 Show FinaleThe super talented (and, I must add, frighteningly thinner than usual) Jamie Bochert opened and serenaded the audience throughout Haider Ackermann's spring/summer 2011 show here in Florence.

It's almost 4AM so I'm gonna post the photos later. I have to say the palazzo has got to be one of the most glamorous and beautiful show venues I've been in my entire life.Photos from Luisa Via Roma event, Pitti and Haider Ackermann coming up!


Haider Ackermann Spring 2011 at Pitti W_Woman Florence

Haider Ackermann Spring 2011 at Pitti W_Woman FlorenceThe Fondazione Pitti Discovery will present Haider Ackermann's spring 2011 show later tonight at Palazzo Corsini.

I'm a big fan of Haider Ackermann (though I could never seem to afford his pieces) and I'm looking forward to seeing his show.


Tommy Hilfiger + Keith Haring Collaboration

Tommy Hilfiger + Keith Haring CollaborationAt the Luisa Via Roma Firenze4Ever event last weekend, Tommy Hilfiger gave away limited-edition sneakers featuring their collaboration with American graffiti artist/activist Keith Haring.

They also had someone who customized the sneakers by permanently engraving whatever you want. I had "Bryan" engraved on my pair.

At first I was rather hesitant in wearing them but trust me, they came very handy and useful because of my missing baggage issues.


Mrs. Repossi

Mrs. RepossiI had the pleasure of meeting Mrs.Repossi in our hotel while on the queue to ask our concierge for a cab. She came up to me and introduced herself. She liked what I wore a few
days ago, specifically my printed harem trousers. She's a lovely woman.

They own Repossi, fine jewelers from Monaco. Her daughter, the super chic Gaia Repossi (photo of her as a child above -- see the Anya Hindmarch bag), frequently appears on street-style blogs. Gaia also collaborated with Alexander Wang for jewelry that was used on his show.


A Shaded View of Florence

A Shaded View of FlorenceFellow fashion blogger and friend Diane Pernet arrived today in Florence for Pitti.

She's staying at the same hotel as I am and she's one floor up. Thought I'd visit to say hello... it's been quite awhile since I last saw her.

You should have seen her reaction when she opened the door and saw me. She was like, "stop! wait right there..." and she grabbed her camera to take a photo of me. It turns out that it was the first time she smiled today.

Fun times!


Jil Sander Spring 2011 Menswear at Pitti Uomo 78 Florence

Jil Sander Spring 2011 Menswear at Pitti Uomo 78 FlorenceAs a special guest of Pitti Uomo, Raf Simons will show his spring 2011 menswear collection for Jil Sander on Thursday here in Florence. I've received my invitation earlier today.

Jil Sander will also livestream their show at http://www.jilsander.com on Thursday, Jun 17 starting at 3:15PM US Eastern Time. On a side note, I googled Villa Gamberaia, which is about 30 minutes away from Florence, and oh my lord, it looks beautiful.Guests to the show are advised not to wear high heels due to an "outdoor location".BTW, there's a garden party following the show.I can't wait!


Miu Miu Store Florence, Italy

Miu Miu Store Florence, ItalyThe Miu Miu store in Florence is located on the ground floor of the Hotel Savoy where I'm currently staying. Even though men's Miu Miu was discontinued a long time ago, Miu Miu remains close to my heart because of all the beautiful, chic things that are available there. 

Click click click!

Just look at the gorgeous orange collar and the details of the dress. It's sad that the collar isn't available to buy separately. They have two other collars for sale in a different style (bow) and they come in pistachio and lilac.

Also, check out these ankle bibs...

I fell in love with a pair of shiny silver glitter oxford shoes, about 390 euros, but they weren't available in my size. I didn't want to leave the store empty-handed so I bought a pair of sunnies for good measure. I have four weeks more of traveling to do and I really should watch my spending. Once my big paycheck hits my bank account (I hope SOON), lemme tell you, I'm gonna shop for real!!!

Miu Miu is located at:Hotel SavoyVia Roma 8, Firenze Italy

That's all!

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Spinetastic Dsquared2 Shoes

Spinetastic Dsquared2 ShoesGASP!

That's the first thing I did when I saw these very special ankle booties from (hold on to your seat) Dsquared at Luisa Via Roma.

They also come in a bandage sandal version...

Are you getting chills running down your spine? How amazing are they?
The heel is about 6-7 inches high and the boots were super comfortable.Trust me, I tried.


Blog Love

Blog LoveI'm currently here in Florence to celebrate Luisa Via Roma's 10th year anniversary of LuisaViaRoma.com. As you know, I've supported them for as long as I can remember and it's wonderful to see how they've evolved over the years. Luisa Via Roma is one of my favourite online stores. Their selection is amazing and they have always been the first in posting collections in advance.

It's my first time to visit Florence so you can imagine how I had goosebumps when I passed the store on during my night stroll. The store is a block away from my hotel!

Anyhoo, this bag was waiting for me when I arrived into my room.

The folks at Luisa Via Roma sent me this very cheeky t-shirt.


It's the perfect antidote to THIS.

Just sayin' :-)


Firenze Fever

Firenze FeverHow funny. Spent eight days in Stockholm, flew to Manila for less than 2 days and after 22 hours and two delayed flights not to mention baggage problems, I'm back in Europe again. This time I'm in Florence, Italy.

I'm staying at the spectacular Savoy Hotel...

... here's the amazing view from my balcony.

And Piazza della Repubblica at night.

Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day. Time to get some shuteye.


Baggage Delay 2.0

Baggage Delay 2.0Italia, we have a problem. It's like KLM all over again.

I recently sent my luggage via courier from my hotel in Stockholm to Florence for convenience and to save money from paying ridiculous, per-kilo excess baggage fees. I brought several suitcases with me because it's gonna be a very busy month and a half.

I called my hotel in Florence to see to ensure they've received my luggage safely and the concierge told me, nope, they haven't received anything for me yet.

I checked the courier's website lo and behold I found this:

Estimated delivery: June 14, 2010 - 8PM

My heart stopped. I arrive in Florence this Thursday, June 10. Why the long delivery time?

I picked up the phone and the courier told me that my bags are gonna
be delivered to Italy by truck (aka Ground service).
Turns out that I selected "International Economy" instead of "International Priority" on the form and there's no way for them to change the
service because the shipment already left the station in Stockholm..

How was I supposed to know International Economy is the land equivalent of the slow boat?

I can't believe it. With my current workload and schedule, I have no time for this BULLSHIT.

My clothes are there, my toiletries are there, 10 pairs of shoes are there, my handbags, my accessories, my glitter playsuits, my Finsk wedges and yes, my "never-leave-home-without" Sally Hansen airbrush legs are there.

I have tons of events from June 11 onwards. What to do, what to do?

Please refrain from being oh so predictable by telling me to 'shop' and buy shit. Money doesn't grow on trees! I'll shop if you pay my bills and wire cashola into my bank account.

Also, I have travel insurance but this i...

A Bittersweet Moment

A Bittersweet MomentRemember the scene at September issue where Grace Coddington said "a lot of people have come and a lot of people have gone..."? Well, there were rumors, lots of rumors and now it's confirmed. American Vogue's Sally Singer is the new Editor-in-Chief of NY Times' T Magazine.

I must admit I'm rather shocked and dismayed on the news that Sally left the
Bible. VIEW is the MAIN reason (followed by editorials and then
Index) why I buy American Vogue. If you were to compare the magazine to a meal, VIEW, imo, is the main course. It is where all the finest fashion ingredients -- trends, news, stories are dissected and concocted into one fine dish and Sally is the master chef. Trends have come and go over the years and her voice and perspective
shines the most in my books.
I know this is very creepy for me to say (who the hell remembers what people write 10 years ago?) but one of my earliest recollections of Sally was her piece on Fendi Selleria bags. I'm currently traveling right now and don't have access to my archive but I think it was back in November or December of 2000 when she explained why stitches are better than logos. I followed Sally religiously after that piece.

Ah well. Like most things in life, when one door closes, another one opens.

Congratulations, Sally! I'm definitely interested in your vision for T.

On a different note, congratulations too to Mark Holgate for the ...

Sturehof, Stockholm

Sturehof, Stockholm

A friend and I went to Sturehof for a Sunday afternoon creme brulee and took these pics of random Swedes on the street over a glass of rose.

I love this guy's cardigan.

Click click click!

I swear to god, I think Stockholm is one of the very, very few cities in the world where you can sit on any spot in the city and watch a never-ending stream of good-looking people. Sunday was actually quiet. There are so many gorgeous people out on the street during weekdays. This is nothing compared to what I saw earlier in the week.

Ugh blurry shot.

His and his dressing. Everyone matches!

That's Stockholm for you.

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Your Next Dress

Kim Kardashian Still Trying to Make One Sleeve Dresses Happen this 2010

Kim Kardashian’s obsession with one sleeve dresses last year isn’t over yet.
Before I show you the latest Kim Kardashian picture, let’s take a short trip down memory lane and count the number of times Kim K wore a one sleeve dress in 2009:

#1: At the Jill Stuart Spring 2010 fashion show at The New York Public Library on September 14, 2009

#2: At the Baby Phat fashion show at Roseland Ballroom on September 15, 2009

#3: At the 61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in LA

#4: To her appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on October 1, 2009

#5: To celebrate her 29th birthday and to attend the “Lamar Odom Launches Rich Soil At Kitson” event on October 21, 2009
I thought that was the end of it but apparently Kim Kardashian is still trying to make one sleeve dresses happen this 2010.
Here are pictures of Kim Kardashian from this year still workin’ the one sleeve dress. And this time, she’s added shoulder pads:

January 19, 2010 – Kim Kardashian at the launch of Mel B’s Sugar Factory Couture Lollipop at Guys and Dolls Lounge in LA

June 19, 2010 – Kardashian sisters Kim and Kourtney attend the seventh anniversary party for “Vegas Magazine” at the Surrender Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada
Do you think the one sleeve dress with shoulder pads is going to catch on (if it hasn’t already)? At least it looks like Kim’s influenced one person – her sister Kourtney.
If you’re liking Kim Kardashian’s trend, here are five one sleeve dresses from Singer22.com...

Maria Menounos in Alice + Olivia at the Season 7 premiere of “Entourage”

Look who we spotted wearing the Alice + Olivia Charlie Embellished Ombre Dress!
It’s none other than Maria Menounos (best known for her work on “Access Hollywood”) who wore the dress for the star-studded season 7 premiere of the hit HBO series “Entourage” last June 16.
We’ve already featured the Alice + Olivia dress two times before, so it’s quite a thrill to finally see it worn on the … brown carpet? Hey, it’s still a carpet and we’ll take whatever we can get.
Here are a couple of Maria Menounos’ pictures at the “Entourage” event:

Maria Menounos attends the season 7 premiere of “Entourage” on June 16, 2010
This dress hangs on Maria Menounos a lot better than it does on the model. The dress really does look better on someone with a bit more meat and Maria Menounos’ curves fill out this dress very nicely. Maria finished off her look with a nude bejeweled hard clutch and sand-colored

Patagonia, Prana, and Lolë: Top 3 Dress Brands You Should Consider When Shopping at Zappos.com

Every girl has a fall back dress, you know, the kind you simply go back to when you don’t know what to wear. Usually, it’s classic looking piece that is also versatile and comfortable.
If you don’t have one yet, or perhaps you’re current one is already too worn out, maybe we can help you find a fresh piece. Visit Zappos.com and look at the dress collection of these three (3) dress brands – Patagonia, Prana, and Lolë.

Patagonia offers the widest in terms of styles and color variety. The designs are classic, versatile, and clean; and flatter most body types too. A couple of its dresses are actually top sellers at

7 Military-Inspired Dresses to Make Them Stand at Attention

Military was one of the major trends forecasted for the year 2010, but it really took me a while to warm up to it. But now that I’ve accepted it (right smack dab in the middle of the year), I’m totally on the military bandwagon. Hope I’m not too late.
I especially love how the military trend looks on dresses. The mix of straight lines, neutral hues and clean tailoring with the femininity of dresses has a really strong appeal for me.
If you’re not totally sold on the military trend yet and need some visual convincing, here are 7 military inspired dresses that just might get you standing at attention:

Alice + Olivia Wrapped Goddess Dress, $264.00

Alice + Olivia Bethany Sequin Bustier Peplum Dress, $495.00

Trend Spotting: Dresses with the Two-Piece (Combo) Look

Here’s what I’ve been noticing lately – celebrities wearing dresses that look like it’s a two-piece blouse and skirt ensemble.
This one is definitely a trend. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at these pictures I’ve gathered, all of which were taken recently:

Kristen Stewart in Dolce & Gabbana; Jessica Biel in Giambattista Valli; Katherine Heigl in Oscar Dela Renta

Mariana Klaveno in an unidentified cocktail dress and Jessica Biel (again) in Oscar Dela Renta

Marissa Miller in Alice + Olivia; Brandy in an unidentified cocktail dress; Laura Bell Bundy in Sheri Bodell
Now do you believe me? Well, what do you think? Do you like the trend? Will you ride along with it like these celebs? Or do you think getting the two piece look from a dress is simply a little redundant?

Well I like it. Besides, why go through the hassle of wearing two pieces of clothing when you can slip and zip your way into just one and get the same result?

If you agree with me, then you will definitely be interested in these combo dresses from Alice + Olivia:

Alice + Olivia Anna Strapless Dress, US$440; Alice + Olivia Bethany Bustier Dress, US$495

5 Reptile Print Dresses Inspired by Alexander McQueen’s $3,000 Dress

As with the passing of all great artists, their creations exponentially increase in value immediately after their death and their legacy lives on for much longer after that.
It might yet still be too early to say that of the late British designer Alexander McQueen (who passed away in February of this year), but one thing’s for sure: his creative mind has sparked yet another trend this time in the form of the reptile print.
On the covers of magazines, on the backs of celebrities, on the red carpet – these are just some of the high-profile places that the reptile print has recently been spotted. I’ve also been seeing the reptile print on headbands, bags, scarves and even on athletic sneakers, and of course, if reptile print accessories are in the vicinity, reptile print dresses can’t be too far away.
So, inspired by Alexander McQueen’s $3,000 reptile print dress, here are five reptile print dresses for $300 or less. Not only are these dresses “style on a shoestring”, but these also show that you can wear reptile print no matter what the occasion:
For a date or a night out

Halston Heritage: Carrie Bradshaw’s Favorite Dress Brand

Carrie Bradshaw has a favorite dress brand. If you’ve watched SATC2 (Sex and the City 2), then I’m sure you didn’t miss these dresses:

Still shots of Sex and the City 2 character, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker)
The dresses are by Halston Heritage and you could say her thing for it is the equivalent to her thing for Jimmy Choos.

Halston Heritage Stretch Jersey Deep V Neck Dress, US$325; Halston Heritage Stretch Jersey One Shoulder Mini Caftan, US$325

Halston Heritage Striped Lurex Pleated Cocktail Dress, US$435; Halston Heritage Iconic Pleated Long Dress, US$895
If you identify yourself with Carrie and you love her style, why not emulate it by getting the real deal instead of the usual look for less? Get these dresses from Singer22.com and litera...

Pick of the Day: T-Bags V-Neck Mini Dress

If you’re looking for the perfect dress to wear this summer, I suggest you get the T-Bags V-Neck Mini Dress.

T-Bags V Neck Mini Dress
Don’t you just love how bright and colorful it is? And check out the contrasting zebra patterned self-belt. Normally, combining two prints with two different color schemes can be too much but with this one, they simply complement each other.

Zebra Patterned Self-Belt
The beauty with this dress is that despite the bright and colorful print, you can still dress it up or down to fit the place or occasion you’re going to.
Put on some flat sandals and you can use it as a day dress or a beach cover-up:

Who Wore It Better? Fergie Vs. Katy Perry and Blugirl Blue Leopard Print Dress

Who wore the Blugirl by Blumarine Spring 2010 RTW blue leopard print strapless dress better?
This fashion face-off is between:

Fergie, who wore the dress at the presentation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup kick-off celebration concert on June 9, 2010

Katy Perry, who styled the dress with a pink Juicy Couture belt on the cover of the February 2010 issue of Glamour magazine
So which of these two singers wore the blue leopard print dress with a ruffly skirt better for you – Fergie or Katy Perry?
It might be a bit unfair to hand this win to Katy Perry because she had been styled professionally for a magazine in her picture while Fergie’s picture is just a candid shot. I think both women look lovely in their dresses actually, and I love how both made the dress their own (Fergie with her rockin’ gladiator sandals and Katy with her pink heart belt).
I searched for the exact dress online but sadly, it’s either sold out or not stocked in online boutiques. I did however manage to find a couple of dresses which, in addition to this other leopard print dress post, should provide a nice selection of blue leopard print dresses:

Kim Kardashian’s White Sass & Bide Higher Ground Dress, Love it or Hate it?

E! celebrated its 20th year last May 24 and reality TV star Kim Kardashian was there to celebrate the event along with other stars.
Kim wore a white Sass & Bide Higher Ground dress bedecked with metal paillettes that followed her curves. She kept everything else toned down; even her hair was in a neat pony to make sure the dress held the spotlight.

Kim Kardashian

What do you think of Kim’s E! birthday bash look, love it or hate it?
Well, I like it. The white and gold combination looks glam yet clean, sexy but not vulgar, slightly flamboyant but not gaudy, a little loud but still classy (and Kim’s the type who can handle it), and definitely sharp and edgy.
If you like the dress too, you can get the black version from Shopbop.com. That is, if they still have it. Because it looks like after Kim made an appearance with this dress, it suddenly sold out.

You may also try these other  Sass & Bide embellished creations:


Shoe that Saves Kids Lives

I l-o-v-e espadrilles. They are the ultimate summer shoe for any any woman or young girl. Simple, easy and colorful. And if you purchase a pair like this before July 18th, you also support a child in Iraq. I ask you to swap out a pair of crocs or sandals for this and you can feel good about wearing it. Imagine the story you can share when someone says, "What a cute pair of shoes!"This hand-made pair of shoes is a local solution to one of Iraq's most frustrating problems. Your purchase will send a little girl to lifesaving heart surgery and reward local shoe makers by putting food on their table and paying for their kids to go to school. This is our first feminine shoe and we're looking to reward faithful fans & early adopters with insider opportunities & priority prices. Pre-orders end at 11:59 p.m., Friday, July 18th. Buy Shoes. Save Lives.


Mary J. Blige Collaborates for Charity Fashion Line

If you are not yet a follower of @FFAWN, it is a must! Just what is FFAWN? It is the Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, Inc. founded by Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute.I admire MJB, not just for her music and sense of style (or that she has family ties to Savannah), but because she she knows just how to use her good fortune for the greater good. Just yesterday, this newsworthy story was released and of course it captured my attention because it had to do with FFAWN, fashion and charity. It is like three good things rolled into one and I had to share. Below is the press release from Boombox.com (06-14-2010)."Mary J. Blige will join forces with her fashion designer friend Catherine Malandrino on June 15 for a charity fashion show at New York City's Museum of Modern Art. The duo will unveil their charity t-shirt line along with a collection of stylish tops, dresses and leather jackets. If you're looking to attend a ticket will run you $1,000, but it's all for a good cause. Blige and Malandrino are hoping to raise enough funds to send 30 graduates from the Bronx-based Women's Academy of Excellence to college, a group of women who are part of Blige's FFAWN (Foundation for the Achievement of Women Now) support program. For those who can't attend, the show's presenter Elle magazine will have it available for viewing on June 16 via their website, Elle.com. It will also be highlighted in the magazine's July music issue.Last year, Mary J. Blige and Catherine Maldarino teamed up for cus...

Fashion Designers Who Give Back

It is quite a time for retail and even the runway, but there's one thing that never goes out of style: giving back. This year, fashion designers have really up-ed giving and all with style.Marie Claire magazine highlights 15 designers who don't just make our world look more beautiful, they make it better. Here they are:Ralph Lauren: The Pink Pony Fund and The Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and PreventionDonnatella Versace: Versace One FoundationKenneth Cole: amfARPatrick Robinson: P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement, Career Enhancement)Michael Kors: Breast Cancer Research Foundation Oscar de La Renta: New Yorkers for ChildrenAngela Missoni: Orphan Aid AfricaJames Ferragamo: GlobalGivingFrida Giannini: UNICEFDIANE VON FURSTENBERG: Vital Choices Christopher Bailey: The Burberry FoundationDonna Karan: The Urban Zen FoundationALESSANDRO BENETTON: Africa WorksNicola Bulgari: Save the ChildrenGiorgio Armani: Project (RED)See the short video here.


How One Woman is Using World Cup to Help South African Children

Alethea Gold, a children's fashion stylist, has been traveling South Africa in the weeks approaching the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Ms. Gold is documenting the country's children and their love of soccer. The sport has become a positive force in the children's lives, keeping them off the street and away from negative influences.The book Gold is producing will raise money for MaAfrika Tikkun, a nonprofit supported by Nelson Mandela, that aids South Africa's vulnerable children and orphans.Watch the amazing video about this story here.


Oscar de La Renta Auctions Couture for Charity

Oscar de La Renta has been one of my favorite fashion designers of all time and he is donating an incredible fashion experience to benefit The Black Alumni of Pratt. As one of the world’s leading fashion designers, Oscar de La Renta has been the winner of nearly every fashion award imaginable, and revered for his lifetime achievement. His fashion is adorned by celebrities, socialites and world leaders.Oscar de la Renta is auctioning two front row ticket to his Spring 2011 Fashion Show to benefit The Black Alumni of Pratt. And he’ll meet the winner back stage and give them one of the dresses from the 2011 spring collection.To bid on this fabulous expereince click this link to Charity Buzz. http://www.charitybuzz.com/categories/3/catalog_items/210602


Make an Impact without Breaking the Bank

There is a little something I need to fess up to, I will be communicating more this month to you and here is why…as a professional fundraiser for over fifteen years and chairing many charity walks and special events that have raised a loooot of money, it seems that today more than just a few years ago, it is increasingly more difficult for nonprofits to raise money. The fact is donorship is down, it’s not tanked, but it is down. This has forced organizations to tighten up and cut where they can. I've seen staffed laid off, programs cut and a reorganization or charities.On the for-profit side, I see and hear the budget crunch small businesses are facing and that said there is just not a lot of wiggle-room to make donations. But here is the beauty out of all this chaos, small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs like you, can actually make sizable contributions and you don’t have to break the bank. Really!If you are a small business or solo-entrepreneur committed to supporting a cause, helping out a charity or making a difference your own community, I really don’t want you to miss my upcoming complimentary call (and this is what I will be letting you know more about over the next couple of weeks):********"Discovering Your Signature Way to Support a Cause that Creates Marketing, Meaning and Mega Impact!" The call is set for Thursday, June 17, 2010 at 1:00pm EST.Read more and reserve your spot here********On this teleseminar you will learn:• The myths that keep your cause commitment in stuckville• What makes ‘what you stand for’ special and why you must express it for your business, your customers and the world• Why your commitment to a cause is the only place to powerfully market and build your brand • The key ing...

Italy Inside - Italy News

Milan Menswear Fashion Week Spring 2011 Summer 2011

Milan Italian Designer Fashion WeekFashion Week: Milan MenswearSeason: Spring Summer 2011.Date: Saturday - June 19, Tuesday - June 22, 2010June 19. 2010D&G, Corneliani, Costume National Homme, Laboratori Scala Ansaldo, Calvin Klein Collection, Burberry Prorsum, Frankie Morello, Versace, John Varvatos, Byblos June 20. 2010Bottega Veneta, Emporio Armani, Gianfranco Ferre, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivienne Westwood, Giuliano Fujiwara, Gazzarrini, Moncler Gamme Bleu, Prada, Roberto Cavalli June 21. 2010Ermenegildo Zegna, Z Zegna, Enrico Coveri, Gucci, John Richmond, Etro, Canali, Neil Barrett, Pringle of Scotland June 22. 2010Iceberg, Dsquared2, Ermanno Scervino, Dolce & GabbanaFore more Italian fashion designer runway shows and Italian fashion trends visit WebVisionItaly.com Italian Fashion channel.Milan - Women's Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Week September 22 - 28 January 2011 Milan - Men's Fall / Winter 2011 Fashion Week January 15 - 19 February 2011 Milan - Women's Fall / Winter 2011 Fashion Week February 23 - March 01 June 2011 Milan - Men's Spring / Summer 2012 Fashion Week June 18 - 22 September 2011 Milan - Women's Spring / Summer 2012 Fashion Week September 21 - 27 January 2012 Milan - Men's Fall / Winter 2012 Fashion Week January 14 - 18 http://www.WebVisionItaly.com

Forza Italia -Defending Word Cup Champs Italy Ties ParaguayCape Town South Africa hosted 2006 World Cup Champions Italian National Team in its opening game against Paraguay. Despite ESPN commentators and the rest of the world secretly wishing Italy would lose its World Cup 2010 opening match, Italy managed an unimpressive 1-1 tie against an aggressive Paraguay.Next up in the 2010 World Cup for the Italy's national team is New Zealand, who tied Slovakia earlier today, on June 20 at 10A ET.Click for video of Italy's goals on the road to 2010 World Cup.http://www.WebVisionItaly.com


World Cup 2010: italy Defending Champion Takes Field Today

Italy's World Cup team, the World Cup 2010 defending champion and the four-time World Cup Soccer champions of the world come into the 2010 World Cup with a target on their back as defending champions, while simultaneously being viewed as weak by almost the entire world, including Italy. Italy is the second most successful national team in the history of the World Cup having won four titles (1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006) just one fewer than Brazil Italy's World Cup 2010 team includes many of the same core players on the 2006 Italy World Cup champion team, returning for a second go at winning the ultimate World Cup 2010 trophy.Italy's blue, azzurro, in Italian due to the "Azzurro Savoia" (Savoy Blue), the color traditionally linked to the royal dynasty which unified Italy in 1861, and maintained in the official standard of the President of the Italian Republic. In 2006, Italy's Serie A was embroiled in scandal and Italy was expected to be dumped out of the competition quickly. The midfield were derided as having no creativity and the strikers were aging. Italy, of course, went on to top their group, beat a sensational Germany, and put on a defensive clinic against France to win the Cup on penalties. Italy seems old and weak. They haven't impressed in warm-ups against Mexico or Switzerland, and play maker Andrea Pirlo (calf injury) could miss quite a few games. But, in the end, the Italians are the defending champions, and while they do have a penchant for giving lazy performances when the title isn't on the line, they also make it a habit of proving people wrong. Italy 's first World Cup 2010 game is today 2:30 ET against Paraguay.Meet the Italy 2010 World Cup...

Giro d'Italia 2010 Wrap Up: Ivan Basso 2nd Victory in Giro d'Italia

After 21 stages around Italy's regions Ivan Basso won his second Giro d'Italia.The Giro d'Italia finished Sunday with a loop around Verona. Although the Italian Ivan Basso did not win the Verona stage 21, he is the overall Giro d'Italia 2010 winner, making an Italian the Giro d' Italia champion.It's been four years since Basso first found glory winning the Giro d'Italia. In between there was a fall from grace, a laborious resurrection, and finally redemption, when Basso once again cinched victory Sunday in his beloved "Giro."Last year Basso returned for the Centennial Giro d'Italia famed Italian race, where he finished fifth place. While the result failed to create much of a stir in the media, Basso was hopeful.He improved slightly with a fourth-place in the Tour of Spain at the end of 2009, but it was in this year's Giro that Basso once again became a winner. Like other pre-race favorites Cadel Evans and Alexandre Vinokourov, Basso struggled to control this uncontrollable three-week race that started in Holland.The first week on the 2010 Giro d'Italia was filled with horrible spring weather in Italy that brought suffering crashes to all the cyclists. Basso and the Liquigas Team returned to Italyafter the Holland portion and dominated the team time trial. The 30- year old Basso, along with up-and-coming teammate Vincenzo Nibali, folded on stage seven from Carrara to Montalcino in rain filled deluge that transformed the stage's Tuscan white dirt roads of the "Strade Bianche" into a muddy mess.The two minutes he lost to Montalcino that day were followed by a 12-plus minutes he and the other 2010 Giro d'Italia favorites lo...

Fashion Style Center

Hot Trends for Summer

Summer has finally arrived. It is time to exercise away the sweaters and start showing off sexy legs and shoulders are shorts, miniskirts, halters and tanks. Oh, and sandals. So, what’s hot this season?
First off, zippers remain hot properties, particularly those exposed to t-shirts, blouses and dresses. They are even showing up with shoes. For example, pour la Victoire very funky sandals that are flat and funky – snakeskin with zipper goes all the sandals, and they praise up. It is pale blue, pale pink or ecru and is just fantastic. You can get a break from their Piper Lime to Kelso Dagger, which come in purple or black. And it is already on sale. As for clothing, you’ll find exposed zippers on the tops, tanks, dresses and more.
Another hot trend this summer is Ikat prints. Although it has been around for ages, this year it is finally getting the recognition it deserves. And python print is too hot. Maria Bianca Nero makes a wonderful strapless, curve hugging someone who just has to die for. Cheeky, sexy and flashy, you really speak with that dress.

Maxi dress is also still warm. Imagine one Ikat print or just the color, and you have a wonderful complement to your wardrobe. Look for them to spend tops best to highlight your bust line. One that is great is Susanna Monaco halterneck maxi, which come in a variety of color and hits your ankles, so you do not have to worry about it dragging on the ground. And it is made of the famous Monaco supplex fabric can be washed and dried, with no problems.
Ombre is too hot in summer, especially purses and shoes. It also shows up the shirts and dresses and the color slowly changes from shade to the next is really beautiful.
Remember jelly shoes from the 80s? Well, they’re back with a ...

Make your own T-Shirt Design coolest

Some people are constantly finding new things to wear. For many this means a cool t-shirt. There are many specialty stores out there where you can find awesome artistic and unusual t-shirts. There are funny t-shirts, and those made with incredible graphics, as well. If you want something that is different from what you see people wear all over the place, then you need to get out of the mall.
A little talent and skills you along the way, if you decide to develop their own t-shirt. Know what colors or patterns go well together would make designing your own theme is easy and pleasant. It also gives you additional comfort knowing you have only one world, with its special design. No one can buy at the mall.
Coming up with their own version of a favorite design or pattern to be few common art supplies. Permanent marker and luminous white paper or tracing paper will easily follow your chosen theme. The glass-top table available, would make the process easier, the track design.

That the referral process easy as tracing lines is easily done with a glass top and a safer Plexiglas. Using a good source under the glass top will enable the tracking design shirt easily without a lot of valuable time. Fun part is to let you use your imagine to paint the different parts to make your design unique and kind one.
There are markers and crayons that are made specifically for this reason. You can try the Sharpies as well. It is important to wash a new shirt before the project is on it, in t-shirts are usually the size of it, to make them stiff. Some artists recommend putting the spray starch on the inside of the shirt to make it easier to paint. When completed, it is smart to stroke color to help with permanent and then washed in cold water at hand.

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Anna Molinari 2010 Evening Collection

It is not accidental the connection of Anna Molinari to fashion and as a whole to the creation of clothing and accessories. Her childhood was saturated with this atmosphere because her parents had knitwear factory, and her mother Odet has worked with some of the best Italian designers during the 60s of the last century.

L et lena 2nd Dress Collection 2010

Popular Japanese model Lena Fujii on June 10 last year, issued its own participation in the design of the wedding “L et lena” series.

This year, she once again brings in his finest creations – “Let lena 2nd Dress Collection”! Gorgeous retro style brings people are very strong visual sense!

Today I will share with everyone once again the United States and the United States Lena wedding style, if you love them which one must be a message to share with you!

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State of Grace is the only house in London to offer bespoke garment and accessory design, personalised styling and expert hair and make-up. Founder and Creative Director, Lucia Silver and her team make fashion a totally personal experience.
It’s a new, affordable yet exclusive service custom-tailoring every aspect of your outfit. Define your own expression of dress, style and beauty with our three areas of expertise: Bespoke Dress Design using the UK’s most skilled creative specialists.
Personalised Styling brought to bear with Lucia Silver’s treasure trove of custom-made adornment including bespoke jewellery, hats and head pieces, shrugs and evening coats, shoes and bags. Expert Hair and Make-up artists ensuring you a totally polished final look.
London’s only bridal destination for wedding dress design, bespoke styling and personalised hair and make-up all under one roof. Bespoke Wedding Dress Design using the UK’s most skilled creative specialists.
Personalised Styling brought to bear with Lucia Silver’s treasure trove of custom made adornment including bespoke jewellery, hats and head pieces, shrugs and evening coats, shoes and bags. Expert Hair and Make-up technicians ensuring a totally polished final look.
State of Grace Brides enjoy flexible appointment times at Lucia Silver’s sumptuous studio in Notting Hill, London. Wedding dress design & styling services are reasonably priced from £1200 for wedding dress and from £250 for bridesmaids’ dresses.

Steal that style: Cecilia Ahern and David Keoghan

The first wedding pictures of the best-selling novelist and her groom shows that their dress sense is as understated as their approach to marriage.
Cecilia Ahern (PS I LOVE YOU author) opted for a fairytale Oscar de la Renta gown. She was the picture of elegant simplicity in a sleeveless white dress with full skirt and uncomplicated updo while husband David wore a white Tom Ford suit.
The actor, who recently landed a part in ‘The Tudors’ alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is a former champion hurdler and Olympic hopeful. Cecelia, who has sold 10 million books, has warned fans they will have to wait a year for a new book as she is devoted to her new role as a mother. [via independent.ie]
Eager to stay out of the spotlight, the couple tied the knot secretly at St Nicholas of Myra church in Kinsealy, north Dublin at 2pm after telling guests the event was their six-month-old daughter Robin’s christening.
The celebrations included a lavish party at the prestigious Village at Lyons on the Kildare-Dublin border, and receptions in the restored conservatory at the La Serre restaurant and The Mill, a reception room with panelled walls complemented by tapestries and a 17thcentury fireplace. [via dailymail.co.uk]
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Verise 2010 Bridal Collection

Verise gowns are the most romantic, simply beautiful and elegant wedding dresses. An enchanting collection accompanied with dramatic beading using Swarovski crystals and beaded embroidery, highest quality fabrics with delicate meticulously placed details of lace, add the finishing touch.
The bridal style options available ranges from simple to richly embelli...

Little Purple Cow’s Jewelry Collection

Named after the designers whimsical childhood love of collecting purple cows, Little Purple Cow’s unique heirloom inspired jewelry line was established in 2009 by a father-daughter team, Nicole & Ray Leibman. Cast in the finest quality Solid 925 Sterling Silver, each piece is hand-finished, creatively blending avant garde desgin with traditional elements in several one-of a kind collections.
A curious discovery amongst dusty boxes being stored in a basement sparked the concept for this new line. Amidst the memorabilia Nicole found some interesting remnants of cabinet handles and fork tines, recalling a childhood memory of helping her father turn these pieces into decorative objects and jewelry. Looking at one of the spoons-turned-ring, it suddenly clicked. All of the intricate patterns of this beautiful silver, just sitting in a box in the basement, could be transformed into new and unique jewelry. “I was amazed and inspired by the craftsmanship and detail of the flatware patterns I had found in these dusty old boxes,” says Nicole Joy Leibman, “I just knew with a little imagination, they could be turned into something distinctive and wearable.”
Since Little Purple Cow’s spoon ring induction, Nicole & Ray have continued to work together on several follow-up collections, spinning timeless keepsakes into fashionable pieces of jewelry. A key to a childhood diary, grandmother’s heirloom silverware, vintage typewriter bars. All crafted into dazzling collections of key necklaces, spoon rings and bracelets, and typewriter pendants inspired by these antique and decorative objects.

Belinda Ang Spring Summer 2010 Collection

“I am inspired by the quiet chic of the 1950’s, when clothes not only look good but also fit and complement the silhouette so perfectly,” says the designer. “That is why I have decided to design for this label on a custom-made basis to recapture this fundamental essence of dressing.” With lines between day and evening blurred, the label’s debut collection evokes reminiscences of yesteryears’ tailored refinement.

FashionBride Interview with Rami Al Ali

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing one of the most talented bridal designer that I have ever posted on FashionBride, the amazing Rami Al Ali. His designs need no introduction and I’m sure you have been as eager as myself to find out a bit more about him and his work.
Here is what I discovered for you, hope you like it and that you will consider having a Rami Al Ali wedding gown on your special day.
When did you decide to become a designer and why did you find this domain interesting?
I have always been fascinated with fashion. From very early on I knew I wanted to be creative as I had a good eye when it came to art and fashion. I was constantly experimenting with all sorts of art materials, creating pieces, sketching and just exploring my talents.
Although I was not totally converted to fashion that happened only after I graduated – I realized then that fashion was the career choice. I suppose by designing dresses for my close friends, I realized my own creativity and decided to enhance that.
Even though, I was not committed to pursuing a career in fashion at this stage. The whole experience was very light-hearted and fun as my friends kept throwing new challenges at me, I had to keep it going and take each challenge head on. I guess indirectly they were trying to show me where my heart really was when it came to career choices and that really became the catalyst for me.
Talk us trough the first years of you work. Maybe you could tell us what did change in time? Are your designs different from the very beginning?
I certainly have developed new techniques through out my experience, my designs become more mature which is very clear in my recen...

Diamond Heiress Launches $55,000 Diamond Galaxy Earrings‏

Diamond Heiress is launching a new collection of modern yet timeless Diamond Galaxy diamond drop earrings as a follow-up to its signature range of psychedelically sparkling push-up bra type diamond stud earrings. Diamond Heiress diamond earrings are available exclusively at diamondheiress.com.
Diamond Heiress launched a new collection of modern yet timeless Diamond Galaxy diamond drop earrings today. The fiery eye-catchers are reminiscent of a galaxy of diamonds dancing with endless sparkles in a chic and understated design that will remain timelessly elegant for the next 100 gala events.
Diamond Heiress Diamond Galaxy earrings are a brilliant follow-up to its signature range of psychedelically sparkling push-up bra type 1 carat diamond earrings. Both ranges are set in the patent-pending Diamond Heiress Light Maximizing Setting, which seems to literally capture the brilliance of the stars.
Expertly crafted by a European master jeweler, Diamond Heiress diamond earrings are guaranteed to appear brighter and more brilliant than ordinary diamond earrings – anywhere, everywhere.
Diamond Heiress diamonds are the heiresses of the diamond world. They are designed to light up every party, dazzle every runway, and blind all the paparazzi. Every Diamond Heiress diamond has been carefully selected, taking over 4 times longer to polish than ordinary diamonds by utilizing the latest 100x magnification technology. The high maintenance factor is well worth it. A fantabulous patter...

Anna Molinari 2010 Evening Collection

It is not accidental the connection of Anna Molinari to fashion and as a whole to the creation of clothing and accessories. Her childhood was saturated with this atmosphere because her parents had knitwear factory, and her mother Odet has worked with some of the best Italian designers during the 60s of the last century.

Barbara Léber 2010 Bridal Collection

Barbara Léber is the designer who always knew her way – as a little girl she saw the dresses of her dolls and dreamed of marvelous bridal dresses. Her talent for creative clothing became obvious when she created her first collection of young pieces and feminine beach wear – then she was still at high school.

Hanna Touma 2010 Bridal Collection

Hanna Touma is a well renown Haute Couture in Lebanon. With his elegant and glamorous bridal and evening gown designs, you are bound to find the right dress for the right occasion at Hanna Touma. [post inspired by Wedding Inspirasi].
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Georges Chakra is a Beirut-based Lebanese haute couture fashion designer. Since 2001, he has presented collections at Paris Fashion Week.

Shoes to kill and die for – ep. 188

Yves Saint Laurent give the iconic black leather Tribute sandals a hard-hitting makeover with silver-trimmed studs. Team them with a leather pencil skirt and blouse to bring a touch of tough to your workwear portfolio.
Stay hot on the heels of the statement footwear trend with Christian Louboutin’s glamorous red calf-hair pumps. Slip on these spike heeled stilettos to raise the glamour stakes in your favorite LBD.
Miu Miu’s soaring nude and camel patent-leather pumps are t...

Inmaculada Garcia 2010 Bridal Collection

Inmaculada Garcia’s new collection clearly reveals her personal stamp in her treatment of textures, as well as the evolution of the gowns which give way to volume and a totally different design, which overflow into an overwhelming fantasy which allow her brides to be different to the conventional.

Barbara Léber 2010 Evening Collection

Barbara Léber is the designer who always knew her way – as a little girl she saw the dresses of her dolls and dreamed of marvelous bridal dresses. Her talent for creative clothing became obvious when she created her first collection of young pieces and feminine beach wear – then she was still at high school.
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Le Soir de Cymbeline 2010 Collection

Who is better to understand the dreams of another woman than a woman herself? The success of CYMBELINE is down to the hard work of the three sisters who decided to revolutionize the bridal industry.

Shoes to kill and die for – ep. 187

Step into Miu Miu’s black patent-leather tulip pumps to infuse your look with elegance. Wear them with everything from bright cocktail dresses to tailored trousers at the office.
Step out in statement style this season in Yves Saint Laurent’s dark-burgundy leather cutout sandals. Wear then with a sleek high-waisted skirt and white blouse for a directional workwear look.
Accent an on-trend neutral palette with Miu Miu’s navy suede platform pumps. Alternatively, wear t...

Sweet dreams: Gail Watson Cake

At Gail Watson they pride thenselves in being able to make your confectionery dreams come true. If there is something you have in mind that you don’t see, please ask.
Their portfolio contains over 200 designs, and they would be happy to work on developing a design especially designed for your occasion.  Their goal is to make your experience with Gail Watson Cake enjoyable and satisfying from the first phone call to the last crumb.
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Oleg Cassini 2010 Bridal Collection

Oleg Cassini Loiewski was raised in Italy and he came to the United States in 1936, and in the 1940s designed costumes for Twentieth-Century Fox and other Hollywood studios. After returning to New York, he created elegant ready-to-wear dresses, while continuing to design for television and Broadway musicals.
In the 1960s he became the official designer to Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of President Kennedy, creating the “Camelot” look that became synonymous with well-crafted style.
He was known for such looks as the sheath, the A-line dress, and the pill-box hat and, for men, the turtleneck, brightly colored shirts, and the Nehru jacket. A pioneer in franchising, he lent his name to some 50 fashion-related lines.
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the latest from teenvogue.com

Twilight Star's Hair Evolution

From Robert Pattinson's recent haircut to Kristen Stewart's new ponytail, Twilight stars are changing up their hairdos lately. Take a look back at some of the stars' hair evolution through the years.


Fashion Crush: Katy Perry's Style

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Under $100: Rompers

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Summer Staples

Every girl should have these summer staples in their closet this season. How many do you own?


Fashion Crush: Celebrity Summer Style

Celebrity summer fashion is heating up! From floral femmes like Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene to California-cool duo Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, these A-listers make summer look hot!


Best Street Style of the Week

It must be a domino effect. Street style has gone back to the basics, pairing classic black and white for summer.


Under $100: Swimsuits

Make a splash this summer in these must-have swimsuits that go as low as $8 each!


Gotta Have It: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

From sharply exaggerated to sweetly retro, let your feline side roar with these must-have cat-eye sunglasses.


Best Dressed at the 2010 CFDA Awards

Dakota Fanning, Dree Hemingway, Alexa Chung and more make our list of Best Dressed at the 2010 CFDA Awards.


10 Best Dressed at the MTV Movie Awards

Kristen Stewart, Amanda Seyfried, Vanessa Hudgens and more make our list of the best dressed at the MTV Movie Awards.



First look: Daphne Guinness for Akris Autumn/Winter 2010

She modeled for Akris’ first handbag collection late last year and Daphne Guinness is back again for their Autumn/Winter 2010 advertising campaign cutting a sharp figure in head to toe tan.
Sporting a sharp hairstyle (minus her signature skunk like up-do), Guinness perches delicately on a stool dressed in an Akris tan coat, matching tights and clutching a tan Akris Ai Tote Bag. Kind of boring when you consider this is a woman who almost had her ribs punctured in a corset dress and suffered bleeding eyes thanks to a bizarre fashion shoot – all in the name of fashion.
But Akris is a different kettle of fish with the fashion muse and icon photographed again by Steven Klein.
What do you think of this first look? Personally I prefer last season. Tan is such a washout.
[Img via TFS]
-- This post originally appeared on: SASSYBELLA.comFirst look: Daphne Guinness for Akris Autumn/Winter 2010


Trend alert: Jeggings for men

Some things you have to see to believe and men in jeggings (yes, jeans + leggings) is one of them. According to Fashionista they are emerging as quite a trend at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan right now with The Moment chiming in on twitter as well. So far male jeggings have been spotted on the runway of Versace, Emporio Armani, John Varvatos and Burberry Prorsum. I had just spoken to a local newspaper last week about how the leggings trend should go away (especially paired with denim shorts and boots) but with the appearance of the skin tight pant on the menswear runways means this trend may take another 2 years to run its course. Are you ready to see your man strut around town in leggings, or worse, jeggings? [Fashionista]
-- This post originally appeared on: SASSYBELLA.comTrend alert: Jeggings for men


Create MAC’s RAFW 2010 looks from Zimermammn, Anna & Boy and more

If you’re in Sydney and loved the beauty looks from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2010 in May you’re in luck. M.A.C. are holding a special backstage collaborations – an insider’s look at Spring/Summer 2010 event in David Jones‘ Sydney store to show you how to re-create looks from the s/s 2010 shows by Anna & Boy, Lisa Ho, Zimmermann and Bec & Bridge. While we’re not sure if we could get away with Anna & Boy’s bold blue eyeshadow look (left) it should be interesting to hear from Nicole Tompson and Maz May, two of M.A.C.‘s best make-up artists, talk about how this look would translate into day-to-day wear.

M.A.C. Backstage Collaborations – an insider’s look at Spring/ Summer 2010 instore events take place this Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of June with champagne and canapés on hand. If you’re interested, the details are:
David Jones, Level 7, Elizabeth Street, Sydney
Wednesday 23rd June (Bec & Bridge and Anna & Boy)
Thursday 24th June (Zimmerman and Lisa Ho)
Limited capacity
Ph: (02) 9266 5489 to secure your space
$120 booking fee redeemable for M.A.C product purchased on the evening
-- This post originally appeared on: SASSYBELLA.comCreate MAC’s RAFW 2010 looks from ...

S.Pellegrino meets Missoni for a special edition bottle to celebrate Made In Italy

When it comes to fashion brands and designer bottles, it’s not an uncommon partnership. In the past we’ve seen the likes of Karl Lagerfeld team up with Diet Coca-Cola, Patricia Field for Skky Vodka and Matthew Williamson with Belvedere Vodka to create a dress. But what makes the collaboration between S.Pellegrino (sometimes known as San Pellegrino) and Missioni is that both are Italian brands who have banded together to promote ‘Made in Italy’ worldwide.

The collaboration allowed Missoni to cover the S.Pellegrino bottle label with their signature zig zag pattern.
“Clothing a bottle, exteriorizing the tones, reflections and nuances that the light creates on the water’s surface is the task we have assigned to ourselves, to give shape to our interpretation of S.Pellegrino,” says Angela Missoni. “An object capable of evoking and amplifying water’s characteristics of freshness, transparency and radiance through our distinctive zigzag motif. Ours has been an intervention aimed at exceeding the confines of a simple marketing operation. We have not invented anything new, we tried to convey our experience and taste in things in our most congenial manner.”
It’s also interesting to note that this is first time that S.Pellegrino has allowed someone else to interpret their bottle in more than a century.
“At the beginning we were so excited about the project, but also a little bit apprehensive,”...

Video: Vanessa Paradis is a Chanel-clad Heartbreaker

Vanessa Paradis has a new French romantic comedy out in Europe. But don’t confused it with Mariah Carey’s hit song (or Sigourney Weaver & Jennifer Love Hewitt’s cringe-worthy rom-com, Heartbreakers), Vanessa’s film, Heartbreaker (L’arnacoeur), has much bigger fashion clout – she was dressed by Chanel.
Talk about taking their partnership to another level. Check out the video above to get a sneak peek at the looks.
And what is the film about? According to IMDB it’s a story of: Alex and his sister run a business designed to break up relationships. They are hired by a rich man to break up the wedding of his daughter. The only problem is that they only have one week to do so.
-- This post originally appeared on: SASSYBELLA.comVideo: Vanessa Paradis is a Chanel-clad Heartbreaker


Dolce & Gabbana and Martini team up to create a drink

Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have stepped out of the fashion world and into another, this time the world of Bacardi’s vermouth brand Martini to launch their first co-branded drink. No strangers to the world of food (they have their own restaurant called GOLD) the pair designed a drink which will be unveiled during their upcoming show at Milan Men’s Fashion Week (which starts on June 19th).
“As a result of a joint commitment, this new co-branding project strengthens a partnership started more than 10 years ago,” Dolce & Gabbana said in a statement.
No word on whether the drink is a will be an actual martini or what it’s name will be yet.
We have to ask… will we see Madonna, Scarlett Johansson or Matthew Mcconaughey drinking the new Dolce & Gabbana Martini drink in their next ad campaign? All three are faces of various Dolce & Gabbana product lines so it would be much of a stretch to hope that they utilize some of their celebrity power.
-- This post originally appeared on: SASSYBELLA.comDolce & Gabbana and Martini team up to create a drink


Spot the difference: Alexander McQueen Fall 2006 hologram vs Cadbury Flake ad

Is it imitation or is it plagiarism when a film and music video director creates two ads/short movies that are very similar for two different companies?
That is the question the Gucci Group, who own the fashion house of Alexander McQueen are asking after they saw a TV ad for the Cadbury Flake chocolate bar. It looks eerily similar to that of a hologram image of Kate Moss in a Alexander McQueen video that served as the back drop to his Fall 2006 runway show. Both feature a blonde woman wearing a billowing dress that ripples away in the wind to slowly unveil the woman wearing it. The McQueen clip was created with Baillie Walsh in 2005 who also worked with Cadbury on their video.
“We were aware of Baillie’s work with Alexander McQueen and others when we commissioned him to reflect the delicacy and fragility of the folds in the Flake bar,” a Cadbury spokesman wrote in a statement to WWD. “We felt Baillie’s unique house style was exactly what we were looking for.”
Watch the McQueen and the Cadbury Flake ads below and you tell us what you think.

If I were the Gucci Group, I would be looking at the contract Walsh signed to check the ownership clause of the creation.
Kate Moss hologram for Alexander McQueen, Fall 2006 by Baillie Walsh

Cadbury Flake ad by Baillie Walsh

-- This post originally appeared on: SASSYBELLA.comSpot the difference: Alexander McQueen Fall 2006 hologram vs Cadbury Flake ad

Zara clothing store: Zara Kids Spring-Summer 2010 collection

Zara Kids is a division of the clothing store Zara (owned by Inditex) that is targeted to the younger and littler people. And this Spring-Summer season this division is launching another cool, juvenile, and very daring collection. Definitively, if you are going to buy clothes for kids, this is an adorable and beautiful option!
But this is a common situation with Zara Kids: Its designs always are well-thought and sweet. It’s hard to imagine a kid not looking good by wearing this new collection.
This Spring-Summer season, Zara Kids is including a wide variety of colors: Pink, pastel colors, navy stripes, lilac, blue, beige, and white (the unquestionable color of this season).
Gallery (click on the images to enlarge them):

Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Bottega Veneta.


Miuccia Prada always finds a way to make people talk about her: if in good or bad is up to you, especially for this collection. The formalwear catches the eye for the shapes of the suits, with skinny pants combined with tight 3-button jackets, while classic knitwear is reinterpreted with an unusual length. The casualwear, with its flashing colours, is particular for the combinations of different garments and fabrics.
Focus on: accessories that mantain their sporty look for every occasion.

Milan Fashion Week - 19th June

Today started the Milan Fashion Week for men's spring/summer 2011 collections, four days full of catwalks, presentations and exclusive events. I'll keep you updated with all the news and focuses on most interesting things seen on the runway, posting reviews and outfits I liked the most from every collection.

For the first post, let's have a look to Dolce&Gabbana, Burberry Prorsum and Versace.


A sunny collection that captures the eye above all for the use of white, especially for the suits, in contrast with dark shades of blue and grey. There are many elements of Dolce&Gabbana's tradition in these proposals, such as the links to Sicily, the use of knitting and pinstripe fabrics, the destroyed denim effect. A highly wearable collection without exaggerations, and that's probably what makes me miss Dolce&Gabbana's past creations. Evening suits appear excellent as usual.
Focus on: day suits with a more comfortable fit and larger pants.

Anna Dello Russo's tees for Yoox

To celebrate 10 years of Yoox, the fashion outlet online, a new limited edition collection of 10 t-shirts has been released yesterday. The special feature of the tees is what you find on them, that's to say the great Anna Dello Russo. Anna Dello Russo is editor in chief of Vogue Nippon and a true style-icon, and that makes her one of the most influential woman (not to say fashionistas' goddess) in the fashion business.

The cotton t-shirts printed with Anna's best outfits will be sold exclusively online on yoox.com. Get your own now!

Per celebrare i 10 anni di Yoox, l'outlet di griffes online, è stata lanciata ieri una nuova collezione di t-shirts in limited edition. La caratteristica principale di queste magliette è quello che vi trovate sopra, ovvero la grande Anna Dello Russo. Anna Dello Russo è la direttrice di Vogue Giappone e una vera icona di stile, il che la rende una delle donne (per non dire dea dei fashionistas) più influenti nel fashion business.

Le t-shirts in cotone stampato coi look migliori di Anna saranno vendute in esclusiva su yoox.com. La caccia alla t-shirt è aperta!


Gucci Pre-Fall 2010 Advertising Campaign

As we all have seen on the runway, for the next season Frida Giannini took great inspiration from the glorious past of Gucci while creating the Fall/Winter collections. The advertising campaign for the Pre-Fall, of which I propose a preview, reminds of past ones (such as SS 2007 and SS 2005, for example): surely nothing particular, but that's exactly what we expect from the house of Florence. The poses and the expressions show once again the concept of stylistic rapture, that Tom Ford introduced at his times (even if he stressed more the sexual side of it) and Frida Giannini never stopped underlining.

Come abbiamo potuto vedere sulle passerelle, per la prossima stagione Frida Giannini si è largamente ispirata al glorioso passato di maison Gucci per realizzare le collezioni dell'Autunno/Inverno 2010-2011. La campagna pubblicitaria per la Pre-Fall, di cui vi mostro un'anteprima, ricorda alcune di quelle passate (come l'estivo 2007 e 2005): di certo nulla di particolare, ma ciò è esattamente quello che ci si aspetta dalla casa fiorentina. Le pose e le espressioni mostrano ancora una volta il concetto di rapimento stilistico, che tom Ford introdusse a suo tempo (benché egli insistesse più sull'aspetto sessuale della cosa) e che Frida Giannini non ha mai smesso di sottolineare.


Louis Vuitton' s World Cup case

Louis Vuitton was chosen by FIFA to design the travel case for the World Football Championship trophy. The French brand is already known to be close to sport (who never heard about LV Cup?), but this is probably the first season in which the fashion house stresses its links to football: in fact, also the new advertising campaign called Core Values features the three football players Pelé, Maradona and Zidane.


Progetto Backstage, Part 2: the Designers

With a little delay, finally we are writing about the talented designers that presented their collections during the last edition of Progetto Backstage (on May 27th).

All photos are by Monika B Kuczkowski


The designer prefers a sporty style, combined with sophisticated traits: geometric shapes and asymmetric lines are her distinctive features. The spring/Summer collection for 2010 is focused on comfortable clothes, that represent a balance between everyday needs and femminility. This contrast is stressed also by materials such as lycra, jersey and transparent tulle.
Our opinion: a collection that we highly appreciated above all for the use of contrasts and the sex appeal. The sporty influence, fortunately, was not so strong as we could expect... So those knees, were they necessary?

  • SHRINKAGE by Alice Baraldi & Giulia Zago

This brand reunites two different worlds: the translation of current trends and the reinterpretation of both modern and classic shapes/volumes. Unpredictability is the distinctive trait of the Spring/Summer Collection 2010: female silhouettes are exasperated and completely rebuilt using different shades of white and black 100%. A combo of roundness and angular figures is another important feature.
Our opinion: a good collection, even if some outfits had a remarkable lack of originality. On ...

Times of Decadence #1

If there's something I really love beside baroque is the historical period known as Decadent movement (together with the connected Symbolism & Aestheticism), and all the masterpieces that came to light under its influence. No wonder some of my most beloved writers are Charles Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde, while Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema is one of the best painter ever to me.
Talking about Alma-Tadema, I've always been in love with his attention to details and the way he represents them. One of my favourite paintings is The Roses of Heliogabalus, in which the painter describes the scene in which (according to the legend) the Roman Emperor killed his guests by submerging them under a rain of rose petals.

The scene appears highly dramatic, but what captures the eye is the fact that all the guests are in a sort of ectasy that doesn't make them understand what is really happening.This image, together with the floral theme, made me think of one of Francesca's look I really adore:

Maybe the athmosphere here is darker (it would be perfect to represent Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal, isn't it?), but I adore the pose and the beautiful Gucci Flora dress.


Chanel's cheers from Shanghai

The Paris-Shanghai collection by Chanel will start making victims among fashionistas quite soon. As we all know, Karl Lagerfeld has a true gift when it comes to make girls faint in front of a bag, and that's just the case: the classic flap bag is now proposed in crocodile matt skin, in a beautiful burnished purple shade.Cheers from Shanghai.

La collezione Paris-Shanghai firmata Chanel comincerà presto a mietere vittime. Come tutti sappiamo, Karl Lagerfeld ha un vero e proprio dono quando si tratta di far svenire le ragazze difronte a una borsa, come in questo caso: la classica flap è ora proposta in una nuova versione in coccodrillo opaco, in una bellissima sfumatura brunita di violetto.Saluti da Shanghai.


Progetto Backstage, Part 1: Brrr...ancamenta

On May 27th took place the 5th edition of Progetto Backstage, with fashion shows and the exclusive Brancamenta party reserved to the press invited to the event.

Brancamenta presented the preview of the new spot for the advertising campaign 2010 at the Torre Branca, a suggestive lounge bar located in Parco Sempione next to Just Cavalli Café. The spot was nothing exceptional, but we enjoyed the happy hour a lot: of course, free cocktails prepared with Brancamenta were served to all guests, and a little buffet was available.

What we liked the most was the relaxing athmosphere: we were sitting on a soft couch, all surrounded by glasses and trees, with drinks in our hands and listening to the music from a live Dj set. Isn't this life?

Here you can see the rocking outfits we wore that evening:

Shirt by D&GVest by Giorgio ArmaniJeans by ZaraBelt, shoes, silver enamelled ring with G chiodo detail by GucciStudded leather bracelet

Top and leggins by ZaraStudded leather vestTattooes by ChanelClutch by PradaBracelet by DSquaredStud...

Dolce&Gabbana celebrate Menswear

Dolce&Gabbana celebrate 20 years of career in menswear launching a new website, that all lovers of the brand will found highly interesting.


The website is built in form of a blog, including videos and pictures that show past and present collections, focusing on details and the attention to the tailoring. The constantly updated pages want to be a tribute to the craftmanship and an ode to the passion of the two Italian designers.

Dolce&Gabbana celebrano 20 anni di carriera nella moda uomo lanciando un nuovo sito, che tutti gli amanti del brand troveranno molto interessante.
Il sito è costruito in forma di blog, con foto e video che mostrano collezioni presenti e passate, focalizzando l'attenzione sui dettagli e la sartorialità. Le pagine costantemente aggiornate vogliono essere un tributo all'artigianalità e un'ode alla passione dei due stilisti italiani.


A morning in Ticinese

Last Friday Francesca and I spent the morning in Ticinese, a famous area of Milan known above all for its pubs and life by night. It is a block caracterised by a punk/underground mood: there you can find a lot of particular shops, selling uncommon clothes and vintage accessories. In some ways, it reminds people of certain streets in London.

A place I love to go to is California Bakery, a restaurant/café located in Sant'Eustorgio square. It's a very cozy place, that I really like mainly for two reasons: first, it's a valid substitute of Starbucks, that we do not have in Italy (that's to say a cafeteria where you can also meet people and spend time with friends - or even study, since a wireless Internet connection is availale for customers); second, it's one of the few places in Milan in which you can taste healthy traditional American food (I ADORE muffins & pancakes!). Brunches on Sundays are absolutely not to be missed!

After some shopping, we decided to take some photos here and there. We found very cool backgrounds close to the Colonne di San Lorenzo [*ancient Roman columns in front of Saint Lawrence's church], that made us think of the song Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode: DM are among our favourite, they are a sort of life philosophy to us!


BagBunch - Bags, Handbags & Purses

Fossil Ari Patchwork Hobo | Bright Tribal Patterned Tote

Be warned - don't look directly at this hobo as you may well go blind!
OK, OK, so maybe I am being a little unfair. After all, I have certainly seen brighter colored bags, and ones with bigger, badder and generally worse combinations of prints. However, it is pretty much undeniable that this is one bright and LOUD tote, a fact that not even Fossil themselves would try to deny!
The question is, I suppose, does the look work? Whilst my staid and traditional side is willing me to scream "Nooooo!!!", a little creative bit of me actually thinks the prints work. Teamed with an appropriate outfit, this bag would seem tribal, interesting and perhaps rather fashionable - but this wouldn't happen if it was teamed with the wrong clothes!
The hobo shape and beaded accessories keep making me want to love the Ari tote... but I'm not really sure if I can...
More Features of this Patchwork Ari Hobo

  • Canvas fabric exterior
  • Multiple interior pockets
  • Beaded tassel accessory
  • 9 inch drop handles

Get this Tribal Fossil Tote:

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Miu Miu Slouchy Leather Bowling Bag | Refined Chocolate Brown Pebbled Leather Shoulder Bag

Miu Miu's usually edgy aesthetic has seemed a lot more pared down to me, lately. They seem to be attempting to grab a larger demographic. This bowling bag has some of Miu Miu's usual charm, but in it's attempt at refinement, some of the quirky appeal has been lost.
The rich chocolatey brown leather has a luxurious pebbled texture, and it contrasts beautifully with the bright gold hardware. The shape is slightly unusual. I wouldn't really call it a bowler in the traditional sense. It lacks the usual structure and shape of a bowler, but the seam deatil is similar. The generous size and slouchiness of this bag make it good for women who want to stow away a lot of goods, or who need a bag big enough to carry a change of clothes.
My favorite aspect of the bag is the threaded leather grommet detail on the shoulder strap. It lends a little personality to an otherwise bland bag. My fear, though, is that this lovely strap isn't actually wide enough to support the weight of this bag comfortably when full. You can always use the hand straps, but then you lose emphasis on this lovely design accent.
Overall, I think this bag is mostly practical and very versatile, but it's just a little humdrum. And for $1,350, I really want a little more oomph.
More Features Of The Miu Miu Slouchy Leather Bowling Bag

  • 18" x 13" x 6" size
  • 11" handle drop
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Lined in maroon canvas

Get this Miu Miu Slouchy Leather Bowling Bag:

You may also be interested in:

Elaine Turner Ava Clutch | Glossy Patent Bow Purse

The time has come to buy a refreshing white bag for summer - and this Elaine Turner clutch is right on the money.
This patent white clutch looks more than a little Sex and The City, and I could imagine one of the SATC girls carrying it with a beautiful white maxi dress. A cotton dress would work particularly well, as it would allow the patent leather to shine through. That gloss is further enhanced by the folded and wrinkled texture of the large stylized front bow, creating a great effect.
The shape of the bag is large and spacious, with lots of room and an interior pocket. It may be a little too big for many to comfortably carry as a clutch, which is why it is handy that you get a short chain strap too. As always I would prefer this to be leather, but at least the gold tone coordinates with the cute bamboo style front hardware.
Available in a range of bright patent colors, the Ava clutch will set you back $150 - but you do get style for the money.
More Features of this Elaine Turner Ava Purse

  • Available in three other colors
  • Contrasting colored lining
  • Optional chain strap
  • Patent leather exterior

Get this Soft Patent Clutch:

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Men’s Shirts Become Women’s Handbags with BaggyShirts

After watching Al Gore's compelling documentary An Inconvenient Truth, besties Jan Ramos and Dana Miller knew they wanted to make a difference. They did it with the launch of BaggyShirts, their handbag business which turns unwanted men's shirts into green accessories.
The girls purchase men's shirts from warehouses and charitable organizations, and turn these into eye-catching handbags. They use the entire shirt, thus minimizing waste. By encouraging consumers to use their purses as an alternative to paper and plastic bags, Jan and Dana save tons of clothing and tens of thousands of grocery bags from landfill each year.
They're helped in their efforts by local artisans rather than overseas manufacturers, thereby slashing their carbon emissions by up to 90%. These craftspeople are compensated with wages above the industry average to ensure they can live comfortably.
BaggyShirts handbags are shipped in recycled and recyclable packages, so you need not hesitate when ordering the purses from the Eco-Handbags website. A portion of proceeds also benefits organizations which help to stop global warming.
[Source: Eco-Handbags]
Recycled Material Handbags on eBay

Handmade Patchwork Handbag made from recycled material

US $20.00  

Auction Ends: 11d 8h 31m

Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Bag | Zipper Accented Coated Canvas Handbag

With this zipper accented diaper bag, Rebecca Minkoff reminds us that our style shouldn't be forgotten once the babies arrive. You might have spit up on your shirt and dried cereal in your hair, but carrying this diaper bag will help you add that much needed glamour.
This is one diaper bag which doesn't look like a diaper bag. The long diagonal zippered pockets, with their long tasseled pulls, make a real style statement. They are complemented by the side pockets, which open with a zip to afford a little more space.
But thankfully Rebecca Minkoff hasn't sacrificed functionality for good looks. She's opted for easy clean plastic coated canvas rather than her favorite luxury leather, and added plenty of practical features. I particularly like the matching change pad for dirty diaper emergencies, and the detachable cross-body strap for hands-free convenience.
As a girl with classic tastes I like this diaper bag in basic black, but it's not our only option. Leopard prints in a wild range of colors, including orange and blue, will suit moms who prefer walking on the wild side.
More Features of This Rebecca Minkoff Zipper Accented Bag

  • Dual handles with an 8 inch drop
  • Measures 11 x 18 x 8 inches
  • Made in China

Get this Rebecca Minkoff Diaper Handbag:

Bazura Bags Turns Recycled Juice Boxes Into Colorful Handbags

Colorful juice boxes become head-turning handbags thanks to the innovative fashion label Bazura Bags.
The handbags aren't just helping to save juice boxes from landfill; they're also empowering communities in the Philippines. The country's students are paid to collect the juice boxes from their local schools. These cartons are washed and sanitized before being crafted into stylish handbags by local women. These artisans have a stake in the company, and benefit directly from its success.
Bazura bags are available in a range of colors and sizes. Since they're made from juice boxes, you can count on them to be durable and water resistant. These are the kind of totes you can happily take to the beach or pool this summer without worrying about water splashes or salty sea breezes.
Bazura bags are available from a range of fashion retailers, through the label's online store, and from green retailer Eco-Handbags.
[Source: Bazura Bags]
Juice Box Bags on eBay

Recycled Juice Box Zipper Sling S Tote Bag Multi Color

US $22.00  

Auction Ends: 23d 2h 21m
Make it yours...

Rampage Carissa Framed Clutch | Ruffled Studded Black Synthetic Purse

If Rampage's Ruffled Rome clutch screamed a little too loudly, the label's Carissa purse may be more to your liking.
At first glance the two purses seem identical, but look a little closer and you'll see the subtle but important differences. Where the Ruffled Rome uses a mix of matte and reptilian textured synthetic, the Carissa favors a more unified look. This is its strength really; where the Ruffled Rome seemed a bit busy the Carissa's embellishments go just far enough.
While it's tamer than the alternative, this is still a daring clutch purse. Its structured ruffles are flirty and feminine, although the tiny silver studs give them a bit of edge. That's especially true in the black, although the mocha brown alternative isn't without charm.
This is an oversized clutch, which more space and features than the average evening purse. With a zippered pocket and two open pockets for gadgets it's easy to keep this space uncluttered and in order. A delicate silver chain is also tucked away inside to help you convert the clutch to a shoulder bag in an instant.
The Carissa might not suit the most snobbish of high society dos, but for just $68 you're bound to get your money's worth.
More Features of This Rampage Ruffled Clutch

  • Frame closure
  • A chain shoulder strap with an 11 inch drop
  • Measures 13.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Made in China

Get this Rampage Carissa Handbag:

Rafe Bethany Hobo | Modern Military Crinkle Leather Handbag

Rafe gives the hobo a modern, military makeover with the Bethany bag.
This is a handbag which has much more attitude than its sweet, feminine name suggests. The golden metal of the oversized zippers and buckled straps gleams dangerously against the sexy gray crinkle leather. It calls to mind motorcycle jackets and bad boy boyfriends, and I love it. This is as far away from the Woodstock style hobo that you can get! The long shoulder strap completes the devil-may-care look.
The shiny hardware adds daring attitude, but it's not all about aesthetics. The zippers open up to reveal several pockets for stashing our small must haves. With three pockets outside, we're well on our way to practicality. The generously sized interior seals the deal, with its zippered pouch and two open pockets for girly gadgets. Naturally, it all closes with a zip.
At $475, this Bethany bag is reasonably priced by designer standards. If that is still beyond your budget don't worry; with the mid-year sales upon us Amazon have reduced it by more than half!
More Features of This Rafe Zippered Hobo

  • Black logo print interior lining
  • A single 16 inch shoulder strap with an 11 inch drop
  • Measures 11 x 15 x 5 inches
  • Made in China
  • Comes with a dust bag

Get this Rafe Bethany Handbag:

Get in Bed with Marc Jacobs at Chicago’s Elysian Hotel

As we all suffer the midyear slump, summer getaways are on our minds. Fashion fans might like to consider making a pilgrimage to Chicago's Elysian Hotel. While the Windy City doesn't immediately scream style, the hotel's Marc Jacobs' package does.
The offer coincides with the opening of Marc Jacobs' only Chicago boutique. Known as the Bed, Breakfast, and Marc Jacobs deal, it doesn't offer bad value by designer standards.
The deal includes accommodation in an Elysian guestroom or suite, complimentary breakfast in bed, and a Marc Jacobs beach tote and limited edition towel to take home. These Marc Jacobs accessories are just the thing for looking the part when sunning yourself near the Elysian pool. With rates starting at $415 a night, I'd say that makes a pretty good deal.
So who needs New York then? I'll bet Chicago is sounding like a very attractive proposition for Marc Jacobs loving stylistas. They've got until Labor Day to take advantage of this great fashion package.
[Source: Luxist]
Marc Jacobs Totes on eBay


US $20.49   2 Bids

Auction Ends: 1h 17m

Celebrity Stylist Rachel Zoe To Create Fashion Line for LF USA

Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe is taking the next natural step and becoming a designer. The woman responsible for the signature looks of Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, and a host of other Hollywood starlets recently inked a deal with LF USA to design a comprehensive fashion line.
Not so originally titled The Rachel Zoe Collection, the fashion range will feature apparel, shoes, handbags, and other accessories.
"Subconsciously or consciously, my whole final goal - I don't want to say final because that sounds very like it’s the end - but I would say my ultimate dream scenario was to be on the design side," Ms. Zoe said.
Rachel Zoe made the kind of splash that celebrity stylists rarely enjoy, and I wonder whether her strong fashion sense will translate to her fashion line. We all know there's a big difference between working with already established fashions and creating your own, but I'm still intrigued to see what she comes up with.
[Source: Style By Me]
[Image Source: Christopher Peterson/Flickr]
Celebrity Designer Handbags on eBay


US $80.00  

Auction Ends: 26d 12h 18m


Bugatti Atalante: Gentleman’s watch to lust

Men, brace your selves. Yes, it’s true that Parmigiani has recently launched the new Bugatti watch that will drive you to make that quick detour to the mall.
From the creation of the now legendary Type 370 wrist watch, the Bugatti family is definitely on the road to widening its breed of sporty yet highly accessible character watches.
Taking inspiration from the Bugatti Atalante 57S Sport, one of the only private passenger cars of the 1930s, the new Bugatti Atalante Fly-Back Chronograph is worth those lustful looks.

Ladies, don’t get jealous. The features of this watch are surely worth your men’s attention. It boasts of its Parmigiani-original round shape (Ø 43 mm), and its Bugatti-spirited dial, chronograph push-pieces.
Its dial, which is directly enthused by the design of a Bugatti radiator grille, is responsible for much of the Atalante model’s sporting character, and reveals some of the gears and the date disc. The profile of its case sees the bezel while the case-back joining form a satin-finished area which evokes the air intakes found on the side wings of sports vehicles. The acronym “EB” at 6 o’clock is there to mark the official alliance which brings the Parmigiani and Bugatti together.
To see it for real, we say that you take a ride, visit the mall and scour this latest Bugatti watch. Now.


Mr. Armani, thank you for heaven – err, spa

Whoever says that heaven and earth cannot go together definitely does not know Giorgio Armani. With the latest announcement of the opening of the world’s first in-hotel ARMANI/Spa at Armani Hotel Dubai, we know that heaven has gone down to earth.

Now, we ask: what is it like to be in spa heaven? Well, we’ve been told that based on the concept of Spa Time, guests can simply reserve and design a personalised spa session combining unique therapies and services. There are three unique therapies – Mu, to quench a desire for relaxation and stillness; Liberta, evoking freedom of movement and the release of physical pain; and Fluidita, assisting in the enhancement and balance of energy.
We’ve also learned that there is the ARMANI/Spa Terme which provides a steam bath, sauna, ice fountain, sequential shower, laconium and guided thermal journeys for visitors. Under a soaring dome, visitors can enjoy sequential bathing experiences of heat, humidity and falling water to cleanse and heal the body and mind.
Located on the third floor of the hotel that is exclusively situated the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, the ARMANI/Spa and ARMANI/Spa Terme will serve any one who wants to experience heaven on earth daily from 9am to 9pm.


Um, no thanks. We’d rather Save Anna

We want you guys to have a quick look at the shirt below and say the first thing that comes to mind once you see it. No over-thinking, no over-analysing, no over-rehearsing whatever it is you want to say. Just look and shout.

Did you say any of these words: stupid, WTF!, what an idiot, ugly shirt, publicity stunt devoid of any class whatsoever, really ugly shirt? We did. All of those and definitely more. All directed to Leon Verres and his publicity-hungry shirt.
Okay, let’s get down to business. Our first reaction to this atrocity was, “A designer came up with this?” There are so many things wrong with this shirt but the first one that we want to criticise is the design. Seriously, how can someone create that and still refer to himself as a designer? Leon Verres must have the creative capacity of a comatose patient because we’re not witnessing anything designer-like about this contentious white tee. Not at all.
The only design element we’re seeing here is the stars (which are meant to deliberately hide the letter U and avoid being stabbed to death by Queen A herself), and well, you’re familiar with all the originality and creativity that goes behind drawing a star. A monkey with a laptop could go on Cafepress and design a shirt that’s at least 278 times more interesting than that.
The second off thing about this whole project is the concept. According to the press announcement in which Verres referred to himself as the most charismatic and strongest designer of all (Cringe at that, will you?), he has made it his business to dethrone the Ice Queen of American fashion. But why? What good would that ever lead to?
We’re not speaking for Anna Wintour here, but she beca...

Symphony to open at Dubai Mall in August

Luxury retail newcomer Symphony Style has announced the opening date of its highly anticipated concept store at the Dubai Mall on August 10, 2010. The concept store, called Symphony, will initially be carrying SS 2010 lines from various designers including Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, Vera Wang, Halston, Ports 1961, Thakoon, and CFDA Awardee Jason Wu.
The store’s design is said to be very elegant, feminine and chic, and is representative of the Symphony woman. It features a large outdoor area with spectacular views of the Burj Khalifa and legendary dancing fountain display.
“We are extremely excited to be opening our first luxury multi-brand concept and hope to bring a lot of creative and original ‘firsts’ to the region. We’re really looking forward to welcoming our clients into a space that we hope they will find inspiring,” Symphony founder and creator Salama Alabbar commented.
What we understand from the announcement is that the August opening is going to be some kind of soft launch of the store, with the official opening event scheduled sometime in October. AW 2010 collections will be available shortly after the August opening.
It looks like Symphony’s young and brimful of ideas founder has a lot of brazen, unconventional tricks under her abaya, as the soft opening will be held one day before the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Traditional Middle Eastern business strategies usually dictate that anything big should be done before or after the Summer, where everything is slow and everybody is whiling away the Dubai heat abroad.
But it seems Alabbar has taken cue from the usual slow movement of the season and decided to remodel that stale sluggishness into something that will send shoc...

Deal alert: Balmain pop-up sale at theOutnet

Forget the shady China-made Balmain stuff we get here that’s 75% off every single day of the year. The real deal, touched by experienced Parisian hands and stamped with the French seal of quality, is going to be on sale at 85% off from June 22 at theOutnet.com.
Really exciting pieces are going to hit the virtual racks at theOutnet on Tuesday so you clickity shoppers better make time for one of the most exciting sales this season. Considering the astronomical prices from which the shiny red tags will be dropped, it’s like a giveaway already. We’re predicting our top picks to fly off the racks in record time, so don’t blink because you’ll definitely miss these:

1.) Swarovski crystal satin jacket
2.) Crystal-embellished bouclé jacket
3.) Buckle-embellished boot single
4.) Ruched leather mini dress


Zegna turns 100, streams live runway show

Ermenegildo Zegna is celebrating its 100th year anniversary soon and the Italian fashion house is hosting its first ever live stream of its upcoming Spring/Summer 2011 show for the centennial event.
Perhaps this is the most irrelevant comment about the new collection, but this is one of those odd instances where we can say it took them a hundred years to come up with a fashion show live stream.
The feed of the show goes online on Monday, June 21st, at 9:30 a.m. (GMT +1) or 12:30 p.m UAE time. Everyone’s going to be on their lunch break.
Perfect timing, don’t you think? Mark your calendars, bookmark this link, and come celebrate with Zegna as they become a centenarian.


Tired eyes? Get pampering with La Prairie

Too many late nights? If you’re looking like you have Louis Vuitton Keepall 50s under your eyes and your eye bags are looking bigger than your actual eyes, then it might be time to give them some TLC.
Eye creams may sound like another marketing ploy but the truth of the matter is they do work and if you want to stave off the Botox injections then it’s time to add eye cream to your daily skin care routine. We love La Prairie’s Anti-Ageing Eye Cream and Anti-Wrinkle Eye Filler. Expensive, yes, but it’s a luxury you’re just going to have to afford.


Something for the quirky man

Quirky men take note. Lolita Lempicka has recently introduced a funky fresh scent L’Eau Masculin. Featuring hints of lemon, pink peppercorn (err… yes), verbena, jasmine and Javanese Vetiver, this spicy, woody come citrus scent is sure to surprise.
If you’re looking for something off the beat and track, a little maverick and a tad different, try this.


Five minutes with Guerlain’s Olivier Echaudemaison

La Moda had a quick chat with Olivier Echaudemaison, Guerlain’s Creative Director, about achieving a radiant complexion. This is expert advice on maintaining a forever-young, ravishing glow, everyone, so drop whatever you’re doing and read on.
What is radiant complexion? It’s both colour and radiance, which are directly determined by the skin’s interaction with light. When light reaches the skin’s surface, it triggers dual absorption and diffusion phenomenon, which has a direct effect on the complexion’s colour and luminosity.
When the skin is smooth and even, the face instantly captures light, which is then reflected, making the complexion glow with radiance. A radiant make-up result is first and foremost dependent on smooth supple skin, transparent textures and fresh colours.
I recommend from the Guerlain range, Metorites Perfecting Primer or L’Or Radiance Concentrate Makeup Base (if you wish to eliminate shine or replenish moisture), then the Parure line of foundations, particularly Parure Aqua, which is fresh and moisturising, then the following application of Precious Light, Meteorites Perles and Blush 4 Eclats.
What are the steps? Firstly, even out the complexion with a good moisturising mask, then brighten up the complexion with the Perfecting Primer, then apply the Parure foundation to your entire face like a cream, working from the centre of the face outwards.
Next, erase the shadows with Precious Light to smooth out all pigment irregularities. Then brighten up the complexion with Meteorites Perles, sweeping it across your face. This step will eliminate shine and add a transparent, luminous veil to the face while maintai...

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Versace

Doesn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones look different? Maybe younger? Or a little tweaked? Or is it just the dress and its magical powers?
She was spotted in this light blue strapless Atelier Versace gown with a chiffon train and a ruched bodice covered entirely in beading recently at 64th Annual Tony Awards held at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City.
Dress or just good surgery? Thoughts below please…


BatikKaftan Blog

Plus size common problems

This few days, I browsed for quite a number of other blogs and find so much common issues to a full figured womens.A full figured, curvy, plus size or whatever the term is refer to the same meaning.
On going through, I feel very touching and can imagine how dificult it is of being a full figured. You may laugh at me on saying that because I am just  160 cm ( about 5′ 2′ ) with  50 kg in average.
Well,I love to watch the Biggest Loser with my kids and we always excited to see those participant weight reduction after having so much heavy exercise and diets. Believe me, I will not be able to do that because I love to eat and so lazy to warm up my body .
Sometimes they cry whilst undergoing the ‘treatment’. Just imagine the sweats and tears they have to go through just to get achieve the dream body and weight. It must be very stressing.

So the common problems faced by a plus size are normally about stress, clothes that suits their body, diet and expenses.
1. Stress
It is stressing to carry a weight that we do not wish to have. So to overcome this is to accept what we are and who we are By accepting , automatically it release tense and pains that we are going through. That is the first important thing that we need to do if we want to keep breathing.Be positive !
2. Difficulties in finding a suitable clothes.
I know most full figured or a plus size womens having difficulties in finding the right outfits. Most stores or online stores offers variety of clothes for those skinny but not many would offer this special cuttings be it office wear or casual.
 Most plus size ladies would go for a black to hide those but in my personal opinion, you do not have to limit what you would like to wear. It does not means you have to go to a loose blouses or tops all the ti...

How to dress boho style.

Boho fashion has never gone out of style. There is no fixed code as to how you should wear to look like a bohemian but you can stay within the limits of attire without looking funny.
 Dig your wardrobe, take out your accessories and dress like a bohemian girl now.So what is the element of boho clothins?  What sort of clothes and which accessories that you can match with? Mind your self  that you assemble your personality by your outfit. Do not over do. Be comfortable and moderate to keep overall balance.

 Check out this 5 simple steps when choosing  boho for your stle :
1.The basic piece of boho clothing involve with flowy,paisley,  patchwork,tiers, sequins, beads  and embroidery. It may look messy  but it is a fashion that is hot now. The fabric is always light  with influence of ethnic, gypsy or hippie style. 
2. You can choose many styles from boho long maxi dress, boho tops, pants and skirts as long as you match it properly. Caftan, tunic, and tops are the main boho tops. But a smocked, floral maxi, midcalf  or tiers skirts are also another perfect choice. You can always match a boho tops with tier skirts. A chic boho tops also look great with a pair of jeans.
3.Accessory is a must for you to look boho. Go for oversize sunglasses, dangle earings , a crocheted  scarves with bangles and oversize jewelery. A headband also help to complete your look if you do not like t...

What is a pareo

So it is summer time and the best time to go to the beach. Have you forgot your pareo or you just want to use a short kaftan @ caftan to cover your bikini? Want to look great, go for pareo as it offers different style of wearing or tying it. So, what is a pareo?
A pareo is a long rectangle body wrapping fabric and believe to be originated from Indonesia. Different country call it a sarong, lava lava in Samoa, a wraparound in the united states. What ever the term is, it refers to the same thing.
This fabric can be made as your sarongs or wraparound and it can also be sewn as a caftan, tops, skirts , shawl, wall decorater or even as a table cloth.

You can wear a pareo in many styles.You can tie you pareo at your waist , make it like a halter neck  or just use your own creativity to make your pareo different from others. What ever it is when we choose a pareo, make sure that you will feel comfortable with it.
When I surf the youtube  there is one video how a pareo can be worn in many many styles. Really, it depends on how creative you are. Let’s watch the video and see whether you are now going to have one and start learning from this video.

Enjoy watching
Aloha !
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Burberry Brit by Burberry Perfume for Women

Burberry Brit by Burberry Perfume for Women
“Burberry Brit by Burberry for Women launched in 2003 is a fragrance that captures the class and sophistication of today’s modern woman. Burberry Brit fragrance blend is unique full-bodied, fresh, and deliciously sweet floral. Put on Burberry Brit and make your own fashionable statement. Fragrance Notes: Green Almond, Lime, Pear, White Peony, Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla, Tonka Bean. Fragrance Family: Floral Recommended Use: Any Occasions”


Burberry Brit by Burberry Cologne for Men

Burberry Brit by Burberry Cologne for Men
“Burberry Brit by Burberry for Men is an epitomizing the modern, British man. Brit for Men captures a relaxed elegance and effortless style. This fresh, oriental woody fragrance that blends juicy green mandarin and freshly cut ginger with wild rose and spicy hints of cedarwood to create a confident, sexy, masculine scent. Fragrance Notes: Bergamot, Green Mandarin and Ginger Accord, Cardamom, Cedarwood, Wild Rose, Nutmeg, Tonka Beans, Oriental Woods Accords, Greay Musk. Fragrance Family: Woody Recommended Use: All Occasions”


Salt Eyewear Wyatt Oiled Bark/Brown

Salt Eyewear Wyatt Oiled Bark/Brown
Sleek and sporty, the Wyatt frames fit close to your face, like a pair of sport shades. All of Salt’s amazing designs have polarized lenses which filter out the maximum amount of UV rays. Timeless style, great fit and protection in a frame which suits any face shape. Shown here in Oiled Bark.


Salt Eyewear Warner Gunmetal

Salt Eyewear Warner Gunmetal
The prism free lenses of these sleek shades block out more rays than any other designer shades out there on the market. So if you really want to combine optical protection with style, Salt has you covered. Fits like a traditional aviator. Perfect with any outfit. Shown here in Gunmetal.


Salt Eyewear Terry Black/Crystal/Grey

Salt Eyewear Terry Black/Crystal/Grey
Classic teardrop design handmade with the highest quality acetate makes these polarized masterpieces something to get excited about. Shown here in Black/Crystal/Gray.


Salt Eyewear Stuart Gunmetal G15

Salt Eyewear Stuart Gunmetal G15
All of Salt’s shades are fully polarized, which will save your precious eyes alot of strain and exposure to UV rays. Very comfortable nosepiece makes them wearable for the long run. The look is a squared aviator. A great looking, cool pair of shades. Shown here in Gunmetal.


Fashionable Rat

Game. Set. Match.

Another glorious day, another sporting fixture, another excuse to ogle the honed, toned and physically well-coordinated. Yes it’s Wimbledon – you’ll have to forgive me for keeping quiet on the World Cup front: static generating nylon nasties have absolutely no role in my wardrobe whatsoever (although kudos deservingly goes to Paraguay for their knockout  homage to Pippi Longstocking).

Tennis on the other hand serves up a wealth of classically chic sportif separates for the discerning fashionista (not to mention the associated accessory boom – shin pads? No thank you….chic cream fingerless leather gloves…? Well, go on then).

Think refined elegance and channel Gaultier’s take on the trend for Hermès: virginal pleating, cable knits and effortlessly stylish palazzo pants. Accessorize court-side with a visor, sweat bands and that all important ivory Birkin

For the ultimate in sports-casual sophistication embrace long-line, ankle-skimming maxis to femme-up those ubiquitous masculine shirt shapes.

FYI: Sweat (as if a Hermès girl would – could?) and rackets are an accessory too far…leave the rackets to the runways and the sweat to the pros: the key is to keep this look sleek, fresh and well away from the dreaded realm of fancy dress faux pas-dom.
Photographs courtesy of Style.com

Manolo for Liberty Fall 2010!!!

Contain my excitement?! Not likely…
Hot on the heels (do excuse the pun) of yesterday’s Kirkwood x Liberty post comes the news of another designer shoe collaboration from London’s fashion fairy godmother…and this time it’s the incomparable Christ of cobblers Manolo Blahnik working miracles in the design seat – phew, my tootsies are all a tingle!

If, as Belinda Carlisle is oft heard wailing to half empty discotheque dance-floors at 1am, ‘heaven is a place on earth,’ I’ve a strong feeling that place would be the ethereal treasure-filled paradise that is Liberty’s – not some godforsaken holiday resort lorded over by hellish beings in red coats with faces forever frozen in a rictus grin so terrifying even the blind are reduced to tears. So, on behalf of shoephiliacs the world over – Thank You Liberty!

The – don’t-call-it-a-pop-up-shop – ‘World of Manolo’ hits Liberty’s on the 10th of September and is open to worshippers for 3 months…a definite ‘dear Santa…’ if ever there was one!
Manolo Blahnik sketch taken from the Liberty Blog
First look collection snaps courtesy of Grazia Daily

Nicholas Kirkwood for Liberty

When I first heard about this collaboration back in January I must admit to doing a goofy little dance in sheer jubiliation…a Kirkwood capsule collection, signature structural platforms, ravishingly resplendent in mouth-wateringingly gorgeous Liberty prints? (Yes. Want. Please.)

Bounty Platform Sandal

Santa Maria Platform Sandal

Santa Maria Peep Toe Shoe
The collection, in honour of the 50th anniversary of the opening of Liberty’s Carnaby Street store, features two iconic Liberty florals – the Bounty and the Santa Maria – in two eponymous Kirkwood styles;  architectural cutaway platform sandals with super chic cigarette heels, or the classic peep toe pump.
Available now exclusively at Liberty stores and on the Liberty website…get hot-footing: a Kirkwood shoe is the shoe-lover’s shoe…they’re unlikely to hang around!

Look du Jour: Frock Fantasy

I’m in the mood for some pretty, powder-pink, airy-fairy, cute-as-a-button, princess frock frivolity. Give me fantasy, daydreams and a romp through the wilderness with a knight in super sharp Armani paired with Grenson brogues wielding anything but a man bag…sigh. Otherworldly escapism with a side order of whimsy please – and hold the fainting (damsel in distress? Me thinks not).

Back to the outfit – a minxy thigh-skimmer of a hemline, peep-toe neutral wedges and socks and nailing the hot as hell asymmetric trend (look to 3.1 Phillip Lim and RM by Roland Mouret for references) this look couldn’t be more now. Details wise, the chic frayed edging of the under-shorts is VERY Prada’s s/s 2010 distressed graphic silks; deconstruction contrasted to perfection with the Rodarte-esque romance of that diaphanous one-sleeve wonder.
Now, you’ll have to excuse me…I’ve a wilderness to get back to…
Photograph/ Styling by Frida Johnson: Blog

Alexa Chung for Madewell Fall 2010

Lo! What’s that on the horizon? Could it be a celebrity collaboration to salivate over…one whose sheer awesomeness will coax your long-suffering wallet into submission (recession or no recession)?

Give profuse thanks and sacrificial offerings to the retro redux gods of yore…

The Fashionista’s Fashionista, Alexa Chung’s debut collection for Madewell - hot, hip and hype-worthy Americana brand with prep-tastic credentials – rocks into your world (and mine, pay cheque pending) this August featuring fresh-faced androgynous casuals with a smattering of sweetness and a vintage twist all topped off with an all-American-prep-meets-London-Indie-chic edge of a cherry…

Photographs courtesy of Nitrolicious …go forth and covet!

GFW 2010: The Winners

An informational quickie of a post for you…
The highly coveted lust-object of any budding designer’s dreams; the River Island Gold Award - a not-so-shabby £20,000 – went to Rebecca Thomson of Manchester Metropolitan University for her stunningly ethereal, structurally engaging collection featuring lace and frills, ruffles and flounces and sheers…

View the winning collection in full at Vogue.com
Best Menswear was won by Thomas Crisp from Ravensbourne (the second year running that a Ravensbourne graduate has scooped this award – last year’s winner was Mehmet Ali) for a collection that managed to be edgy, urban and sophisticated with its focus on 18th Century Parisian tailoring and chic layering…

Photography by Paul Harness.
Best Womenswear went to Rhea Fields of Northbrook College Sussex for her androgynous tailored collection in fleshy pink and black leatherette and latex…

Photography by Simon Armstrong.
The Zandra Rhodes Catwalk Textiles Prize was picked up by Anna Lee of De Montfort University for her striking Chinese Dragon themed collection…

Photography by Simon Armstrong.
The BHM Knitwear Visionary Award was scooped by Northumbria University’s Ledina Zhang for her extroverted oversized sport-kitsch knits…

Photography courtesy of mysuga...

Look du Jour: Frontier Fringing

Hippy meets ranch ready Americana on what looks like a definite lazy hazy lemonade day…

I’ve actually been thinking about festival outfits over the last few days (whilst staring morosely out of the patio windows into what I can only describe as the perfect backdrop to Wuthering Heights – and I thought summer had already sauntered back onto the scene in the guise of a be-hatted orb of hot UV goodness. Wrong. Again). Anyway, back to the point…
Festival garb: Often the most difficult thing to balance is the free-spirit hippy boho floatiness – think billowing kaftans, maxis flowers in the hair… – versus the practical, all the mud in the world has also been invited and will arrive approximately 30 minutes after you do, camping veteran mentality. (Yes, those fluorescent waterproof overalls will keep you dry – and, one would hope for the level of embarrassment incurred, very warm – but they’re not particularly flattering and there will be photographic evidence).
So it’s good to see there is another way…mix your boho head-scarf and (on trend right now!) fringing with this seasons denim for a kind of Little House on the Prairie meets hippy-commune chic frontier fusion effect. Very cool…and a little bit practical too…
Photograph/ styling by Kasia G: find her blog here (best fire up that translator)

GFW 2010: The ECA Team

Emma Brown
Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)  has, over the past few years been cementing its position as somewhat of a GFW darling with its creative and exciting runway collections standing at the forefront, not only of fashion design, but also of construction. Counting the Prince of luxe Graeme Black and sartorial crush du jour Holly Fulton among its Alumni, this was one show for which my expectations (hopes!?) had been raised just short of literal brain-on-the-wall, jaw-on-the-carpet mind-blowing raptures of the kind one usually associates with Bible Belt Televangelists.
Eliza Borkowska
Praise be the Lord!  From the gorgeously gothic velvet and chiffon maxis with abstracted skeletal prints shown by Emma Brown, to Eliza Borkowska’s sharp minimalism and geometric shapes in crisp clean neutrals, Emma Rockett’s playful take on classic English tailoring in candy cane stripes juxtaposed with acid bright tights in hot pink, and lets not forget Sally Hansen’s insanely wearable, tea-party-chic in ditzy florals…
Emma Rockett
I was definitely not disappointed. Spoilt for choice? Yes. Usually I have no real problem with the wheat / chaff process but ECA has had me dithering as I have never dithered before (bravo!)
Sally Hansen
Hand-wringing aside, for me the top of the class had to be Charlotte Heylar with her 3-D graphic prints. Stunning, show-stopping, hypnotic, Charlotte’s collection of slinky silk maxis and jackets, liberally soused in some kind of tecky-textile wizardry takes “fashion-forward” well beyond the pale and leaves tradition mouldering in the garage like an old black and white TV. Yes, 3-D glasses are a requirement to see these pieces at th...

GFW 2010! Bunmi Olaye

Alas! Much to my ever-present shame, I am unable to attend one of my favourite fashion events of the season! (Drat, drat and double drat!) It’s been a case of work stops play with a good solid roundhouse kick to the face and the perpetually waggling finger of authority…

So, for those who didn’t know already, GFW 2010 kicked off yesterday with the Graduate catwalk collections from the University of East London, and with over 1000 students all vying for sartorial acclaim, glory and the River Island £20,000 Gold Award, the competition is (as always) fierce, or maybe – FIERCE. But, as in all things there are frontrunners, and UEL’s frontrunner has got to be – in fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here, ISBunmi Olaye.
With work experience under the late Alexander McQueen, her own label – Bunmi Koko and a celebrity clientèle list longer than your arm, including Mischa Barton, current muse Mel B and Alesha Dixon, the future is already looking blinding for Nigerian designer Bunmi, and with just a quick glance at her collections it’s easy to see why…

Matriarchy, Bunmi’s GFW collection, draws inspiration from a patriarchal Nigerian cult practised by members of the Efik tribe and fuses that with the seemingly antithetical aesthetic principles of Victorian womenswear with its focus on cinched waists, voluminous sleeves and high collars.
Matriarchy, in

Look du Jour: Bohemian Beauty

It’s not often you come across a look that perfectly embodies the true bohemian aesthetic: subversive irreverence for the bourgeois trend slaving, the flagrant incorporation of a mish-mash of vintage, thrifted pieces all held together with lashings of unabashed cool.

Forget Mischa Barton in a kaftan, if it’s boho you want this is a visual masterclass…the floral knee-length high waist wonder of a granny skirt, battered leather satchel and those classic rose-tinted Ray Bans (yes, I am rather jealous!) all styled to insouciant perfection with tumble-down hair and heaps of anachronistic charm. (Need I say) LOVE this outfit?!!
Photograph/ styling by Heather R. : Lookbook here, or head to her blog (no really, do)

Black Mary Jane

Fashion Week of Trinidad and Tobago

So we’ve all heard of New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and so on. But has anyone heard of Trinidad and Tobago Fashion Week? Furthermore, has anyone ever heard of Trinidad and Tobago? Trinidad and Tobago are two sister Caribbean islands located on the tip of Venezuela in a chain of islands in what is called the West Indies.For three consecutive years, Fashion Week Trinidad Tobago (FWTT) has been the talk of the Caribbean. Their main focus is to revitalize and develop the local fashion industry and bring about the awareness of its lucrative socio-economic potential. Though its population is not as big New York or Milan - FWTT is definitely growing. I commend the founders of FWTT and wish them much success in the near future. To check out some more photos from this year’s fashion week please visit fwtt.org!


Sephia Screen Sirens

It seems like new films are constantly arising and there is always that new 'it' girl. In the 90s it was Halle Berry, Jada Pinkett, and Vivica A. Fox - along with Angela Bassett. Now, it is Zoe Saldana, Sanaa Lathan, Megan Goode, etc. But none of these women would be anywhere without the ground-breakers in black cinema that paved the way. Trailblazers indeed - these sisters we...

"It's Too Darn Hot!"

In the words of Cole Porter, performed by Ella Fitzgerald, "It's too darn hot" and she sang it like she was standing in the middle of the Sahara. Black Mary Jane can relate. It is indeed, too darn hot. And since it is too hot to do much of anything, we decided to offer us some possible looks for the hotness in you. And remember - just because it is hot, doesn't mean that you have to look anything other than the epitome of hotness. XOXO - Black Mary JanePS: Just so you know what we are talking about. Check out this video of Fitzgerald singing, "It's too darn hot."


Iman: 2010 Recipient of the CFDA Fashion Icon Award

Black Mary Jane congratulates Iman on her 2010 CFDA Fashion Icon Award!Iman told Essence, "I was beyond flattered when I heard that I was unanimously selected to be the recipient of the 2010 CFDA Fashion Icon Award, but I was even more flattered when Barneys New York decided to decorate two of their Madison Avenue facing windows in my honor."For decades, Iman has broken barriers in the fashion industry with her exotic looks and brown skin. In time, Iman became more than a model with her inner beauty and philanthropies. The modelis a business woman at her core with a great mind for the beauty and fashion industry. Cheers to you Iman - xoxo Black Mary Jane


Black Mary Jane Nominated for a 2010 Black Weblog Award

Black Mary Jane was nominated for a 2010 Black Weblog Award. We were nominated in the areas of: Best Culture, Best Fashion, Best Writing, Blog of the Year, and Blog to Watch. Getting nominated is a tremendous honor, but we need more nominations in order to make it to the finals. Please nominate us in these categories. The process takes two minutes total. Help support us: http://3eighteenmedia.wufoo.com/forms/2010-black-weblog-awards-nomination-form/We Need You! Please nominate us in these categories so that we can make it to the finals! use the link above. They will ask for our url, it is: http://www.blackmaryjane.blogspot.com/


Black Mary Jane is Inspired By: Ruby Dee

Ruby Dee was stylish and brilliant on stage and in film. Black Mary Jane is inspired by this beautiful woman. The actress was known as a stage performer on Broadway, until she became nationally famous in the 1950 film, "The Jackie Robinson Story." She has received nationally acclaim in several films since then - these films include: "A Raisin in the Sun," and "Edge of the City. "Together with Ossie Davis, she and her husband became known as one of Hollywood's most successful couples. They managed to stay together - an incredible feat for couples in Hollywood. Most recently, the actress starred in "American Gangster" with Denzel Washington. On screen, the actress worse some of the sharpest clothes in the world. In person, her style has been called fresh, vibrant, and classic. Black Mary Jane salutes Ruby Dee - a sista with style and class.



SIMODE: Mister Avatar Round 4

1PM: Mister Avatar 2010 Contest, Round 4. Here is the fourth round of this exceptional contest, which is quarter final. Tonight, they will be 12 under your eyes and only 10 will go to semi-final. Beautiful models, stylish creations presenting, here is that suggested to you tonight. Mister Avatar 2010 contest, it’s here and you can’t miss it. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/90/104/52 ------------------------------------- 22h00 : Mister Avatar World 2010 , Tour 4 Voici le quatrième tour de cette compétition exceptionnelle, c'est-à-dire les quarts de final. Ce soir ils seront 12 devant vos yeux et seulement 10 places seront offertes à ces candidats pour la demi finale. Des models exceptionnels, des présentation de créations très fashion et stylés, voilà ce qu’on vous propose ce soir. Le concours Mister avatar world 2010 c’est ici et il ne faut pas le rater http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/90/104/52


Simode Schedule - Saturday 19th june 2010

9AM SLT: DJ Taylor Flanagan. And let’s move our body on the dance floor with DJ Taylor who will do a wild mix for our pleasure. It’s a moment to appreciate here.http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/112/127/52 ------------------------ 18h00 : Djette Taylor Flanagan Et c’est parti pour un moment de danse et déhanchement avec Djette Taylor qui va nous proposer un mix endiablé pour notre plus grand plaisir. Un moment à apprécier ici http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/112/127/529.30AM SLT: Hunt/ Quiz I ♥ 69 … Linden! For this afternoon, here is a little game to make you discover an active group in world and on the Fashion Fair, I ♥ 69 … Linden! group. Composed of various designers, this group allows each month their clients to buy numerous products at L$69 in the designers’ shops. Come play with us to discover this group and try to win gift vouchers up to L$1500 to spend in their shop. It’s here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/112/127/52 ------------------------ 18H30 : J...

DK Designs, Paris Fashion, ~49~, Paddy’s and Kunglers Fashion Show.

Friday, June 18th, 2PM SLT: DK Designs, Paris Fashion, ~49~, Paddy’s and Kunglers Fashion Show. Projectors come on on the catwalk ready to have our models showing you international collections stylish and unique. It’s a great fashion time absolutely not to be missed where quality design has pride of place here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/90/104/52 Vendredi 18 juin à 23h00 : Défilé Dk Designs, Paris Fashion, ~49~, Paddy's & Kunglers Les projecteurs s’allument sur le podium prêt à recevoir nos mannequins qui vont vous présenter des collections internationales riches en style et en originalité. Un grand moment de mode à ne rater sous aucun prétexte où la création de qualité est mise à l’honneur. C’est ici http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/90/104/52


Diram’s LadyGaga collection Fashion Show NOW!

Friday, June 18th, 1PM SLT: Diram’s LadyGaga collection Fashion Show by Luxurious Models. The well-known model agency « Luxurious Models » is suggesting you tonight a show that will surprising you by its creativity and by its unique collection. Indeed, LadyGaga collection of Diram is an artistic fashion and uniqueness anthology. It’s a unique quality show with some surprises waiting for you here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49 Vendredi 18 juin à 22H00 : Défilé collection Lady Gaga de Diram par Luxurious Models La très renommée agence de mannequinat Luxurious Models, vous propose ce soir un show qui va vous surprendre par sa créativité et sa collection unique en son genre. En effet, issue de la marque Diram, la collection Lady Gaga est un florilège artistique de mode et d’originalité. Un moment de qualité unique à ne pas rater ou quelques surprises vous attendent par icihttp://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49


SIMODE Fashion Parade @ 1pm Today

Thursday, June 17th, 1PM SLT: Heavenly Designs, Sascha's Designs, Angelwing, Shape by Kira & Midis, Lady Thera Fashion Show Tonight, international fashion has a pride of place with this show from designers coming from all over the world. Various inspirations, various styles, this fashion show will seduce you by its variety. It’s a unique moment of fashion you can’t miss here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49 ----------------------------------------------------Jeudi 17 juin à 22h00 : Défilé Heavenly Designs, Sascha's Designs, Angelwing, Shape by Kira & Midis, Lady Thera Ce soir la mode internationale est a l'honneur avec ce défilé de créateurs venus des 4 coins du globe. Différentes mouvances, différents style, ce défilé va vous séduire par sa diversité et sa multiplicité des genres. Un moment unique de mode à na pas rater par ici http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49


Mister Avatar World 2010

1PM SLT: Mister Avatar 2010 Contest, Round 3. And already another step in this contest with, right under your eyes, the most beautiful boys of Second Life. Like the others rounds, the candidates have to be original to present you greatest designers’ outfits. It’s a pleasure and fashion proving design is still alive. Who will be qualified for the next round…the names tonight and here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Toulon/73/215/22 ---------------------------------------------22h00 : Concours Mister Avatar 2010, Tour 3 Nous voilà bien avancé dans la compétition avec les plus beaux garçons de SecondLife sous vos yeux. Comme les autres soir, ces derniers vont faire preuve d'originalité pour vous présenter des tenues de certains de nos plus grands créateurs mondiaux. Un moment de mode et de plaisir qui montre que la création a encore de très beaux jours. Qui sera qualifié pour le prochain tour... vous le saurez ce soir en vous rendant icihttp://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Toulon/73/215/22


Treasure Hunt - June 16th to 30th

Treasure Hunt Rules:International Fashion Fair treasure hunt – June 16th to 30th. Website: http://www.simode.net/ The principle is simple; various designers taking part to this event have hidden a quality freebie in their shop. From then on, you have to found these gifts in a precise order.The launching of that treasure hunt will be June 16th. This hunt is only for the International Fashion Fair shops. Made In JuraFrance3D Virtualya Here some things very useful to know before starting your hunt. 1- We ask you to join now, in-world, International Fashion Fair group that will be very useful to have piece of information during the game. You can join it for free.So you have to:• Click on a board, both on Made In Jura and France3D Virtualya, about the event, and follow the link in the chat.• Or find the group in the SL search and join it for free.• Or send an IM to Lalabel Demina, Annah Cham, Iko Aker or Kryss Holmer. 2- The object to find containing the freebie is a « star ».That star contains a “give inventory” script giving you the article simply by clicking on it. No need to buy it for L$0, one click is enough.Of course, there’s only one freebie by shop. When you’ll collect your gift, you’ll receive also a notecard in which will have the name of the next shop to go searching the next freebie.Shops are localizable on the website http://www.simode.net/ 3- In each shop, the star is not hidden inside a wall or something else complex. It’s visible to the naked eye.To locate your gifts i...

SIMODE Tuesday 15th June 2010 schedule

12PM SLT: Iko Aker in live. Iko is inviting you for an acoustic live concert. Mix of repeats and personal compositions, this performer with sweet and melodious voice will seduce you with his simplicity. It’s a musical and sharing moment here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/23/53/511PM SLT: BlakOpal Designs, Azul, Edika Creation, Just You Jewels & Indyra Originals Fashion Show.An amazing show is done for you tonight with some great fashion designers. Unique and original creations will make you travel in the fashion world. Evening and casual outfits, thematic collections, clothing lines for men and artistic jewels, this is a varied program for your pleasure. Shopping addicts have to be here tonight. http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Toulon/80/254/222PM SLT: NO LIMIT talk show on France3D Virtualya From 2PM to 4PM, you’re invited on NO LIMIT set, a JETSETLIFE program, all Tuesdays 2PM – 4PM. This French radio program is set out by Cocolinox de Cuir. This moment of relaxation, fun and laughing is here. It’s here:

Simode Fashion Parade

Friday, June 11th 2PM: Smaller Love Fashion, Alafolie, LaRosa, & Butterfly Effectz Tonight, it is a great fashion moment with this fashion show of 4 collections. Lingerie, casual and evening clothes and even wedding dress, the Fashion Fair is inviting you that stunning show. It’s here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/75/92/52 Vendredi 11 juin à 23h00 : Smaller Love Fashion, Alafolie, LaRosa & Butterfly Effectz Un grand moment de mode ce soir avec la présentation de 4 collections de grands créateurs. Lingerie, tenues de villes, tenues de soirées et même robe de mariée, le salon international de la mode vous invite à un grand moment de mode. C'ets par ici http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/75/92/52


Simode Fashion Parade!

Thursday June 10th, 1PM: Mama Mia, Caprices and Elise Creations fashion showThursday June 10th, 1PM: Mama Mia, Caprices and Elise Creations fashion showTonight, the International Fashion Fair is inviting you to a new fashion show of men and women clothes presenting you 3 varied collections. Come appreciate the peculiarity of these collections for your pleasure. A unique fashion show not to be missed here http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Toulon/73/216/22


Mister Avatar World 2010 - First Turn

Wednesday, June 9th, 1PM: Mister Avatar 2010 Contest, Turn 1. Let’s go for the most expected event of this fashion fair: Mister Avatar World 2010 contest. Tonight, they will be 18, right before your eyes, trying to seduce the jury to be in the last 16 for the next turn. Don’t miss this, with the creations of great men’s designers. It’s here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49 Mercredi 09 juin à 22h00 : Concours Mister Avatar 2010, Tour 1 Et c'est parti pour un des concours les plus attendus de ce salon et de l'année, le concours Mister Avatar World 2010. Ce soir ils seront 18 devant vos yeux et tenteront de séduire le jury pour faire parti des 16 candidats restants pour le tour suivant. Un moment à ne pas rater avec des creations des grands couturiers hommes par ici http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49


SIMODE Tuesday, June 8th 2010 Schedule

Tuesday, June 8th, 12pm: DJ Taylor Flanagan And let’s move our body on the dance floor with DJ Taylor who will do a wild mix for our pleasure. A moment to appreciate here.http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/112/127/52 Tuesday, June 8th, 2PM: NO LIMIT program on France3D Virtualya From 2PM to 4PM, you’re invited on NO LIMIT set, a JETSETLIFE program, all Tuesdays 2PM – 4PM. This French program is set out by Cocolinox de Cuir. A moment of relaxation, fun and laughing here.It’s here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Virtualya/215/195/21 Tuesday June 8th at 1PM : Fashion Show of Zuri Jewelry, Secrets, Glamour Style & Emo-tions Today, the Fashion Fair presents you 4 great c...

SIMODE Monday 7th june 2010 Schedule

Monday, June 7th, 12.30PM : Fashion Show organized by “Silhouette Agency” Tonight, “Silhouette Agency” is suggesting you a quality fashion show by showing you the superb collection “Alafolie” by Pixivor Allen. Both floral, cheerful and also very glamour, this collection will seduce you with its quality and variety. The competence of “Silhouette Agency” and its representatives will finish off this show. Don’t miss this show here. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/128/128/49Monday, June 7th, 12PM: Truli Lionheart at the Fashion Fair. Singer, author and composer, Truli is a performer who lives his passion since a few years. For him, Second Life is an excellent way to share his art. He loves cover various times and styles like rock, country and blues. He has many references: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash and Travis Tritt. An artist to discover here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Virtualya/157/158/22


Mister Avatar 2010!!

Sunday, June 6th 1PM: Mister Avatar World 2010 OpeningLet’s go for the most expected event of this fashion fair: Mister Avatar World 2010 contest that will put under the spotlight most beautiful boys of Second Life and talented men’s designers. Tonight, we invite you to discover the candidates chosen and meet this event’s hosts, organizers and sponsors. We give you an appointment here.http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Virtualya/84/15/21Dimanche 06 juin à 22h00 : Soirée d’ouverture Mister Avatar World 2010C’est parti pour un des évènements incontournables de ce salon de la mode : le concours Mister Avatar World 2010 qui va mettre sous les projecteurs les plus beaux garçons de Secondlife ainsi que des créateurs hommes de talent. Ce soir nous vous invitons à venir découvrir les candidats sélectionnés dans cette aventure ainsi que faire la connaissance des animateurs, des organisateurs et sponsors de cet évènement. Nous vous donnons rendez-vous ici http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Virtualya/84/15/21


International Fashion Fair Opening !!

International Fashion Fair - June 1st Schedule12pm - Fashion Parade Candidates Miss Avatar World 2010with DJ Cel Barrak (Made In Jura)1pm - Concert: Euterpe Queller (Made In Jura)2pm - French Radio show NO-LIMIT (France3D Virtualya)Locations:Jura: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Made%20in%20Jura/75/104/52Virtualya: http://slurl.com/secondlife/FRANCE3D%20Virtualya/127/129/22


Daily Fashion Tips Blog

Dress like a Model Fashion Tips

Although the models are mesmerized by the multitude of collections on and the styles have the opportunity to try to manage to flaunt their unique fashion sense. In fact this is the great gift that often crave. However, the basic learning dress like a fashion model advice is easy and requires no professional skills. Instead browse the following [...]

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Popular Bob Hairstyles Ideas

Another great thing about Bob is hairstyles that come in a range of styles. There are a number of fabulous ideas to choose popular bob hairstyles, which are designed to suit women with different facial features. Taking the shape of the face and hair type in mind when choosing a bob haircut is a necessity because not [...]

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How to dress for a cocktail

Summer is here and you can finally enjoy their favorite clothes easily broken, shoes and fashion accessories in bold. Although each party has its own style of clothing and holidays usually require a more sophisticated, very sexy and feminine dress. In the absence of any idea, today there are some incredible how to dress for a party [...]

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Shorts and Summer Blazer Style Tips

Finding the right combination when it comes to linking two elements of uber-popular style such as shorts and jackets, is a challenge even for true fashionistas. However, it seems that it is not impossible if your short follows some basic and style tips summer blazer. These will take you through the proper selection of apparel items and [...]

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Weekend Getaway Style Essentials

Preparing for a trip a few days should not be a big challenge. The arm of essential weekend style would break your summer wardrobe and a parade of costumes with the most important elements. They also offer a pleasant and comfortable, despite the bombs with strong sunlight and also help to arrange his season.
Planning a weekend is [...]

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Fashion Blog

June Birthstone Jewelry – Pearl Jewelry for June Birthdays

Pearl Bracelet with Silver Heart Togglea
Pearls and Alexandrite are both June birthstones. Alexandrite is rare, and expensive, but pearls are everywhere. There are so many types and colors of pearls that you’ll be able to find pearl jewelry in every style imagineable.
This delicate bracelet is made from 34 freshwater pearls strung together and connected by a sterling silver heart toggle clasp. The bracelet is 7-1/2″ long and the silver is rhodium plated.
14k White Gold Multi-Color Freshwater Cultured Pearl Triple Strand Bracelet
Three strands of multi-colored freshwater cultured pearls are parallel to each other and hook into a pretty 14k white gold filigree box clasp. The pearls are about 5.5 mm, so they are a delicate size.
Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl Woven Choker Necklace
Here’s a pretty choker necklace made of a woven band that’s five pearls wide. A lobster claw clasp holds the necklace securely in place and can hook into a chain for length adjustments. Pearls are small, about 3.5 mm. The entire woven strand is 5/8″ wide, so this is a delicate looking piece of jewelry.


#1-5 Beauty Mistakes that Add 10 Years

Neglecting Your Hands
Even the most diligent skin-care junkie can be guilty of forgetting about her hands. But why spend all that time saving face when your hands tell the world your real age? Once every two weeks, buff the backs of your hands with the same microdermabrasion product you would use on your face (try Rodan and Fields Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste). Additionally, slather on a hand cream with SPF every morning (we like Neutrogena Age Shield Hand Cream SPF 30 with Helioplex), and massage a retinol product such as La Roche-Posay Biomedic Retinol 15 Cream onto the backs of your hands every night to fight wrinkles and keep the skin firm. And if you’re plagued with brown spots, dot a 2 percent hydroquinone formula such as Murad Age Spot & Pigment Lightening Gel on them, and you’ll begin to see a difference in about four weeks.
Not Using Sunscreen
We may forget to floss occasionally, but you’ll never catch us forgetting to apply sunscreen. Here’s why: Nearly all wrinkles and fine lines are due to sun exposure, so skip sunscreen in the morning and you’re basically asking for it. Covering your face with a broad-spectrum formula such as Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock SPF 30 will take a few extra seconds every morning—but can keep years off your face. Just do it and thank us later.
Wearing Frosty Eye Shadows
Metallic and frosted eye shadows were iffy back in junior high—and they’re even le...

Lady Gaga’s Alejandro, the bowl hair cut is back

We knew that Lady Gaga was going to keep us entertained and on the pulse this year. Her latest music video, Alejandro is whopping 9 minutes long if you are bored today. Like many others, she seems to have been inspired by Madonna, the Queen of Pop, in some of the choreography and costumes. Also on a fashion trend forecast, is the classic bowl hair cut possibly making a comeback? Enjoy.
from mecho.com.au


The Amazing Power of Avocados

Calling all guac addicts: Avocados keep you thin, protect your vision, and may even prevent cancer.
1 Eye opener
Protect your vision with a few slices of avocado at lunch or dinner. Avocados are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants found in the retina that keep eyes healthy; they also may help prevent age-related problems, like cataracts and macular degeneration.
2 Cancer fighter
Extracts from avocados kill or stop the growth of precancerous cells that lead to oral cancer and may have a similar effect on other cancers, according to a recent study. Researchers credit the fruit’s unique combo of nutrients—which include folate and vitamins C and E.
3 Nutrient booster
Add avocado to salsa for a bigger health payoff. A study from The Ohio State University found that people absorbed four-and-a-half times more of the cancer-fighter lycopene from the tomatoes when avocado was added; the healthy fats help you absorb more nutrients.
4 Healthier fat
Skip the mayo, and go for creamy avocado on your sandwich. It packs 4 grams of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat (which lowers cholesterol), 2 grams of fiber, and 1 gram of protein per ounce, making it a lower-fat, more-filling substitute for the white stuff.
By Susan Hall
From Health magazine


Become a Fashion Designer-You Should Known

Choosing the Right Educational Path in Order to Become a Fashion Designer
If fashion designing is your calling and you dream of becoming a part of a major fashion house such as Dolce and Gabbana, Versace, Armani, Prada and so many more some day, then you’ve stumbled onto the prefect resource center! Preparing for a career in fashion designing is going to be surprisingly easy with the resources and help you will find here!
If you’re looking to become a fashion designer, then you need to make sure that you receive the best education in the field. Applying in Britain is your best option because, British fashion designing courses are generally regarded as the best in the world. Graduates sometimes get jobs in international fashion houses right after they complete their education and some even start clothing lines of their own!
What qualifications are you required to have in order to apply to fashion designing schools in Britain? You need to have completed your secondary education, or alternatively, students may even have a degree in equivalent vocational courses like BTEC in National Diplomas.
After having completed your secondary education, you need to apply for a “foundation course”. So what exactly is a foundation course? This course introduces you to the basics of fashion designing, and no, it is not all fun and games. This course lets you have a broad and comprehensive art and design experience and you also learn how to put together the kind of portfolios which the industry demands.
After the foundation year, you are required to go on to the Higher National Diploma. This is a two year course. You may also do a Bachelor of Arts in fashion designing. This is a three year course. But most colleges ...


There is a variety of knotted and twisted updos, for a creative and elegant look for the prom, wedding or other formal occasion. Twists and knots can work with just about any length of hair, color or style.
* This style works best on slightly dirty hair. Freshly washed hair will be harder to work with and more flyaway.
* Brush hair back from the face and secure the hair into 6 equally spaced sections.
* Take small sections in each individual section and start to twist it until it starts to roll into itself. Continue twisting your hair loosely to form a spiral on top of your head.
* Pin the spiralled sections of hair to your scalp with a bobby pin.
* Continue twisting and pinning the other secions of hair until you have created a pattern of twists and knots from the front of your hair all the way to the nape of your neck.
* Use hairspray to hold all hair in place.
* For extra glamour – add sparkly hair pins or jewels throughout the style.
by hairstyle.com


Top Fashion Schools – To Profession in the Fashion Industry

Top fashion schools offer a wide diversity of courses in preparing students for employment in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is permanently changing due to the fact that individuals always like to buy modern clothes. If you assume you ‘ve got what takes to become the next big thing, the first thing you need is an education in fashion design at one of the top fashion schools.
Fashion program official recognition is an universal indicator of quality, focusing more on the quality of academics and the rigor of training at a school. In order to turn out to be certified, all the top fashion schools gone throughout a very complicated certification procedure with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The accreditation committee is in charge with the evaluation process.
If you’ re interested in having a profession in the fashion industry, there are lots of top fashion schools that can meet your expectations. It’ s up to you if you choose the traditional on-campus or the on line approach. Whether you aim for a profession in fashion design, fashion merchandising or the manufacturing of clothes, a well documented list of top fashion schools is going to be a stepping stone towards your preferred career in this business.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division will suit individuals not willing to move to a campus, offering degrees and diplomas while permitting you to set your own schedule. Students looking for preparation in sales strategies could find their Fashion and Retail Management program extremely appealing.
With programs both web-based and on campus and one of the top fashion schools, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco gives a fashion major with instructors who actually are working in their industries, thus being capable to link ...

Fashion Design Clothing For 2010

Fashion Design Padded Bold Broad Power Shoulders 80’s Fashion Clothing For 2010
One of the hottest style trends in clothes is the bold, strong shoulder! Yes, padded broad exaggerated shoulders are back- inspired by 1980’s style but with a twist-a lot more shape and structure than the looks from the 80’s. Shoulders today are more architectural and the broad shaped shoulder is often worked in as part of the top, dress, or jacket design. Peaked shoulders and pointed shoulders, as seen above, give off a futuristic vibe and are especially trendy today!
by flights-of-fab-fashion-fancy.com


How to get sexy wavy hair

How to get sexy wavy hair like Jessica Simpson or Rachel Bilson (pictured). This look isn’t about to go out of style anytime soon. Wavy hair is hot, hot, hot. Find out how to give yourself the red carpet look to die for.
For a fast, quick-drying version of beachy waves, towel-dry hair and comb out hair. Spray mousse in your palm (baseball-size if you have long hair, golf ball-size if it’s shoulder-length or shorter). Tilt your head to the size and scrunch mousse from the ends on up on one side, then repeat on the other side. Let hair air-dry, scrunching every so often as it dries. DON’T brush hair out.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes – 1 hour, depending on length and thickness of hair
Here’s How:
1. Turn upside down and spray freshly washed roots with volumizing or texturizing spray. Massage it in (stylist Garren insists the rubbing motion creates body and texture). I like Bumble and Bumble or you can try Aveda volumizing tonic .
2. If hair is naturally coarse or curly, work a straightening balm through hair. Here’s a great list of balms.
3. Brush hair (this works the product evenly through hair). Blowdry hair straight, starting at the roots to get extra volume. Hair must be completely dry for this look to work. Blow cold air at the roots to add volume (cold air locks in a style).
4. Separate hair into three sections, securing with a ponytail holder. (It’s easier this way to curl your way through each section).
5. To curl hair, use a wide-barrel curling iron. Starting with one section, take a 1-inch portion of hair, spritz it with styling spray (again, I love Bumble and Bumble Styling Spray) or hairspray. Wrap hair around the barrel of the curling iron. (Wrapping hair is different from the traditional...

Tips for looking to Get into Fashion School

Is it necessary for you to have a college degree in order to become the world’s next great fashion designer? While true style can’t be taught, most people will agree that it is very difficult to find a job, any job in the fashion industry without some sort of degree, even if it is a two or four year one. As a matter of fact, going to fashion school and getting an education makes you more of an appealing job candidate. It is extremely competitive job market and an education can make the difference between you and another equally qualified candidate.
No matter how talented you are or think you are, fashion design school holds a ton of experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find somewhere else. You can make some contacts within the industry contacts, polish up on your techniques and even learn new and exciting fashion design software. School can teach you how to critically look at your own work, thus improving your design skills.
If you’re thinking about going to fashion school, there are quite a few choices to consider. Here are just a few of the beginning steps you’ll need to take in order to get yourself enrolled in the best fashion schools.
* If you have any dreams of joining the world of fashion, you better learn how to sew. There is no other skill that is as important as sewing is to fashion design. It’s also a skill that more and more students just don’t have. Knowing how would and can give you a one up on the competition. Learning how to sew can put a potential fashion designer a step ahead of the others trying to get into fashion school.
* Now is the time to master your drawing abilities. Now it’s true that a great portion of this artistic skill comes naturally for most people, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’...

Beauty Cosmetic Guide

Make-up has come a long way since its origin. Cosmetics that are widely known today were not so common yesterday. Similarly, the products we use today may not be here tomorrow. Today it is all about style that is healthy and economical. Staying healthy is the major concern therefore people are now increasingly relying on mineral makeup. If basic cosmetics are organic in nature, such as mineral foundation, you can save yourself from a lot of harm causing chemicals.
The modern cosmetics available in the market today have many stories and myths associated with them. Most of them are totally false, but still believed to be true. A few of them are listed below:
• Cosmeceutical are better than other cosmetic companies: A general perception about this may be that the word cosmeceutical would be a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals so it has to be better for the skin. However, this may not be true. More pharmaceuticals may also mean more chemicals and eventually, more harm to your skin. Likewise, according to FDA, there is no such thing as “cosmeceutical”. It is just a marketing term used to attract the audience. Watch out!
• Everything that is recommended by dermatologists has to work: This may be another marketing term to attract the target audience. Not every product that lists ‘dermatologists tested’ may actually be tested by dermatologists. In fact, very little number of such products is in reality tested by the dermatologists themselves.
• Natural products are undoubtedly the best products: Although this may be surprising to a lot of people, but not all natural ingredients in cosmetics might be good for your skin. There are a lot of natural products which may generate some kind of itching on your skin. Moreover, just because a product...

Top Spa Trends – Wellness Spa Equipment

Top Spa Trends – Wellness Spa Equipment, Organic Skin Care and Customized Spa Services
The ever-increasing demand for spas that provide health maintenance in addition to relaxation and beauty services has changed the way spas do business. Many spa visitors are not just looking to be pampered. They want healthy living, fitness, personal growth, eco friendly, natural pain relief, weight loss, organic skin care programs and more. This shift is creating some fascinating new spa therapy trends that indicate consumer choice is a high priority. In today’s market spa-goers want superior quality equipment, educated service providers with the highest credentials and a gorgeous location with a luxurious, comfortable atmosphere. Creativity, innovation and a commitment to excellence are the keys to starting and operating a successful spa.
Organic Skin Care Products and Organic Massage Therapy Oils, Creams and Lotions
Around the world people are thinking more about the beauty and skin care products they put on and in their bodies. Successful spas must think not only about the quality of their estheticians, massage therapists and other staff, but also about the quality of the products they use. Organic skin care treatments, such as organic body wraps, facials, footbaths and more are in high demand.
Massage therapists are also now using organic massage therapy oils, creams, lotions and muscle rubs made with organic ingredients such as natural healing herbs and therapeutic essential oils. According to the HealingLifestyles.com article “Spa Trends 2010 The Evolved Spa” by writer Margie Goldsmith, Tracy Lee, vice president of spa development for Auberge Resorts says, “Spas are positioning themselves with more green products, and many skincare companies are getting rid of paraffin...

Beauty Anonymous

Majolica Majorca Fall 2010 Collection

Majolica Majorca Fall 2010 CollectionMajolica Majorca will release its fall 2010 Queen of Decoration collection on July 21st in Japan. The collection includes:

  • Jewelling Eyes: 3 new variations
  • Eyes Reset Gel (eye makeup remover)
  • Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo: 1 shade

[Photo credit: www.nikkei.co.jp]Related posts:Majolica Majorca Summer 2010 CollectionMajolica Majorca Spring 2010 CollectionMajolica Majorca Holiday 2008 Lash Gorgeous WingMajolica Majorca Trick On Eyeshadow Palette in GR750


Shiseido Fall 2010 Point Makeup Collection

Shiseido Fall 2010 Makeup CollectionShiseido will release its Fall 2010 makeup on August 1st in Japan. The collection includes:

  • Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio: 7 variations
  • Automatic Fine Eyeliner: 2 shades
  • Perfect Mascara Defining Volume: waterproof, 2 shades
  • Lash Conditioning Primer
  • Perfect Rouge: 5 new shades

[Photo credit: www.nikkei.co.jp]Related posts:Shiseido Summer 2010 Makeup CollectionShiseido Spring 2010 Makeup CollectionShiseido Luminizing Lip Gloss in PK303 BelliniShiseido Smoothing Lip Pencil in RD702 AnemoneShiseido Perfect Rouge in BE109 Spiced Cream


Anna Sui Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Anna Sui's fall 2010 makeup collection will be launched on August 5th in Japan. The collection includes:Eye Color Duo: 7 variationsEye Color: 25 shadesEye Brightener: 1 shadeSpot Concealer: SPF20 PA++, 3 shadesMini Rouge V: 3 shades (limited editions)Nail Color N: 5 shades (limited editions)[Photo credit: www.joseishi.net/voce/]Related posts:Anna Sui Summer 2010 Makeup CollectionAnna Sui Summer 2010 Bodycare CollectionAnna Sui Spring/Summer 2010 Base Makeup CollectionAnna Sui Spring 2010 Makeup CollectionAnna Sui Lip Gloss<...

Lunasol Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Lunasol will release its fall 2010 makeup collection on August 20th in Japan. The theme of this collection is "Aurora Purification," and it focuses on light-reflecting and shimmering effects.There will be a new range of five-color eyeshadow palettes called Aurorize Eyes, which will be the brand's second 5-color eyeshadow range after the popular Geminate Eyes series was launched in fall 2007. The collection includes:Aurorize Eyes: 5 variationsGel Eyeliner: 6 shadesFull Glamour Lips S: 10 new shadesColoring Cheeks: 2 new variationsAurorize Nuance Eyes: 3 shades (limited editions)Full Glamour Gloss N: 3 new shades (limited editions)Nail Finish: 3 new shades (limited editions) [Photo credit: www.nikkei.co.jp] Related posts:Lunasol Summer 2010 Collection Lunasol Spring 2010 Collection Lunasol Spring/Summer ...

Clé de Peau Fall/Winter 2010 Makeup Collection

Clé de Peau Fall 2010 CollectionClé de Peau's fall 2010 makeup collection will be launched on July 21st in Japan. The collection includes:

  • Ombres Couleurs Quatri: 5 variations
  • Rouge Subtil: 2 shades
  • Rouge à Lèvres: 3 shades

[Photo credit: www.nikkei.co.jp]Related posts:Clé de Peau Spring 2010 Makeup CollectionClé de Peau Fall 2009 Makeup Collection


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  7. Beauty Anonymous loves the lightness and glossiness of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect.
  8. The Makeup Blogger is loving her new, fuller lashes, thanks to Talika Lipocils .

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in #247 Cotton Petal

Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in #247 Cotton Petal Lately, I have been using Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in 247 Cotton Petal that was from Dior's spring 2008 collection. This lip gloss is no longer available after Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect was revamped in spring 2010. The new range features 18 shades in nude, pearl and flash finishes.I wasn't really impressed with the streaky application that the older version of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect delivered. It had been left unused for the longest time. While I was organizing my cosmetics 2 weeks ago, I decided to use it again for the sake of its beautiful packaging. I have discovered a new appreciation for this lip gloss since then. Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in #247 Cotton Petal The older version of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in #247 Cotton Petal has a relatively thin, runny, yet silky smooth consistency. It goes on soft, weightless and non-sticky. The finish is sheer with a hint of subtle shimmer, uber glossy and ultra shiny. It makes my lips look poutier and fuller. The only downside is that the older version applies streaky. Thus, it looks best when applied on top of lipstick to avoid the streaky finish, and add highlight and dimension to the lips.As the summer heat is approaching, Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect is a wonderful ...

World Oceans Day 2010

La Mer World Oceans Day Crème 2010In commemoration of World Oceans Day (June 8th) 2010, Oceana Spokeswoman January Jones participates in the World Oceans Day dive in Berlize sponsored by La Mer to help raise awareness of ocean conservation and marine environmental issues.As today marks the second official UN World Oceans Day, it is my pleasure to share the video of the World Oceans Day dive by Oceana Spokeswoman January Jones.Related posts:La Mer Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Partnership with Oceana


Guerlain Fall 2010 Collection

Guerlain will release its fall 2010 makeup collection on August 6th in Japan. This collection will feature a new range of six color eyeshadow palettes called Écrin 6 Couleurs. The packaging is exquisitely stunning, and the colors look quite wearable. I am looking forward to seeing more images of Écrin 6 Couleurs. The collection includes: Écrin 6 Couleurs: 5 variationsKissKiss Essence de Gloss: 8 shadesKissKiss Gloss: 3 new shades Rouge G de Geurlain: 4 new shadesBlush 4 Éclats: 1 new variation [Photo credit: http://www.joseishi.net/voce/] Related posts:Guerlain Summer 2010 Makeup CollectionGuerlain KissKiss Maxi Shine Sheer Colours Volume Effect in #667 Fuchsia Shine and #663 Strawberry Shine Guerlain KissKiss Lipstick in #563 Pretty in Pink


Dior Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Dior will release its fall 2010 makeup collection on July 23rd in Japan. The eye colors focus on variation of purples primarily, and the limited-edition Duo Couleur Edition Collector features silver and black eyeshadows that are embossed with Dior logos.Also, it is worth noting that Dior's fall '10 makeup collection will come up with a battery-powered mascara called Mascara Diorshow 360, which features a helix brush.The collection includes: Duo Couleur Edition Collector (limited edition) 5-Colour Designer: 1 new variation 5-Colour Eyeshadow: 1 new variation (limited edition) Mascara Diorshow 360 Diorshow Maximizer Sérum de Rouge: 1 limited-edition shade & 3 new shades Dior Addict High Color: 1 limited-edition shade & 1 new shade

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Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Pink Dusk

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Pink DuskHere's a sneak peek of Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Pink Dusk. It features one of the most beautifully-designed lipstick cases I have ever seen. I will share a detailed review on Private Blend Lip Color in Pink Dusk soon. :)Related posts:Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color Collection


Lavshuca Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Part of Lavshuca Fall 2010 Makeup CollectionLavshuca will release its fall 2010 makeup collection on August 1st in Japan. All the products in this collection are permanent items.The collection features:

  • Dramatic Memory Liquid: 8 shades
  • Creamy Gel Liner: 6 shades
  • Long Lengths Maker: 1 shade

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Kate Fall 2010 Makeup Collection

Part of Kate Fall 2010 Makeup CollectionHere is a preview of part the products from Kate's fall 2010 makeup collection that will be launched on August 1st in Japan.Kate fall 2010 collection includes:

  • Dual Blend Eyes: 8 variations
  • Gradical Eyes A: 1 new variation
  • Reflect Mirror Eyes: 1 new variation
  • Lasting Gel Eyeliner: 6 shades
  • Lasting Gel Eyebrow: 3 shades
  • Lasting Gel Eyebrow Coat
  • Rouge Lustre: 8 shades
  • Lip Gloss S: 5 shades
  • Beauty Up BB Base UV

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La Mer Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Partnership with Oceana

World Oceans Day 2010La Mer Celebrates Fifth Anniversary of Partnership with OceanaWith a heritage deeply rooted to the beauty and power of the sea, La Mer is proud to announce the fifth anniversary of its partnership with Oceana, the world’s leading international ocean advocacy organization. Since 2005, La Mer has actively supported the efforts of Oceana in the protection and preservation of the oceans as a tribute to its founder, Dr. Max Huber. Inspired by the rejuvenating and healing powers of the sea, La Mer has created a limited-edition 100 ml World Oceans Day “blue” Crème de la Mer jar and will make a $200,000 donation to Oceana. This is the first time the look of La Mer’s signature Crème de la Mer jar has been changed; “going blue” signifies the brand’s continued commitment to the oceans.La Mer World Oceans Day Crème 2010Successes, Support and Expansion The remarkable accomplishments of Oceana have raised critical awareness on the plight of our seas and their precious resources. Oceana’s specific campaigns to promote habitat protection, pollution control, safe seafood practices and responsible fishing have facilitated extensive global policy changes grounded by their tireless scientific research and reporting. La Mer is proud to support the continued growth and development of Oceana and honored to celebrate the fifth year of a dedicated partnership. Over the course of the past five years, La Mer has donated over half a million dollars globally towards Oceana’s sea expeditions, studies and preservation efforts. La Mer’s $200,000 World Oceans Day dona...

Chi-Chi and the Greek Vintage

Diane Freis

vintage diane freis dress, modeled by erica miller, photographed by Ruth Synowiec (Trixie Nixon)I have a true, undying love for Diane Freis dresses. They have a perfect balance of femininity, sexiness with a dash of hippie chic. Guaranteed to turn heads!Added a few new ones to the site, more coming this week. nicole ritchie wearing diane freis:Katy Rodriguez , (RESURRECTION and designs her own fashion line)is a fan!Erin Fetherston, fashion designer, likes hers shortened!Pamela love, LOVES her Diane Freis dress. (photo from Elle)at chichiandthegreek.com and also in store: 3543 elizabeth lk rd, waterford mi. 48328


Who is..Olya Thompson

Olya Thompson .OLYA THOMPSON a magnificent textile designer. BUT not just another textile designer blending in the crowd. She is a one of a king gem I tell you; brilliant in her work, true to her ethnic history, and impeccable to design. Moving from Russia to the States in her teen years, she still carries with her a strong remembrance and appreciance for her homeland which is clearly visible in her well being as well as inspiration in her designs. And best part yet, it wasn’t until she was remodeling her house in New York with her husband (and photographer) Charles, that she discovered the lack of textiles and fabrics she was in search for. Leaving her unsatisfied, she took things to her own matters and made a textile designer of herself. Genius gal. Recently opening her fabric house with partner Nathalie Farman-Farma, ‘Tissus Tartares’.Her taste sure is nothing but exquisite--Rich. Delicate. Plentiful but not over-bearing. Romantic. Subtle yet colorful. Ethnic and PROUD!And if you can’t quite grasp her taste. Please take a bite of her New York residence as you will see her use of patterns and textures. AMAZING ,enough said.Written by: Courtney Yanick


J-Crew Revamped..OR perhaps not?

Recently it was brought to my attention that J-Crew had something for all of us to see.What you ask, what could J-crew possibly have in store for us (no hard feelings, by any means here) but when I think J-crew, the first images running through this head of mine is simple basic garments, garments that are affordable, and the garments that are staples in our wardrobe. Because of this, J-Crew has long established themselves and is a serving loyal friend in the average household closet. So when I first heard J-Crew had something to ring my ears, I was thrown though a minor loop. Now with that said, HERE, here I show you the fall 2010 ready to wear collection styled by the creative Jenna Lyons. Her inspiration--"Grey Gardens".Now I ask you:Is this Jcrew totally revamped? With new designs, silhouette structure and use of textiles..ORIs this still the same simple J-Crew we know? ..Paired up with a genius stylist.I leave this up to you, ladies and gentlemen, for you to decide. Can a brilliantly artistic stylist be the one responsible for the presentation of J-Crews fall collection. Or, is it the designer revamping the line in total..?Written by: Courtney Yanick

Bouton Kids Launches Limited-Edition Children's Wear at Bubble London Trade Show

Bouton Kids, a new label that offers limited-edition children’s wear using exclusive, artisanal textiles in 100 percent cotton, wool or silk, launched their new brand exclusively at The Bubble London Kids Trade Show.Bouton Kids was founded by Rekha with the intention of creating clothes that are individually styled using beautiful fabrics.Fresh, elegant, chic and charming, the collection uses traditional textiles from India that are entirely hand woven and naturally dyed, and include block prints, woven checks and stripes, ikat, twill, embroidery and threadwork.Bouton clothes are modern, understated and have an individual look. Key styles include reversible jackets lined with flannel, tops/blouses, shirts, tunics, trousers, dresses, skirts and nightwear. Sizes range from 2-12 years.


Nicki Macfarlane Spring/Summer 2010 Children's Collection at Bubble London Trade Show

Nicki Macfarlane has been a leading designer of bespoke dresses and outfits for bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboys for many years. Her award winning designs feature regularly in leading UK bridal publications and her clients have included many celebrity and society brides.This year Nicki is launching her first ready to wear collection of occasion wear for children from birth to age 12 as well as the introduction of beautiful communion dresses and christening robes and a stunning range of day wear.By playing with countless combinations of beautiful colors brides are encourage to inject a bit of their own style into the look of their attendants. The finest silks, organzas, taffetas and organdies, as well as exquisite hand embroidery and sumptuous petticoats, are brought together to create a truly lovely as well as adaptable collection. Choose from a large range of styles designed to be appropriate for the smallest flower girls as well as more sophisticated older bridesmaids. Then pick from a stunning color palette of toning silk, decide on a matching or contrasting sash and button color, ending up with a very personalized look.Nicki is also launching Nicki Macfarlane Blue, her first range of daywear for boys and girls aged 2 to 8. Its roots are in classic English childrenswear but with contemporary styling. Including perfect pinnies, gorgeous smocks, well cut trousers and pretty print tops and shirts, this collection is defined by its attention to detail and sophisticated color palette. It is an elegant collection designed to appeal to both mother and child.


Pili Pala Childrenswear Launch Organic Collection at Bubble London Trade Show

Sunday was the first day of the Bubble London Kids Trade Show and Pili Pala Childrenswear launched its new organic collection. Strengthening Pili Pala's ethos of ethically produced clothes that are made to last, the new collection again contains pieces which are both unisex and trans-seasonal with funky design-led garments using the softest organic cotton, velour and recycled fabric.The most exciting aspect of the new collection is the launch of an underwear range in soft organic cotton which includes boy’s briefs, girl’s briefs and a multi-purpose unisex vest in sizes 2 – 12 years.Pili Pala’s founder, Berith Lochery, explains, “Following the success of our first two collections I wanted to increase our offer to both our retailers and consumers. Our ethos of producing funky, practical clothes in the softest organic cotton should be applied to underwear too. More and more parents appreciate the quality of our organic garments and it seemed natural to introduce underwear into the collection.” Hot on the heels of the successful introduction of Pili Pala babywear during AW10, the new babywear range includes babygros, hats and bibs all available in red or red and navy stripes – equally stylish for baby girls or boys. Created in soft organic cotton, the babywear range is sure to be a big hit with babies and their parents. Available in sizes from birth to 12 months.Pili Pala’s third collection continues its signature identity of stylish, clean lines which emphasize comfort along with strong playful stripes and an increased colour palette of bold color blocks in red, red and navy stripes with highlights of yellow embroidery. All of Pili Pala’s clothes are produced using organic fabric and ethical processes. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the garmen...

Summer 2010 Kids Fashion Clearance at Childrensalon

Childrensalon Spring/Summer 2010 Clearance - Up to 50% off Wide Range of Designer Kids Clothing!Childrensalon invites you to browse their wide selection of designer brands for girls and boys ranging from 0 to 16 years old.Find designers from around the globe including: ALBERTA FERRETTI, ANTIK BATIK, ARMANI, BABY GRAZIELLA, BURBERRY, CHLOÉ, DIOR, DOLCE & GABBANA, ESCADA, I PINCO PALLINO, JOHN GALLIANO, JOTTUM, KENZO, MISS GRANT and many more!!


What Are You Doing This Weekend? Bubble London Kids Trade Show

If you're looking for something fun to do (and are in London), Bubble London has something for everyone from June  20-21st!You'll find over 200 of kids brands from around the globe from huge international names to niche labels that are just waiting to be discovered.From clothing to gifts, footwear to interiors, accessories to toys, Bubble London has the whole of the industry covered.Once again, Bubble London will be supporting the children’s charity Kid’s Company, which provides practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people.


20% off Catimini Summer Collection at Cute Little Clothes Baby Boutique

Online Boutique Cute Little Clothes is offering 20% off the entire French Catimini Summer Collections for Baby, Boy and Girl. Plus find new markdowns on Tea Collection and BabySoy's new organic collection.


Don't Miss Hanna Andersson's Twice a Year Sale

Good News - Hanna's Big Big Twice A Year Sale - is on! Get up to 50% off kids tees, shorts, dresses, and more! Plus Hanna's Fall Preview has begun with fun, new styles that are great for Summer and into Fall.


BabyLegs Super-Soft Leg & Arm Warmers

BabyLegs offers super-soft leg warmers that can be used for arms too! Enter BabyLegs photo contest and win a prize package of $250. Plus sign up for their newsletter and get $10 off of your next purchase!


Fun Rocker Tees for Kids at Baby Rock Apparel

Baby Rock Apparel's edgy rock t-shirts for kids transforms every child into a cool rock star!Baby Rock Apparel is a hit from Los Angeles to New York, and now can be seen on children's backs throughout the world! If you're looking for a baby gift for boys or girls, their toddler t-shirts & hip infant clothes make for the perfect funky gift.Get 10% off any item online with code dashinfashion.


World Cup 2010 - Fashionable Football at Childrensalon Boutique

Dress for success, or just for fun! Online designer kids boutique Childrensalon wishes good luck to everyone!Hugo Boos celebrates the World Cup in high-style with a selection of colorful and patriotic polo t-shirts for England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and more!Plus, Calvin Klein celebrates the World Cup mania with classic, comfy, cotton boxer shorts, in the team colors.


Little Elephant Studio - 10% off New and Upcoming Designer Children's Clothing

Little Elephant Studio specializes in designer baby and children's clothing from newborns to 8 years. Boutique rather than warehouse - Little Elephant Studio strives to bring you the best of new and upcoming designers.Some of the brands offered at Little Elephant Studio include:Tori and Leonie - colorful and fun new UK range for girls ages 2-8 inspired by the story of Tori and her magical friend Leonie.Oobi Baby - bright and original range from Australia up to Age 6.Missie Moosie - fresh and unique range for girls from the USA. Kite Kids - environmentally friendly range for boys and girls up to Age 8 from the UK. Olive and Moss - baby wear with cute appliqué characters and coordinating sets. Toby Tiger - colorful and easy organic range of baby and children's wear.New this season are Rock your Baby - a cool baby and toddler brand, X&Y with their cool beachwear and 3 Little Trees - all great original Australian ranges.Why not pay a visit to Little Elephant Studio and see what they have on offer - you're bound to find something just that little bit different.Get 10% off your next order at Little Elephant Studio this week only.


Auctions for Susana on eBay

Gretchen Baker at Baby Gassy Gooma has organized an ebay auction for Susana Whittaker, a precious 4-year-old girl who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that has already spread to her bones, liver, chest and spine. Search Auctions for Susana on eBay - 100% profits going to support Susana Whittaker's medical costs.


Win Shopping Spree at Alex and Alexa Designer Kids Clothing Boutique

Online Designer Children's Clothing Store Alex and Alexa is giving away a £300 shopping spree and Leola Handbag by Marc Jacobs. Enter to win today - the competition closes on June 6, 2010!Plus get 25% off your next purchase with code: DASH25.


New Agoo Bamboo Leggings - 1 Cent Event

Agoo Bamboo Leggings are for age 0 and up and are worn on legs and arms. The bamboo allows for stretch, or can be crunched up for tiny babies. Use code: 1centleg7 and pay only 1 cent on your first leggings.


American Idol's Casey James with Cousin Lyndi Wearing My Vintage Baby

As Casey James was singing his last song on American Idol, he was holding his cousin, Lyndi, wearing her My Vintage Babay Summer Days Capri Outfit.“We were honored and excited to see Casey’s cousin wearing My Vintage Baby’s Summer Days outfit on American Idol! Fans were sending messages and chatting on the Internet following the show about the little girl -- wondering who she was and what she was wearing!” said National Sales Director Jana Champagne. “As soon as they learned she was wearing My Vintage Baby, fans were ordering the outfit, so their daughter could make the same fashion statement.”


Henri Lloyd New Range of Boys Clothing from the UK

Introducing Henri Lloyd for Boys - a new range of marine style boyswear from the UK that includes knits and hoodies, shirts, tops, t-shirts, legwear and accessories.Henri Lloyd is a UK based outdoor and nautical style brand for Men, Women, and now boys too.



the freshmaker

Perfume addicts know what it is like to experience fragrance burnout; there is simply a point in time where you feel like you’ve been there, done that and sniffed it all. With hundreds of fragrances released each year (and 90 percent of them smelling identical) the search for something original can be long and arduous. Byredo Perfumes provides a welcome break from the usual suspects; their lineup of atypical scents with names like Baudelaire, Gypsy Water and Bal d’Afrique, is easily among the most exciting range of scents I’ve come across recently. Factor in the collaborations with both Fantastic Man and Acne and you have the makings of the hippest niche brand on the scene.

Byredo & Acne Candle, Lilla Nygatan 23
Cool points rarely mean gravitas, but Byredo has both; there are many lines that boast unusual ingredients or strange combinations, none can match the crisp freshness of Byredo; one spray of the aptly titled, Green is akin to walking through a garden of sage, spritz Pulp and you can almost taste the sweetness of ripe blood oranges. There is something wholly addictive about the way in which they manage to radiate that rawness that comes with natural smells.
The bottle of La Tulipe sitting on my dresser
Created ex-basketball player Ben Gorham (read the fascinating story of his move from sports to perfuming here) the line is chock full of winners. Personally, I am partial to the zest of the aforement...

zip code

When my mother told me about Kate Cusack’s unique zipper jewelry, I was intrigued yet skeptical. The idea of a line of jewelry created entirely from zippers seemed gimmicky, but Cusack’s artful execution was more than enough to ease my doubts. If I didn’t know that these pieces were comprised solely of YKKs, I would never guess; when twisted, folded and turned inside out they look completely different and serve as the perfect little statement add-on / conversation-starter. Just goes to show you, I should listen to my parents more often…


10 X 10 alexander wang

Alexander Wang has created an empire by making the kind of edgy, downtown basics seem to garner two reactions; obsessive love or complete ambivalence. If you fall into his target demographic of leggy Lower East Side girls who have hair that never seems to dry, then you will love what he has to offer for resort. If you don’t then, you may still find yourself begrudgingly intrigued by his handmade sweaters and casual cropped trousers. Though Wang has kept his grunge spirit, this collection is decidedly pristine; cream colored mini-dresses, crisp white denim worn with a leather jacket, even :gasp: a good ol’ fashioned khaki! Even non-believers may find themselves swayed, by the ease and accessibility of this collection.

A selection of monochromatic dresses and jumpers, followed by a cropped crochet top and white pants with a little hint of stomach.

Gorgeous burgundy mixed with khaki – love the bathrobe inspired trench coat, sure to be a hit. The cuffed khakis are almost preppy.

Signature black and white for the true Wang devotees, note the amount of midriff were seeing this resort season.


By the time you read this post, someone will have tried to convince you that there is a new minimalism. Whoever this person is, they are a liar and should not be trusted in any capacity. Minimalism never went away and the new minimalism looks suspiciously like the old version; case in point, this season when every other designer is attempting homage to the days when Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein and Jil Sander were actually helming their respective labels. All this millennial redux isn’t a bad thing as our appetite for simple, elegant clothes is never quite sated, but for those of who lived through the decade, the nostalgia can feel just a little too early. After all, there are women who still have their original camel coats tucked safely in storage, do they really need the new Celine variant?
The answer is of course, yes. There is still something appealing about the K.I.S.S. ethos of pared down design, be it fashion, art or even in the stripped down designs of publications like Gentlewoman and Dapper Dan. Whether or not women are ready dress like austere models seen on catwalks, they retain their interest in simplicity. Beneath the severity of minimalism lies a utilitarian spirit; Stella McCartney’s faux leather separates may look sleek, but they are also cut to flatter, accented by functional flat shoes and in season defying neutrals – same goes for the slouchy new offerings at Bottega, or even Philo’s heralded creations. Is it any wonder then that we keep hearing about the rebirth of minimalism season after season? The spin might be getting old, but the clothes keep working.
Balenciaga F/W 2010


Jeff Burton understands subtlety. Unlike most purveyors of salacious imagery, Burton takes the cunning approach rather than the obvious one – if you would like in your face (read: crotch) titillation please see Uncle Terry. Knowing that Burton began is career shooting on sets of adult films, gives you a hint of the kind of things he has to offer, but ultimately it is a red herring. There is sex – the subjects of Burton’s pictures appear to be in a constant state of ecstasy, whether they are arching their backs and parting their lips, or taking drags from post-coital cigarettes – but it never strays into gratuitous territory. Even when shooting porn stars like the nubile Sasha Grey, Burton manages to maintain an aura of mystery. His world is at once familiar and new; somewhere in between Marilyn Minter’s subversiveness and Nan Goldin’s voyeurism, lies the place Burton takes you to. You are given a glimpse into his reality, hidden behind palm leaves and shrouded in mist, blurry and out of focus in the background. Every time I see one of his pictures I get chills…

Angela Lindvall | LA Times, 2008

The Other Place, 2005
Untitled (Black Ribbon), 2002
Hollywood Sign | Vogue Paris, 2006
Mariacarla Boscono | Vogue Paris, 2006

Pitti Immagine Uomo introduces Piel y Vino: Revolutionary Techinque to colour leather

Everyone knows that Tuscany is the Italian region of wine and Florence is one of most important cities of fashion and style with its fashion events every year.
Maybe no one could imagine that one of its inhabitants join these two symbols of made in Italy. Someone does one’s best to find the way to unite wine and fashion in an innovative and environmentally friendly concept.
It’s called Piel y Vino and it’s the company who created an innovative method to colouring leather, spun yarns and paper with wine’s refuse.
At Pitti Immagine Uomo made in Florence last week visitors have admired, in a Pub near Old Bridge, the extraordinary effects of this colouring on dresses, shoes and bags.
So three new brands are borning from the brilliant mind of Tommaso Cecchi De’ Rossi: PelleEVino, FiloEVino e CartaEVino. When born a business with ecologic principles and from the union of two tipical products of Made in Italy and specially, of Made in Tuscany, like wine and fashion style and is developed in three areas that are the essential of Tuscany economy: leather near Pisa, paper at Lucca and textile at Prato and also, is eco-friendly we can’t do other than wish the best for the future, we wish to PelleEVino and its Founders make success in all world.


Innovative companies are hiring software engineers

Who are software engineers? They are particular guys, usually called with strange and fakes names wich represent the negative sides of their peculiarities. They’re used to develop complicated architectures in order to manage the radio remote controls of the airplanes or the ships.
They’re responsible for their work and decisions, that take every minute when they write source code, are important not just for their colleagues who write code in cooperation but also for people who will use their architecture.
Sometimes you can see them to work in their chair near strange object, with particular desktop wallpaper and, surely, with an eccentric screensaver. A lot of software engineers can recognize themselves in this description but it’s not a joke, it’s the real world and everyone must be sure that his software works right because there was a software engineer who checked its functions and debugged all source code.
And, at the end, we could say that software engineers are hired from one of most important company that is leader in innovative power supply solutions. You could be interested to work with electrical cables or in one of various specializations of this company.


Built yacht in Italy: Tradition deserves certification

Italy is famous in the world for many things. Surely for food and for wonderful places that tourists see every year.
Italy is famous also, for luxury objects. Dresses and autos, everyone in the world know and love Italian cars: not just autos but full-blown status symbol, a wish for many people overseas and in so-called emerging countries.
Another area, unknown for many, where Italy could be considered the excellence for production and design, is the boats. Yachts, a lot of them where we can see celebrities, are Italians; created, projected and in the most cases built in Italy.
The long experience of an ancient naval tradition full of fascinating stories that lead into one of the most common features of our countrymen: the vicinity (and the resulting coexistence) with the sea. The sea, passion and love for who have made their passion their principal occupation. For many, among the Italian shipowners who build luxury boats, their company, before a job is a passion, commitment and sacrifice made in the best tradition of craftsmanship in where each component is unique, built with art and wisdom .
This work is done by qualified staff and need to have a quality certification for the yacht.


Life Jacket at Pitti Uomo: Fashion Events in Florence

Good news for bikers. If you want to see the last jewel of Brembo, you need to go from today, 15th of June, to week end, at Pitti Uomo in Florence. The Brembo Life Jacket will be introduced at the biggest Italian fashion event for men, it’s an airbag for bikers developed by Brembo, known for its brake systems adopted by leading autos brands.
It’s a very particular jacket with a beautiful design and a cable to connect to the motorcycle that active the airbag when the rider lose the contact with saddle. It’s an innovative object (it could be the reason why it’s introduced at Pitti Uomo, the most famous fashion event, in Italy and in the world) and security is its highest value added. Many other people and company tried to develop similar tools to solve the problem of security for bikers, the Life Jacket of Brembo is just one of many proposals, perhaps it’s that can unify big standards of quality and security and a beautiful design, very important for men fashion.
So this is a fashion object for bikers and differently from others is more easy to put on and leaves the biker free to move well.
The collection, made of three different models for men and two for women, will be introduced with a performance to demonstrate its qualities, today, 15th of june, at Pitti Immagine Uomo, in the fascinating frame of Fortezza da basso that, as every year, hosts Pitti fashion events.


The development of Tourism Management

The job offer in the tourism sector represents a great opportunity for all the students that would find a way to build a secure career.
The development of Tourism Management is wide and varied and is a multi-disciplinary subject, drawing from social sciences and management studies: economics, accounting, marketing, politics, physical planning, sociology and environmental studies.
To know really this sector there are many kinds of courses, for example a masters in Tourism Menagment that shows the aspects of Tourism Management with tourism specialists and managers and dealing, under pressure, with real tourism industry challenges.

There are many job opportunities in the tourism sector (that are as varied as the programmes of study) like:

- hospitality firms
- tour operators and travel agencies
- transport companies
- consultancy agencies
- meeting industry companies

Studying Tourism Management in Italy is a great opportunity because this is a country internationally known for its unique cultural and natural sites and is recognised as one of the greatest places in the world for leisure and business tourism.
Italian schools are able to provide highly-skilled and competent people to work in the tourism industry both in Italia and around the world. To develop skills in the area of tourism means have a complete education with a range of skills applicable in many different employment situations.


A wonderful day in Rome

Is Rome easy to visit? The answer is no. You can find the reason in the number of wonders it offers to a stranger. As a matter of fact as one of the most beautiful city in the world, Rome involves you in magic drape, making you feel his eternity. A first-time tourist can looses himself in the wonder. In Rome it happens. Too much beauty makes you lose your mind. What we really mean is that all that artworks, monuments and museums can drive you in a wrong way, so you maybe can’t visit what you really want.
So, we have the solution. Make yourself sure that you have seen and visit every fundamental monument and artwork, than start to follow us.
Our day starts in the early morning with a classic breakfast, or have we to say: let’s start with a neoclassic breakfast? Yes because in via del babbuino, in the neighborhood of piazza del popolo, you can find a bar in which you can drink an espresso surrounded by thousand of original Antonio Canova’s sketches.
After your breakfast we suggest you to go for a walk in Villa Borghese’s gardens and visit the museum in which you can find some Italian art’s masterpieces, like the Caravaggio’s ones.
After your visit at the museum, lose yourself in the green. Relax yourself under a age-old tree. Half an hour before lunch time, go to Casina delle rose coffee shop to have a wonderful appetizer in the middle of the park.
Now you are free, but only for the lunch time. If you want you can have a wonderful lunch in Casina delle Rose.
After the relaxing morning, dedicate your afternoon to contemporary art. Every day Rome is full of vernissage events. So take a look to some art press releases and take a part in a vernissage: you could have the unique occasion to know some roman emergent artist and to know the wonderful Italian contempor...

A Nautical worldwide event in Athens: Posidonia 2010

Posidonia 2010 it’s been one of the biggest nautical business events of the world. The exhibition and the related events took place in Athens between the 4th and 11th of June. With a great expectation form shipowner and shipbuilders, Posidonia looked like the fulcrum of nautical innovation and business.
Talking about nautical business, Greece proved his market leadership, showing all his commercial strength but without screening her international competitors like Italy, France and Spain. The Posidonia international shipping exhibition proved to be the right place to setup the nautical business which probably will influences the 2011 market transformations: technical and financial manager representing the best Greek and international organizations took part during the exhibitor’s meetings to introduce the 2010 changes.
Posidonia 2010 wasn’t only a business occasion.
On June 4th the international shipping community came together in Faliron Bay to celebrate sailing regatta’s 5th anniversary, organized by Loyd’s Register and Posidonia Exhibition. The regatta, conceived of a social and recreational moment, featured four boat division including private and H.O.R.C. boats.
On June 6th started also the Posidonia Shipsoccer Tournament, a soccer tournament in which teams setup by companies and nautical organization members had to challenge each others.
On June 7th started the great nautical exhibition with the partnership of the best nautical companies and organizations.
If you are a navigation’s fan, you have to enjoy the Next Year’s Posidonia Exhibition.


Happy lifestyle, girl and fashion

I’ll Teach You How to Pick Up Girls in Six Easy Steps

by National Media Museum
I’ll Instruct You How to Pick Up Girls in Six Simple Steps
HTML clipboardI can't tell you how many times I have been asked by men how to pick up girls. This seems to be an unsolved mystery for many men. You would anticipate the answer to this question to be pretty straight forward, but unfortunately many people are clueless to the answer. I can't tell you how many times men have got it wrong, when it comes to understanding girls and how to pick up girls. I’ll try to give a brief answer to this complicated question. For starters girls are turned off by needy men. The moment you show you are desperate and weak you are out. That is probably the most unattractive feature for a girl. In fact, there was a current social experiment which confirmed this fact. There was a celebration in which a massive group of single guys and girls attended. At the end of the party, a certain number, a choose number I might add of the single men went home with some of the single girls. Quite a few single guys went home alone. The experiment aimed to discover why the girls selected these certain guys and what did these guys who were chosen by the girls have in common with one another. Data was gathered from the experiment but to produce accurate results, the social scientists conducting the experiment decided to throw a few more celebrations so a clear pattern could appear. So a few celebrations took place in which the same type of data was collected. At the end the results showed that there indeed was a commonality between the single guys who went home with the girls. The girls stated the reason they selected those certain guys, is because they did not appear needy or desperate. Unlike most of the other guys at the parties, these guys did not make th...

Australian version of Lifestyle Holidays in places like the River Side

by philcampbell
Australian version of Lifestyle Holidays in places like the River Side
There are many options to go for when it comes to having a good holiday. However, lifestyle holidays are one of the most impressive and also interesting choices that one can go for. The countries where lifestyle resorts are present are all well known for their natural beauties and one of those countries is Australia.
Australia is one of the most challenging countries in the world today. This challenge lies in the capability of being healthy to discover uncharted and, therefore, remote locations (with these locations being present in plenty). Even though the general and also the global conception in the global mind harbours aborigines and kangaroos with lots of Australian girls speaking in a rolling accent yet this country is much more than that with lots of wonderful beaches and resorts.
Hence, this country is also the host to numerous lifestyle resorts spread along New South Cambria and Queensland. Many obloquy can be cited, however, it becomes quite imperative to give an illustration about the facilities and the luxuries that are provided in these resorts. Australia, by virtue of these facilities and provisions, is turning out to be the favourite destinations for all those who seek fantastic lifestyle holidays.
There are many types and forms of features that are given in lifestyle resorts. One of them is enabling a golf-minded tourist to have a good time hitting the ball in wide golf courses. Another feature is the presence of swimming pools in most of the lifestyle resorts.
Apart from these two facilities, the presence of suites along with luxury condos is also a reality with lifestyle resorts. Hence, Lifestyle Holidays on any one of...

Healthy Lifestyles,Oats to America – Ben Franklin Thanks Sir Francis

by USACE Europe District
Healthy Lifestyles,Oats to USA – Ben Franklin Thanks Sir Francis
To live healthy lifestyles we are learning again the wisdom of the One Hundred Mile Rule: if a natural food product is grown within this range from you, and to your plate, the healthier you.

And yet you and we know there are exceptions to each rule. And we delight in this example from healthy lifestyles books between Ben and Frank. Because, these two friends had a strong honest interest in the historical merit. They were also up to creating, as well as reading, more healthy lifestyles.

Dr.Franklin and Sir Francis were co authors of antique books. They also worked on adaptations to the Franklin stove more adapted to the break moist weather of England. His better officer in London in 1760 was Sir Francis, Post Master General of the British Empire.

North USA Benjamin Franklin reported to his English Better Officer Frank: they hit it off immediately, and Ben spent many happy months at the Estate of Sir Francis. And it was here Ben discovered oats. He and Sir Francis found their mutual enjoyment of oatmeal.

They concurred how energizing it was, and Dr. Franklin discreetly mentioned that these prize Scottish oats did not yet grow in America. So you can this day read in science books that Sir Francis and Dr. Franklin soon were out in the barn.
And on his return to USA Dr Franklin was in receipt of 2-3 sacks of prize Scottish oats, which he sent out to all science minded friends who would grow it from cold Boston to hot Savannah to confirm it did ideal in the north, as in Scotland.

Which is why you see wonderful Dr. Franklin on the cover of a certain oat product. Sir Francis,...

Lifestyle, use online store services

Lifestyle, use car grills online store services
what do you think about online stores? Online store is a store where you can purchase an item directly from the store without having to go to the store where it belongs, without having met with the shop owner, without having to shake hands with the owner of the shop and do a variety of offerings.
All you have to do is sit down to rest at home, holding a mouse and staring at your monitor screen and you are free to select the products you want without fuss, and just a click away, the goods belonged to you and will soon be delivered to your address. so if you want to purchase a car grills online, you can do it from home.
Carid.com is one online store that provides services online automobile store. This store sells ranging from interior to exterior and also car grills. The company is located in Edison, NJ. And this company is already in the automobile shop online businesses since 2003. The company also ensures comfort in addition to calibre service.
Many options given on the online store was primarily his automobile grills. There are more than 30 choices of automobile grills from a variety of brands !!. If you’re looking for car grills and want to have much choice automobile grills soon visit this online store.

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  1. Online Fashion Store FLANMARK.com Online Fashion Store, where you...

Fashion Belt. A Brief Introduction To Fashion Belt

by Starfires
Fashion Belt. A Brief Introduction To Fashion Belt
Fashion Belt. A brief Introduction to Fashion Belt.
Fashion belt is a wearing accessories that is used for fashion. It creates additional attraction to any wearing apparels. It can make an outfit completely different in style for a great looking.
History of the fashion belts:
Although the belt history started in the bronze age but that time it was used as male clothing accessories only. However in the seventeenth century it started to use in ladies fashion. Later in the nineteenth century when ladies skirt and blouse combinations started, fashion belt became the most favourite in women’s fashion.
Ladies Fashion Belts:
Now a days even though males use the belt for fashion or for keeping the dress in place still it is more used for ladies fashion. A fashion belt can create a nice curve in women’s body to look her much more attractive.
Celebrity Fashion Belts:
Celebrities are taking the advantage of gorgeous looks of fashion belt combined dresses. Since it can make a superior body shape that is prime stipulations for celebrities, they are  using it more than others.
Types of fashion belts:
Fashion belts are many types including
Thin or  Thick or Wide fashion belts Bright or  Jeweled fashion belts Skinny or Decorative Fashion Belts
Materials of Fashion belts:
Fashion belts are prefabricated of many materials including
Leather or leather with other materials Fashion belts Fabrics or fabrics with other materials Fashion Belts Metals or metals with other materials Fashion Belts
Wearing Fashion Belts:...

Healthy Lifestyles, Science Says Honey Is Best for Burns

by WhyOhGee
Healthy Lifestyles, Science States Honey Is Ideal for Burns
Healthy lifestyles can be considered quaint when we have new chemical plants making highly costly new cures, sometimes for maladies not worth the effort. And the discovery that honey will cure a burn up to four days faster than the most powerful new cures for burns.

So, using honey on a burn as the most effective is the tip of the berg of healthy lifestyles. It is your entire approach to life: how much you respect and love your inner being to care deeply and gently for you.

When it comes to scientific thinking before science there are surprises. Now even centuries after Egypt had colourless as the power and the center of the civilized world, some of their knowledge knew superior than we.

But in the past centuries when tombs were uncovered it was found that amidst all the dust and crumbling heirlooms, sealed jars of honey were found. When tasted and tested the honey still tasted and tested as fresh after having been sealed for thousands of years.

And since then we have imported gun powder from the easterly and built empires everywhere that have come and gone as have the tides of Canute.

And grand advisers and wise men have prefabricated their fortunes finding new potions that would cure many matters that ail us. And through history one constant issue is burns to the body whether by poor housing and candles, or mobs with torches.

So many potions have been devised over the centuries to deal with injuries and burns, and any study of evolving science shows this. Nearly with hilarity from a century ago were the many remedies that often contained opium as well as horse manure.

Fashion Design Degree Education

by Roro Fernandez
Fashion Design Degree Education
Fashion Design Schools
Find fashion schools offering online fashion merchandising, fashion design, fashion marketing, and other programs that can help you develop the skills you need to get your foot in the door of this stylish career. Find schools in top fashion destinations like New York City, Miami-Ft. Lauderdale, Chicago, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, crossways the US and beyond.

The field of fashion and fashion marketing is a demanding yet rewarding path. Are you ready to combine your creative talents and marketing savvy into an exciting career? Some career paths include: Fashion Buyer, Product Developer & Retail Manager. You will work closely with statement executives and store managers to choose appropriate merchandise to sell in stores. You are knowledgeable about current and future trends and travel to national and international fashion markets to study them.

Following schools offer online fashion courses and degrees
• Fashion Design/Marketing

• Bachelor Degree in Web Development
• Certificate in Web Design

• Residential Planning – Diploma
• Digital Design – Diploma
• Web Design – Diploma
• Graphic Design – Associate Degree
• Multimedia & Web Design – Associate Degree
• Advertising – Bachelor Degree
• Culinary Management BS Degree Completion Program – Bachelor Degree
• Interior Design – Bachelor Degree
• Game Art &...

When It Comes To F1 Fashion, Nothing Is Better Than The Ferrari Jacket

by Estado de Sitio
When It Comes To F1 Fashion, Nothing Is Superior Than The Ferrari Jacket
Alternative fashions are becoming more and more favourite and one of the ones that are really starting to make an impact on the fashion world is F1 fashion. Clothing items like the Ferrari Jacket are starting to show up in plenty of other places besides the race track. The Ferrari line is far and away one of the most captivating and sought after in the F1 clothing niche.
The Ferrari line is one of the most complete clothing lines in F1 fashion. If you have not checked them out lately, be sure to venture over to websites that has everything that Ferrari offers. There is a complete selection of jackets, caps, t-shirts and polo shirts to select from and they are all at very reasonable prices.
There was a time when F1 fashion was restricted to the race tracks, but that is hardly the case these days. Because the clothing is much more flexible these days, it is just as likely to be seen at the track as it is in some fancy restaurant. While they do have clothing that might only be appropriate at sporting events, there are also plenty of selections that are “toned down” that are perfectly acceptable just about anywhere one would go.
While there are many pieces in the Ferrari clothing line that are quite tempting, few of them scream “buy me” like the Ferrari 3 in 1 Fleece jacket. Not only is this a very captivating coat, but it is extremely flexible as well. It has swiftly become one of the most favourite items that they sell. The ideal part about this coat is that most places will have it on understanding right now because winter is already here and the F1 racing season is actually over.
This stylish coat is actually 3 separate coat...


by marimoon
Wholesale fashion jewelery is assigned to businesses primarily engaged in manufacturing fashion jewelry, costume novelties and ornaments prefabricated of all materials, except precious metal, precious or semiprecious stones, and rolled gold paste and gold-filled materials. The products manufactured within this category include such items as necklaces, rings, artificial pearls, compacts, cuff links, and rosaries.
Wholesale fashion jewelry business is gradually progressing, most fashion jewelers wage a wide array of exquisite blend of designs and one-of-a-kind styles for their customers. The wholesale jewelry sellers offer one-of-a-kind designs, prefabricated of high calibre material at reasonable price.
Wholesalers of fashion jewelery keep in contact with manufacturer and as well as the market. The jewelry designers all around the globe focus on providing exquisite patterns and designs of jewelry for their clients. They also make sure to wage their clients with timely delivery of the ideal jewelry products, at most inexpensive and competitive price. The retailers ensure to wage appreciative customer satisfaction, to draw more customers. The ideal doable services ensure a constant business relationship between manufacturer and the retailer. There are several companies who display their jewelry products in beautifully designed boxes and also offer great discounts on the festive season to appeal more customers.
Wholesale fashion jewelry market continuously supplies a wide variety of fashion jewelery to different markets. These fashion jewelry are decorated beautifully at their outlet to draw customer’s attention. There might be some sellers in the market, who do not deal with genuin...

Healthy Lifestyles – Examples From Leonardo

by WhyOhGee
Healthy Lifestyles – Examples From Leonardo
Healthy lifestyles were a challenge during the lifetime of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519). Events that unfolded during these years created general boundaries for the modern world new and old. By then a fellow citizen of what would become Italy had opened up a new world, while Leonardo was some times forced to move to Avignon in France while armies of Florence fought off Venice who fought them all off. In fact in one of these flights for a more healthy lifestyle than dying, he brought along a painting, which he offered the King of France, who was also one of several Popes at that time, innocuous harbor.

So we should all stop our frowns that the Mona Lisa was war booty by some Napoleon, who did take much from many. But the Mona Lisa, we now learn, was as payment for several years conserving custody, where he lived in secure luxury and created much. So, dear France, I take back my fierce glance: your Mona is yours, as if payment to Rome, for healthy lifestyles to Leonardo, until a nicer Borgia stated it you can come home.

And my leap to the present is to touch on the point, about how Leonardo would discover a body in it’s complete sense, including doing autopsies to peel away a dead corpse of a human, skin through muscle to organs and bone. He did this once at an old home when he asked questions of a man in his nineties some of his ways. The gentle man talked as our wisdom today, he was poor but he counted his blessings. He tried to be kind and thoughtful to others. He could savor the joys of his long life during famines and plagues. He thanked everyone, was a forgiving soul. He was still close to his family, and he ate well, and walked. He was careful to not fa...

Numa » Design Guide

Flash Prerogative

Flash Prerogative
Directed by: Jenny Gage & Tom Betterton


Clouds by Bouroullec Brothers

Ronan Bouroullec (born 1971) and Erwan Bouroullec (born 1976) have been working together for some ten years. Their collaboration is a permanent dialogue nourished by their differing personalities and shared perfectionism.
View More from The Bouroullec Brothers here

Rowan Bourollec (nacido en 1971) y Erwan Bouroullec (nacido en 1976) has trabajado juntos por mas de 10 años. Su colaboración es un dialogo permanente que se nutre por sus diferentes personalidades y perfeccionismo compartido.


New Puma Packaging


In partnering with PUMA, a leader in sportswear, shoes and products, Fuseproject, the design studio of Yves Behar, looked to create a game changing packaging system that would greatly reduce their footprint and build on their initiatives toward cleaner, greener, and safer practices contributing to a better world around us.

En asociación con PUMA, una marca líder en sportswear, zapatos y productos, Fuseproject, el estudio de diseño de Yves Behar, creó un cambio en el sistema de empaque que reduciría enormemente la huella del mismo en el planeta y desarrollara las iniciativas de la marca hacia lo más limpio, verde, y prácticas más seguras contribuyendo a tener un mundo mejor a nuestro alrededor.


DMY Design Festival Berlin

DMY Berlin is an international design network for contemporary product design. At the yearly DMY International Design Festival Berlin both renowned and young, experimental designers launch new products, prototypes and foresighted projects. The exhibition is accompanied by a wide program of symposia, designer-talks and workshops, able to reflect current topics of contemporary design and to reveal necessary future trends of design and its related disciplines.

In collaboration with the Bauhaus Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, DMY yearly assigns the DMY Awards for excellent projects. With international exhibitions and activities in Europe, Asia and South America, DMY gives visibility to unconventional and innovative projects and products that go beyond the mainstream.

DMY Berlín es una red internacional de diseño para el diseño contemporáneo de productos. En el anual DMY Festival Internacional de Diseño de Berlín, diseñadores experimentales jóvenes y de renombre lanzan nuevos productos, prototipos y proyectos. La exposición se acompaña de un amplio programa de conferencias, charlas con diseñadores y talleres, reflejando los temas actuales del diseño contemporáneo y revelando tendencias futuras en diseño y sus disciplinas afines.

En colaboración con el Archivo Bauhaus / Museo für Gestaltung, DMY entrega anualmente los Premios DMY a proyectos seleccionados. Con exposiciones y actividades internacionales en Europa, Asia y América del Sur, DMY da visibilidad a proyectos no convencionales e innovadores y a productos que van más allá de la corriente tradicional.


San Francisco Design Week

Since 2006, AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) San Francisco has organized San Francisco Design Week as a way to reach out to a diverse community of over 20,000 Bay Area design professionals as well as local businesses, non-profits, entrepreneurs, students, the design-savvy public, tourists, and more. AIGA SF will be partnering with the San Francisco chapters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the Interaction Design Association(IxDA), the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD), and Adobe Systems, to sponsor a full week of events highlighting the diversity and professionalism of the design community around the bay. Their goal is to raise public awareness of the impact that all design: graphic, product, interior, fashion, architecture, advertising, etc, has in the San Francisco Bay Area.

San Francisco Design Week will take place from June 14 to June 19, 2010.

Desde 2006, AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) San Francisco ha organizado el San Francisco Design Week como un medio para comunicarse con una diversa comunidad de más de 20.000 profesionales del diseño en el área de la bahía así como con negocios locales, empresarios, estudiantes, publico interesado en diseño, turistas y más. AIGA SF creó alianzas con la American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), the Interaction Design Association(IxDA), la Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD), y Adobe Systems, para patrocinar una semana completa de eventos destinados a aumentar la conciencia del público hacia el impacto que tiene el diseño: grafico, producto, interior, moda, arquitectura, publicidad, etc, en el área de la Bahía de San Francisco.

El San Francisco Design Week se llevará a cabo del 14 al 19 de Junio de 2010.

Style Icon: Susie Bubble

Susie Bubble is a British Born Chinese who is one of the most recognized fashion bloggers today. Her blog Style Bubble is filled with looks, trends, DIY projects and rare fashion finds.

Susie Bubble es una de las más reconocidas bloggers de la industria. Su sitio web Style Bubble está lleno de looks, tendencias, proyectos hechos por ella misma y compras únicas.


La Mauvaise Éducation


La Mauvaise Éducation
Editorial for Numéro Magazine
Photography by: Greg Kadel
Model: Miranda Kerr
Styling by: Patti Wilson
Fashion: Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna and Jean Paul Gaultier
Music by: Marilyn Manson


Style Icon:Giovanna Battaglia

Italian born former Dolce & Gabanna model Giovanna Battaglia is now the fashion editor at French Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue and also works as a freelance stylist. Giovanna is one of the most photographed people in the industry and is an inspiration for fashionistas and publications all over the world.

La ex modelo de Dolce & Gabbana nacida en Italia Giovanna Battaglia, es hoy editor de moda en la edición francesa de Vogue, L’Uomo Vogue y también trabaja como estilista freelance. Giovanna es una de las personas más fotografiadas de la industria y es inspiración para fashionistas y publicaciones de todo el mundo.


White Box

Production : Tangram Co. Ltd.
Director : Makoto Yabuki
Camera : Masashi Sasaki
Music : Takaya Murakami

It is a work made as the visual identity of architects office Sturdy Style. Their corporate identity is home creating without stereotype. The architect faces the white box symbolizing a home, and designs harmony between the life and the environment.


Paint with Lights

Alessandro Durando
Lorenzo Levrero
Alessandro Novelli
Daniele Gavatorta

Year: 2010
Type: Projection Mapping
What: Mapping, 3d, Designs and Animations
Client: ZERO bar Turin, Italy


Denim Review: Diesel Nevy 8N5

This weeks review is on my new Diesel Nevy 8N5 skinny jeans. I was looking around trying to find these jeans for ages and find out what they were called. I found them first on Asos.com but they only had a 32 leg online and no where else was stocking them. I finally found a pair in a 30 leg at a Diesel concession in Selfridges and I bought them right away. I have completely fallen in love with these jeans and I can’t get enough of them! I found out they are only available in the UK as the US didn’t buy them, so the only place I can recommend you to buy them is Asos.com as they do international shipping.
I used to be a huge fan of Matic and I own it in a million different washes (slight exaggeration, haha) but I’m not too fond of the new Matic cut which is smaller in the waist and baggier in the calves, I preferred the older really slim fitting Matic so now I have found Nevy I am very happy! They are super slim all the way down, they have a lower rise just like Matic and even though the pockets are a different shape they are still extremely flattering. I find Nevy to be like a cross between Matic and Lowky when it comes to fit; slim fitting like Matic but they have Lowky style pockets. I like it that the button goes to one side as well. This pair I do find runs smaller, I took a size up compared to my normal Diesel size but I am finding a lot of the newer Diesel’s to be running smaller than they used to be. If you have Matic 8B3 then these Nevy 8N5 run the same as that but they are not rigid, they are 1% stretch so they are a little more forgiving.
The wash on these is what made me fall in love with these jeans actually, it’s absolutely amazing. It’s such a pretty blue but underneath that it has a gorgeous vio...

David Beckham in Dior Homme

The whole Beckham clan was spotted at the at The Grove for the free Jonas Brothers Concert in Los Angeles last month. David was wearing a pair of Dior Homme jeans for the extravaganza. It’s great to see this family together. They all seem so busy but they seem to always make time for each other.

Images Courtesy of PicApp (not to be copied or used by others)


Sophie Turner in Denim Dress

Australian model Sophie turner, took a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and ended up sitting in a white Lamborghini (pics inside this post) while wearing a tight fitting denim dress. Sophie then headed on to eat dinner at Katsuya in Los Angeles, California. I really like this denim dress, the wash of it is pretty and she wears it well. I wouldn’t wear it myself though… Please click this blog post to view more images of Sophie and the Lamborghini.



Halle Berry in PRPS

Halle Berry was seen picking up some supplies from Frends Beauty Supply Co last week in North Hollywood, California. She was wearing her really baggy pair of PRPS boyfriend jeans that we have seen her in quite a few times before. I still think Halle looks hot even when she wears casual clothes like this! Please click this blog post to view lots more images.